Tuesday, May 4, 2010


15 year old schoool boy Aminulrasyid Amzah's death at being gunned down by the police in Shah Alam on the morning of April 26, 2010 has raised public anger to the extreme, that anything said by the police regarding this case now, can no longer appease the public. This is bad times for the entire police force, and the effect of public anger has affected even the government's response to the case, that the public sees as one that favours the police. I do not wish to repeat what the IGP responses were, which is viewed by most as a mockery. And I don't even want to trust what was said by the Home Minister himself. Do we not remember the Shah Alam 'cow head incident', where the Home Minister had the audacity to hold a press conference with the perpetrators of the cow head incident by his side?

When the case first appeared in the media, the police had tried to make Aminulrasyid the villain by naming him a criminal, with a parang in the car that is intended to show to the public that Aminulrasyid had some bad motives. Even the parang found in the car can easily be contested, as it is commonly known that the police has lots of devious means up their sleeves to frame and discredit someone. Luckily, they did not place a bag of heroine in the booth of the car, and to later claim that Aminulrasyid was a drug dealer.

Now, the prime witness i.e. Azamuddin Omar, the person who was with Aminulrasyid throughout the incident has made a public statement that differs from what was earlier reported by the police. As the story goes, the police were on a shooting spree with more than 10 shots fired at the car. With that number of shots, even a mammoth could not have survived. With 10 shots, what does this really mean? Isn't this a deliberate act of murder? Now, what justification can the police offer that the action of the policeman is justifiable, and if need be,10 shot wasn't enough.

Selangor police chief has said that, “it was unethical for lawyers representing Aminulraysid's family to allow Azamuddin to give his account when the case was being investigated”. But was the police ethical when they announced that Aminulrasyid was a criminal, even before investigation began? And what about the story of the parang found in the car? Isn't the police trying to influence the minds of the public that Aminulrasyid was indeed a criminal? Who is playing fair now, and let it be known that the public are not stupid to believe all that the police have said.

The public now demands that the IGP takes full responsibility over the action (rightfully or wrongfully) of his men, and to resigns with grace. The longer he remains in the force, the more brick-bats will the thrown at him.



Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Whether the boy is wrong or not, case is still under investigation but the statement made by IGP to remove his boys from patrolling the street upon criticism make me wonder how low the IQ of said IGP.

Kah kah kah!!!...

FMZam said...

Obviously there are some parties now creating more than one spin- off to disuade or divert public attention or creating mixed reaction, from a simple case of a cop shot dead a juvenile, to blaming parents for being irresponsible to children's activities, to blaming the underaged driving and unlicensed drivers, to appealing the public to be fair to the police, and whatever more there is to spin-off, instead of a clear legal case of homicide, manslaughter or just murder!

Why can't the government let off the fusiness to matter this case and leave it to the legal proceeding and leave it to the professional to deal with it legally? Why can't this government stop meddling with the laws and FUCK OFF with any inquest or special commission for what the people want is justice to the murdered and justice to the murderer? Other than that we let all those spin-off be treated accordingly in a separate exercise.

This country is getting so soggy with so many blunders after blunders by this government to protect the interest of politics more than running this country. We have learned well to see that there is a government within the government who really rules this country.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,everytime the police voice out their bloody justification, i can't help feeling ruffled outright plus insulted nowadays !.
,,,the homogencity of their blood thirsty culture made it possible for them policemen to understand each other to a remarkable degree without the use of words.
,,,Generally speaking they have so conditioned to think and behave alike that they can, still today, anticipate each others actions, attitudes and behavior, making it possible for them to leave many things unsaid to justify their action as rightly or wrongly but worse still perhaps in numerous untold murderous activities !. Bloody killers in stupid blue uniforms eeerrmm..

Mustang said...


What actually can we expect when the Super Top Cop is acting like a gangster / ruffian. I just saw him in evening news today ... Oh My!! can be seen from his answering ... Full of Threats.

If it rots from the Top what and how can the lower ranks be!!

My Condolence to the Family.


ommo said...

Wrote this on two other blogs. I too did such almost similar things like that though not caught. But then were the days when people were more understanding and not with murderous intent. A cheeky boy makes you angry and do things like this and you get all irked to commit violence, what kind of maturity we have. There is something wrong with the police force and the bumiputras. Come on wake up! the other police guys and the bumiputras we are in danger when the head is corrupted. Do something logical, please. We know the IGP is allegedly corrupted and still he's given an extension and now this happens it just shows you what goes around comes around to haunt. With the head being corrupted who suffers, the police force and the Muslim bumiputras. The Malay Muslims are better than this so get cracking.
I have seen police chase on videos on astro and none of the chase used weapons unless fired upon or they are chasing a known dangerous criminal. In normal chase they followed the offender until he or she makes a mistake. How long was this chase definitely not long. The IGP must step down!!!!!!


....is this the country we used to be so proud of?.....before yes, now....I just find it hard to answer as to please someone especially the younger generations....it is really sad....day by day....name it, to date, almost all government agencies are bringing shame to this beautiful country of ours....WHY? ....we know why....but the appropriate authority don't seems to care...God help us

Akuromeo said...


IGP do the best he can..
Our corps still the best
At least their Helo engine not missing
So do u reckon it now
MAF or PDRM is the best
pretty sure PDRM..
helo u see my F5E engine and my
styer!!!! wkwkwk poor gobbish

FMZam said...


IGP do the best he can... IGP Fuck around!
Our corps still the best...the best Corpse maker.
At least their Helo engine not missing...Yeah but their IGP's balls are missing.
So do u reckon it now
MAF or PDRM is the best
pretty sure PDRM....Best of the worst police in the world.
helo u see my F5E engine and my
styer....Naah the police are damn shortsighted they can't even see their own balls under their fat bellies.

Hughsen said...

Food 4 thoughts....

When the police, in the course of their job, cause a fatal accident, they are brought to book. Their only defence would be that they were defending themselves.

But why there is no public outcry is when there are fatalities as a result of khalwat. A young 21 yrs old man when the religious department raided his apartment. Apparently panicked by a raid he tried to escape through a window and fallen five floors.

Who is responsible for the death of such a young man?

Hughsen said...

Food 4 thoughts....

When the police, in the course of their job, cause a fatal accident, they are brought to book. Their only defence would be that they were defending themselves.

But why there is no public outcry is when there are fatalities as a result of khalwat. A young 21 yrs old man when the religious department raided his apartment. Apparently panicked by a raid he tried to escape through a window and fallen five floors.

Who is responsible for the death of such a young man?

komando said...

Crime does not pay,

Some say crime does pay...a big fat paycheck every month...bank into your personal account by the TAI KOH's & Alongs to very senior police officers!

What a life
What a way to live
Remember that death does come in the end...!

Watch out?
You can't see your own death, you are not given that luxury to watch it.



ta ta

Anonymous said...

Saudara Sekalian,
Saya ingin saudara semua ingat kembali apa terjadi kepada LT KOl Baharuddin Sulaiman Tudam (B) yang mati didalam lokap Polis Ampang BEBERAPA BULAN YANG LEPAS.This idiot KP Selangor make the same lame excuse after his men battered Baharuddin to death.Apa yang kerajaan buat lepas tu? INQUEST......that is all, and what happen to the murderers in blue uniform..........lepas bebas begitu sahaja.Apa kah saudara saudara bekas bekas pegawai pegawi dan anggota tentera boleh menerima perbuatan kejam yang dilakukan Polis polis terhadap raayat Malaysia yang tidak berdosa ini?

Bagi kes budak ini kenapa Peguan Negara mengambil masa terlalu lama untuk membuat pertuduhan terhadap semua polis polis yang terlibat didalam kes ini? They must be charged for murder immediately? baru le adil kemudian biar mereka bela diri kalau tak lekat tukar charge kepada menyebabkan kematian atau lebih rendah dari itu.Ni tidak semua cari alasan dan guna perkataan "terkena tembakan" (Utusan Malaysia)walhal budak Amir ni ditembak bukan "terkena tembakan" bila buat komen nak lepaskan polis polis ni .Kenapa PDRM DAN KDN tidak buat kajian keharusan membawa senjata api semasa meronda oleh Polis polis Malaysia ni.Mereka semua bukan pergi memburu babi hutan atau tupai untuk buat makan dengan membawa senjata setiap masa.Tengok mamat trafik yang jaga lalulintas tu perlu ke bawa senjata semasa mengawal trafik dan menghirup udara carbon monoxide.Ni polis yang pangkat kerang kerang besau batu giling ni kenapa tak pegi tengok kat negara maju bagaimana mereka melaksanakan kepolisian dinegara mereka.Adakah polis polis mereka membawa senjata setiap masa.

Aku baru balik dari Beijing dan terserempak dengan BINI BINI POlis dari PERKEP Kuantan shopping sakan diBeijing ,bukan le dengki tapi nak tanya sikit mana BINI BINI ni dapat duit banyak gi shopping ramai ramai diBeijing selam 8 hari diketuai KP mereka ni? Besor benor ke gaji laki laki depa ni? Aku kira tambang pegi balik dan shopping ni paling tak ade RM 10,000 saorang.MACC tak minat ke kes kes macam ni .........intai intai sikit le mana bini bini ni dapat duit atau ade orang sponsor kot dan yang laki nya pula suka tembak orang,yang KPN nya pula tukang defend budak dia,yang Utusan Malaysia pulak guna perkataan membebaskan polis ni dari tuduhan.Ni apae punya negeri ni? Yang aku heran kerajan UMNO ni pula buat panel siasatan diketuai Timb Menteri Dalam Negeri kan tu perbuatan bersaksi kelutut namanya.Ape ke jadahnya depa semua ni belajor undang undang........nak buat apa nak menipu raayat ni? Ape ke jadah nya Malaysia ni ade pemimpin macam ni?

Anonymous said...

Ape yang kerajaan buat sekarang ni banyak yang canggung atau tak kena tempat.Bila bidang kuasa tu dah ditetapkan menurut undang undang untuk mengambil satu satu tindakan ikut aje le.Kan kita ada pembahgian kuasa diantara Parlimen,Kehakiman,Administrative yang jelas patuhilah sepenuhnya.

Bila raayat bising bagi satu satu isu mula lah nak tubuhkan sisatan khas dan sebagainya.......kan tu kerja bodoh namanya.

Bila aku tengok Polis tu kena charge kat Mahkamah dalam hati aku berkata ini adalah tindakan yang betul menurut undang undang.....tapi kenapa lama sangat nak ambil tindakan?