Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The Kuala Trengganu by-election is over, and the winner is formally crowned. I know how difficult it is for the loser to accept defeat and of all things, in the state that they governed.

But for the UMNO leadership, losing just one more seat in parliament has little impact on the BN coalition..........so they say. The ruling government still remains with the BN. The analogy is I suppose likened to a slight pinch on the tight. It hurts a bit, but the pinch does not immobilised the leg and the affected person can still move around freely.

BN/UMNO has to understand that this is already the third pinch. The first being the March 8, 2008 general elections. The second being the Permatang Pauh by-election and thirdly, the KT by-election. And yet they say it doesn't hurt them. Are there expecting a Mike Tyson like punch to awake them, and when that punch does come, it will all be too late. Or are they all geared and ready to deflect the punch, since they have among them, this fellow called Muhammad Tyson. And if they are to rely on this fellow to defend them, then I would say that BN/UMNO is doomed.

Then came this young up-start whom they say is super brilliant, having graduated from a prestigious British university, and has the making of the future Prime Minister of this country. He can be the future Prime Minister for all I care, because I know I won't be around then.

Having heard him campaign, I don't hear anything outstanding from him. He was trying to speak a word or two in the Trengganu dialect, that sounded so funny. He should have used the Negeri Sembilan dialect instead to confuse the listeners, and to cheer them up a bit. Certainly, Mat Sabu has better oratory skills compared to this brilliant guy., though not from a prestigious British university.

This brilliant guy had spoken out on some of the reasons for the failure of the BN in the by-election. The reasons are so obvious, and it is no different from the reasons of the last two elections. I heard someone says that this brilliant guy's presence at the KT by-election itself contributed to the candidate losing. Poor Mr. Wan, even your best buddy wasn't of any help, and now he has made you jobless. Are not going to submit to Pak Lah an application form to rejoin the Ministry of Education as a consultant?

To UMNO's leadership, please keep on searching for faults and failures, and you need not look too far; because the faults and failures are found in you, yourself.

Posted at 12.10 pm Jan 19, 2009

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