Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I had previously posted three articles relating to the plight of LCpl Maarof bin Ahmad who is presently disabled and paralysed waist down, due to a fall while he was in the military service. I had also written two letters to the Chief of Army expressing a sincere desire that the soldier’s entitlement for pension and other financial benefits be reviewed in light of the soldier’s poor health and financial predicament.

In late December last year, I received a letter from Army Headquarters stating that LCpl Maarof’s problems are being attended to, and that his pension and other financial benefits have been reviewed (despite him not having been recruited a regular soldier), and is awaiting final approval by the approving authorities.

Briefly the financial review includes the following:

1. He is now entitled to receive monthly RM 506.57, being ‘Elaun Nafkah’ payable under the ‘Tabung Amanah Perwira Pertahanan Negara’, which is a five fold increase from what he receives previously.
2. He is also entitled to receive yearly RM 680.00, being allowances for his two school going children, which was not available to him previously.
3. An ex-gratia payment will be paid for his permanent disablement, the sum of which has yet to be decided by the government.

Other than the above, the soldier will received continued free medical care and treatment at any Armed Forces Hospital or Government Hospital, and any fees arising shall be paid by the Ex-Servicemen Affairs Department.

I have met the soldier to explain the contents of the letter that I had received from Army Headquarters, relating to his case. He was almost in tears when I read the contents of the letter, and his long wait for ‘justice’ is now well paid off.

I also wish to sincerely thank the Chief of Army for having accorded due attention to this case, and I am sure this justly act by the Chief of Army will be long remembered by LCpl Maarof.

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