Monday, May 3, 2010


I had in some earlier postings last year supported the DG Tourism Malaysia, Dato Mirza Taiyab (DMT) from being a victim of some concerted abuses of his bosses (whoever they are) that had caused DMT to be charged for alleged corruption, and to lose his pride and dignity as an honest and most trustworthy civil servant. I am glad to be a friend of DMT, and was even more pleased to know that he had been freed of all charges against him. The culprit that had put DMT into trouble is still free, but that freedom is short-lived on earth, as the wrath of Allah onto the person that had framed DMT will be severe in the hereafter. That person, I am told lives in a luxurious home, and has many cars parked in the compound of the house. Questions will surely be asked as to how can this person own such a luxurious home and so many cars? That answer can only be answered by the person, who is no longer seen nor heard in the political circle.

Now I hear that DMT is once again being told to do something that is 'unethical' and can be construed as corruption. Once again, his boss (now a new one) is involved in trying to offer a business contract to a member of the family, with likely kickbacks to benefit the boss. The budget for the contract which is related to a Media Campaign to promote tourism in Malaysia, I am told amounts to RM33 million, and the kickback demanded is said to be 30% or around RM10 million. Just see how bosses these days can enrich themselves over night, without the slightest fear of reprisal from the authorities; or are the authorities themselves a party to this scam?

Mind you, the owner of company that was awarded the contract is so powerful and arrogant that he can threatened DMT to follow his every instruction, and if DMT fails to comply, he will be punished to the extend of sending him to jail. The owner of the company happens to be a close associate of the son of some bosses of the Tourism Ministry, and it is for this very reason that he is acting like a thug.

To my dear friend DMT, please be resolute in not giving in to the demands of some corrupted idiots. You have suffered enough in the past and have no fear towards them, even if the foul instruction come from the boss. You should play strictly by the rules, and if forced to do something that you know isn't right and is acting against your conscience, report it to your superior in the civil service i.e. the KSN or raised the matter personally to MACC. Allah is with you DMT, and seek is guidance always in your prayers.



SysOp said...

Bhai Dato,

That person who frame DMT shall got his piece sooner or later... I'm sure everything will be check upon.

The corruption is now worst in 1Malaysia.... no wonder everybody has fled to other country..


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

I'm pretty sure if DMT comes to Langkawi, he will be given a red carpet by all tourism players here.

This has been confirmed by most of my friends in Langkawi namely Chairman of MATTA.

Even though I'm not in tourism but having many friends in this industry has given me the whole story about DMT vs the retired so-called lesbian politician vs his current boss.

All the best DMT and God bless you.