Friday, January 16, 2009


I read that you Ezam, the former Political Secretary to Anwar Ibrahim had revealed a ‘plea letter’ purportedly written by Anwar in 1998 to former PM Mahathir, the full contents of which is not fully known to me. You said that both the PM and the DPM had consented that the content of the letter be revealed, most appropriately during the KT by-election.

I wish to ask you Ezam these questions. What dirty tactics are you applying, and don’t you have anything better to do? Yes, I know that you are an UMNO man now, and what do you hope to achieve by revealing a 10 year old letter to the public, and of all time, during the KT by-election? You think the PM or the PM designate would want to offer you a post in UMNO for your despicable act? Remember your promise to expose documents kept in 6 boxes, of corrupt practice by supposedly UMNO ministers? Where are these boxes or have you eaten them all?

I have this to say to you Ezam. You are nothing but a coward who now hides behind the PM and the DPM. By your act, you have shown yourself to be most untrustworthy, disloyal and having the character of a snake. I don’t believe anyone would want to take you as a loyal friend, because they know that one day, you will turn 360 degree against them.

I don’t personally know you Ezam and I am a NO PARTY MAN. My humble and brotherly advise to you is to stop these unworthy act of yours. You have set a bad example to others, especially the youth who had once looked at you as an inspired leader. If your act is intended to disgrace Anwar, you then have disgraced your race and the religion you profess. It is your act that I am strongly against and hate most.

Posted at 12.30 pm on Jan 16, 2009


Anonymous said...

Dato our friend has a mentality which is below sea level.......what relevant has it got with the keropok lekor people of K. Terengganu of his revealation of the so called Anwar Ibrahim letter.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Walimuar,

I suppose, this is an example of one who is desperate. They will do anything, and you are right in saying that his 'mentality is below the sea level' What else can we say of him.