Tuesday, May 18, 2010


RMAF Chief Dato Seri Rodzali Daud is reported to have said that the RMAF is ready to vacate the base in Sg. Besi to an alternative site, should a request be made by the government. However, the Defence Minister has denied any such move. Now, who are we to believe?

In the first instant, I think Rodzali does not appreciate history and lacks any knowledge that the RMAF’s birth place is the base in Sg. Besi. He is too young to know this, and hence such foolish thoughts. Just ask his predecessors; the likes of Sulaiman Sujak, Mat Ngah, Ghani Aziz (all are still alive and well), and I am quite sure they will fume in anger. These were the people who virtually grew up in Sg. Besi, and I know they all have a story to tell about the base. And here we have this young Chief who thinks moving out is the better option without appreciating the young history of the RMAF.

Each time I past the base on my route South, I recall the many Herald flights that I use to take to Sabah and Sarawak. I also remembered having to return from Labuan in the 60’s in a RAAF C 130 Hercules flight with my mother awaiting my return. I also remembered seeing the RMAF Chief then, Mat Ngah riding his BMW big bike around the base, and I admired him for his long and curly hair. These are thoughts that come to my mind when I see familiar things, and Sg. Besi air base is one place that I am extremely familiar with. Surely, we do not want Sg. Besi air base to be another Mid Valley, and the congestion that it will create around the area.

I would like to appeal to Rodzali to discard the idea of moving out the Sg. Besi air base to a new location. Moving out will only enriched others, but the RMAF will lose a significant part of its history. And I being a lover of history vehemently despise such a move.



Capt's Longhouse said...

dear dato,

,,,again, i think some politician is dreaming of the TIN below the Sungai Besi Base !....billions worth i.e. sitting on top of the world richest deposit. Seriously there is TIN in the Klang River too worth hundreds of million to be considered, yet they are not telling the truth about it to the nation....ada motive sendiri from the way things are happening...sand is just the cover up BUT it is the TIN deposit in the Klang valley that the Govn. must recover on behalf of the nation yaa and not into someone personal pocket.
,,,am from Ipoh and with mining family background, so i guess i know what am talking about.

Capt. Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

This is another example of people who like to "jilat & kulum" those poliTAIK men.

How on earth RMAF could have this guy to lead them?

I guess the said Sg. Besi is another potential business opportunity towards preparation for his retirement "dgn keji".

SysOp said...

Dear Dato',

I too think the move is not appropriate... a disgrace to RMAF at all...


FMZam said...

If we look closely, the area covering Sg Besi and its neighbouring land, we can see a big picture of a land situated in the middle of a fast developing surrounding, in other word a piece of land that has become part of the prime land in the suburban KL, from where we can see the KL's skyline is arrayed with KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower in the background. The value of it is good enough a reason for possession let alone all other things embedded deep in it.

But whateverlah the reason, as usual the same old picture, when a yes man general gave whatever best nod to his "political commissar" minister, without any regard to any damn people except for his own regard first, all other matters is not for him to regard.

And after all it is only a piece of land surrounded by development where military flying is fast becoming a critical thing for serious consideration of a hazard it poses to the surrounding population growth as well as all the 'pilot hazards' for the Air Force pilots to consider flying and landing in that kind of surrounding. It's either 'the hazard has to go or the people have to be abandoned from the area' kind of talk.

Sooner or later, if it's not now the time will eventually come and its days are numbered when a new AFB would have to replace the Sg Besi Base in elsewhere remote site of Malaysia.

Malaysian said...

If selling the land can use to help to improve the soldier/veteran financial condition then I support selling it. However, I doubt they will use the money for the soldier/veteran.


FMZam said...

Sdr Malaysian,

With money, they can do anything you name it, and the best thing about people's money that Najib is good at is, as quoted by Karpal Singh "The PM cannot buy the people with their own money".

Malaysian said...


The sad part about our country is corruption. I'm not sure if Sungai Besi is a strategic base for defense but if the money can be use to help the soldiers and veteran then I support selling it. Yet, we all know it will be used to enrich the rich and powerful only.


ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

If the RMAF Sg. Besi is to go, then the Police Air Wing which is located within the vicinity of the base too will have to go.
The Police Air Wing has just enlarged its base with new hangers, and now they say that this base has to go.
What a sheer waste.

FMZam said...

Sdr Malaysian,

Forget about the strategic part of it, leave it to the Air Force professionals, but no place is safe and strategic when it can be defeated well before any war and by the will of its own people. If it is in a city, and a city will always be a target of enemy's strategic bombers just like London and Berlin in The Battle of Britain.

I am not qualified to talk on aerial warfare strategy, I merely talk from military engineers point of view because pilots fly aircratfts but military engineers build roads & airfields and in time of war and emergency, we build expedient roads and expedient airfields. I believe Sg Besi AFB was built by British RE and it has that value of a military heritage more than strategic. I don't mean to be insensitive to the Air Force wallahs. Sorry guys.

samsaimon said...

That's the purpose.
The base will be handed over to the Polis Air Wing !.

Andy5009 said...

Fm Apai pencen,
I first set my foot in Malayan soil
cos it meant so much for me but it is not as important when thinking of the history of our Air Force.The current RMAF Chief should be wise enough to apprecite the past.At least he should declare his stand and not a PAK TURUT buta aja.

komando said...

Land for sale, sand for sale, old newspaper...battery lama, tilam lama,

Orang Lama..oooopppppsssss NOT FOR SALE !

Everything that can be cashed in ASAP would be sold!

The end game is near - sell the whole damn country as well, Singapore has the FUNDING TO BUY ALL OF IT - NOT ONLY ISKANDAR TOWNSHIP in Johor!

After selling pack up bags and run helter skelter !

MIGRATE - live a happy life with a new WIFE ( some will have more then one, + 4)!It is an entitlement what, ask lah Brother Bung Mokhtar the angel !

So why talk about history, nostalgia, down memory lane, young days - forget it MONEY TALKS loudest !


As for tin ...--- forget it...go to Sungei Lembing, millions and millions of TONS is still there.. you can mine till you drop dead, it won't FINISH !

wini said...

please do not forget why Rod was promoted to be chief ... seniors left to rot, surely for good reasons ya ?

FMZam said...

Sdr Wini,

I remember the day when this AF Chief name was mentioned to take up his appointment, we were pinning hopes that he would be a good guy. Whatever happened to those good words we spoke on him? Has time travelled so fast that either he has forgotten himself or we have to keep repeating having the same kind of hope everytime a new chief is installed?

Same thing happens to the Army, the only thing changed is leaders.

Mustang said...

To the Officers & Men of the 70's & 80's til the RMAF Base was moved to Subang, Sg Besi Base has lots of sentimental memories. As Dato mentioned when passing by the said Sg Besi Camp heading South or going to Putrajaya, there is a feeling for the said. Those good old days of taking the Herald / later C130 or a stopover in Sg Besi Base from Gong Gedak for para jumping.

I had the opportunity to take the Executive once. POTU was based in Sg Besi for Medevac / Casevac & troop deployment mission.

Well well well its the same OLD song sang again by different singers. The song is the same!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear dato,

,,,poor Rodzali ! how in hell was he selected to be the Airforce Chief ?. He is such a brainless guy and only big in size plus dead weight.
...I can still remember him during my early days in RMAF Kuantan for his stupidity and slowness. In fact, most of the existing Airforce Generals were the rejects left behind in the services cos. they won't had make it outside. The best of us, left the RMAF cos. we don't agree with what was becoming of the RMAF then. The crazy corrupted Skyhawk deal was the major turning point and I just could not take it standing. I quit then !. The Airforce Chief himself flew with me on the chopper and asked me to reconsider but i told him straight in his face that his deal on the skyhawk was the final straw that broke the camel's back !. He started the rot of the RMAF and many of us left cos. we could not take it. The good officers left the services after that in dove. What is left to manage the RMAF presently are a bunch of 'YES' man. Am sorry to disclose this to others but its a fact. I still love the Airforce but when corruption came into the picture, it was not right to stay and serve under such poor leadership. It was just not right.

FMZam said...

Sdr Mustang,

Why no mention about the good old workhorse called Caribou, that's the only transport aircraft we all used to feel like lord everytime we had the chance to travel by air going places in Sabah and Sarawak those days. Know what I used to call it, Big Stukas cos the wing was a semblance of WW2 Germany dive bomber, the Stuka.

komando said...

Dear Capt, the ole saying again:

"The good will always DIE YOUNG"
In this case the "BEST LEFT EARLY" and leaving behind the rotten bags of apples!

It was same in the Army, much was heard about this two service, the Navy a bit better I guess! Because they wear WHITE - MORE ACCOUNTABLE AND CLEAR, up until the point when Indra Pura SANK and the Submarine could not DIVE !

The NAVY is also on a decline and diving as well!

ALL the Yes Men types, all the Three Bags of Fools Types are best kept for Apple Polishing JOBS !


Not that we are un-great-ful to our CORP of officers or Regiment, we are bleeding with pain seeing the ORGANIZATION slowly and surely drawn into an abyss of no return!

All because of selfish leaders, self centered individuals, greedy PIGS, DIRTY OFFICERS ALL Kow-Towing to politicians and most HATED of all, are the betrayers of the code of conduct of "AN OFFICER & A GENTLEMEN"!




Mustang said...

Saudara FMZam,

I did not want to mention the Caribou. Banyak kali kena buat "Raptai"!! The worst was in Labuan. It took almost a day to airborne.

Kenangan Lama ya, but yet "Good old Sweet Memories of Togetherness". Just wish we can revert the time.

Our era of togetherness & colour blind is over!! Today its all mention of colours. That is what the country has indoctrinated the nation.

Hope things improve for the betterment of our future generation to live as one!!.

Salam Hormat FMZam

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear all,

,,,corruption, corruption, corruption !. This country of ours is lead by corrupted leadership and the "corruption culture" is the standard protocol everywhere in all govn. dept. too. The private sector too has to follow this corrupted system inorder to survive and Putrajaya is the centre of all corruption.
,,,Petronas has also gone corrupted from the many shady dealings forced upon them by those in Putrajaya. They are forcing the purchase of the Super Puma EC225 in replacing the S92 Sikorsky helicopters presently being utilised for the offshore industry in Malaysia since there is a delay for the RMAF to acquire the latest 12 x Super Puma due to public pressure on that corrupted purchase.(French connection again).
,,,in fact, if you deal with Petronas Carigali, you are expected to pay someone under the counter !.
...the wealth of our country is being drained by corruption.
,,,the most corrupted team is leading the nation right now, so WHAT should we all do ?.


...eerrmm!! am apolitical but at this junction perhaps some of us should seriouly consider joining the opposition party and stand-in as candidate to fight head on against corrupted leadership ?. This would indeed pull the votes in from the servicemen across !.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

Got a call last night from someone, and he said that the deal to sell of Sg. Besi air base is closed. If this is true, there goes the history of the RMAF. No wonder there was a big write-up in the NST about this yesterday.

I remembered while I was still in service, there were discussions about maintaining the base for military strategic reasons. Now, the strategic reasoning has been overcome by business considerations.

Now we all see the truth. The military can talk about military strategy, but in the final analysis, it is the political masters to decide. And do you know that almost half of Majidee Camp in Johor has already been taken up for commercial development? What is happening? Please wake the Armed Forces.

Malaysian said...


It's a shame that they sold Sungai Besi to private sector. It's not only sentimental to the military folks but commoners like me. How much was the land sold for? Where is the money? Who is going to keep it?

I'll definitely vote wisely on 13GE and I'll campaign for "Politician" that fight corruption!


Malaysian said...


Once again, I would hope you'll join politic because we badly need leader that fight corruption!


EAGLE said...

According to the reliable sources that The RMAF has two Chiefs.
The one on the chair now,is only the puppet!!! Itu cerita orang lah yang mereka confirmkan semasa di Jakarta, buat apa kat Jakarta tak tahu tetapi mungkin main golf kot,- jauh tu... gua dengar cerita aje!!!
Maybe there are truth in what was written by capt longhouse-so poor Air Force chief and the mediocre was selected by another mediocre-flawed recommendation will result in flawed decision and that is the RMAF now.
They sold the engine and now they wanted to sell the base Sg Besi and they plan to move to Dengkil according to Rodzali, maybe he wants to create history as the man that started the Dengkil Air Force Base and when will they auction RMAF Base Butterworth, Kuantan Kuching and Labuan? and maybe very soon they will sell everything while enjoying playing golf!!! and finally they will disband the RMAF after all with the screwing up that is going on-wonder whether RMAF is still relevant or just downsize the whole organization and let it be commanded by a Sargeant!!! at least will reduce the highly paid generals that are mostly clueless. After all what is the current capability now even the lower rank can out maneuvered all the stars who paraded around look important but no brainer.... so what ups with the recent fatal crashes and the death of the cadet during training? or shall we answer it fate all along? inclusive those caught with close proximity- wow RMAF! what's going on? Or is it all about core incompetency.
Where to RMAF? to the drain, the Airspace or the sea or none of the above but just don't be there if it is just "finish rice" if you can't even make a stand just because you are so f'$#^%$ idle to find some information on the Sungei Besi historical background. Anyway with the present RMAF Chief it is all expected just like the 'Unta Kenyang"
Good luck RMAF for some people cari lah talian hayat apa pun tetapi jangan lah gadai the pride of whatever left with the RMAF. Have some pride brother or otherwise keep your mouth shut like the general of the tip of the iceberg or is he riding on your back? People out there know who you are and keep your stup$^#@! to yourself and save the organization from further embarrassment or whither RMAF!!!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Malaysian,

If only I am a 20 year old kid, I would have joined politics. But I am already 67 and nearing the grave. I have made enough sins and I do not want to do it anymore. Politics, as I see it today is full of sins. Oh no.....not politics please.

LIBERO said...

Salam Dato', You don't want to be a politician? It is alright but please do not stop writing. We would fowards your writing to politician

WIRA said...

Dear Dato',
This is not the first time a proposal to privatise the Sg Besi airport was made. Some 15 years ago, a similar proposal was mooted but was immediately scuttled by the economic downturn.
So pse don't be overly critical of Gen Rodzali. The guy just took over. Considering the length of his tenure, the decision to privatise RMAF KL was probably made well before he took office. Furthermore, he is but a soldier.
To Capt Longhouse, pse do not think too highly of your flying skills or success. As a reminder to you, not all who chose to remain in the service are second rate officers/pilots as you seem to suggest. Some made it to become generals while others retire at much lower ranks for one reason or other.
Similarly, not all of those who left for the private sector did so because they were unhappy with the service or did as well as you profrssionally. You were lucky.
Tapi janganlah isi bakul angkat sendiri banyak sangat. We all know who you are and what you have achieved. We happily applaud you for it. But do remember the saying, any monkey can fly. But not all mongkeys can become Chief.

Mustang said...


KPI - Sales Achieved!!

Majidee Camp - Sold
Pulada - Sold
Mindef - Sold
Batu Contonment - Sold
Butterworth Base - Sold
Peel Avenue [Rej 509 Penang] - Sold
Sg Ara Camp -Sold
TUDM Trg School [Tg Bungah], Penang - Sold
Rej KPT Batu Uban - Sold

These are the best landed properties, good income / returns.

Sad Real Sad

komando said...

Many more camps will be sold...take the damn money out and put the dirty money into the pockets and run away real fast !

Jalan Ampang Transit Camp also Solded

The TA regiment opposite transit camp also JUAL ded!



maurice said...

Let us look at the advantages to be gained from the RMAF side from the land swap deal:

1. The RMAF will get a brand new camp in Dengkil that can match (may be even superior) to the Army Camp in Mersing and Navy Base in Lumut.

My suggestions to the RMAF leadership:

1. Get a refutable developer with EXCELLENT track record in the construction industry to build their new complex in Dengkil.Learn from the mistake of the Army with the Transit Camp debacle.

2.Close the present 9 hole Golf Course and have the Developer build a new 18 hole Golf Course of international standard in the new Dengkil Base.That way RMAF members serving in the new base get immediate benefit.Few will frequent the golf course if it is retained in the present location because of deteriorating traffic situation in the future.

3. Insist the Developer build an integrated Sports and Social Compex in the new Camp.

4. In the present RMAF Base to be redeveloped, insist the Developer build a modern RMAF Museum and RMAF Garden (let's call it Kebun Bunga TUDM) that is superior and more beautiful than the KLCC Garden.The beautiful Kebun Bunga TUDM will attract people to visit it and at the same will encourage them to visit the RMAF Museum as well.

5. Have a display in the new and modern RMAF Museum so that future generation will remember TUDM Sg Besi is the birth place of the RMAF.

6.Do not limit the museum displays to RMAF history only but extend it to the beginning of military aviation and warfare in our country.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,guess you know who i am but you seems to have a bone to pick with others on most professional issues !. Why don't you tell me, who you are really ?.
,,,what bloody monkey business are you refering to ?. Honestly, very few of the existing so called RMAF Generals in the Airforce could make it in the professional flying world outside from my observation/deduction/experience as i know most of them personally from their very early days. Trust me on that count but many of the younger pilots are o.k. if they start off early. Its hard work with full dedication to be an professional aircrew in the civil streets both mentally and physically from my personal experience...not any lucky stuff involved here as you mentioned but hard solid constant studies with 100% dedication to maintain ATPL rated. Try be one and you will realise the real hard truth about it.
,,,when i make any comments, its based on my first hand knowledge or real experience with the individual or system at most times too. Some of it might be hard to take by others but that's my way to relate things to. Unless it hits you on your bloody face, don't try to be personal with me o.k. !.
,,,wished to get to know who you are, just to be fair since you seems to bloody know who i am.
,,,you are most welcome to a friendly visit to Capt's Longhouse at pulau kapas to settle any old scores if any !. don't worry, i won't feed you to the sharks.
,,,stop monkeying around too ?. I think Mej.Nor's other half is after your arse too, for some of your unbecoming comments before.hehe !!. (indeed, you know how to stirr things up at times)
,,,seriously speaking, we should further up-grade the quality of our Airforce aircrew standard to an ATPL level, which should be the case from the very beginning. Its going to be tough for some but with the proper training/coaching, most would be able to make it. The RMAF chopper pilots in particular are still IFR (I follow road) rated from that stand point and they are very much aware of it too !. We have to retrain all of them as a proper aircrew upon them leaving the Airforce. Its a bloody shame to say this but that is the honest truth !. The quality and standard of the present serving RMAF pilots must be further up-graded, its about time that we must admit it. AND am not joking about it. Just ask any serving Airforce pilots and am dead sure that they would like such up-grade too BUT the system within is not up to admit it, perhaps due to stupid pride or something ?.(poor leadership for sure here yaa !) Are you an aircrew too WIRA ? if so, you know what am talking about professionally speaking.
,,,i would like to see the positive improvement of the RMAF which i still care and love. In fact, I don't mind giving free advise/lesson/mentor to any aircrew to up-grade themselves professionally to ATPL standard if they are interested to be one. Are you interested ?.
,,,mind you, i have nothing against the RMAF but would like to see the positive improvement and change for the better. Like this beloved nation, its going backwards..eerrmm !!!. Its a mindset thing, unless you move forward you get run over-lah.
,,,you get my drift WIRA ?. The existing RMAF must improve forward too. Many hard lessons to be learn if they are willing to listen for such progress. They have both the hardware and software, its all about getting the right attitude.

komando said...

Dear Capt, there are characters who love jabbing here and there..
stay kool Bro...

we punch and we will floor these blokes becos we can't jab!

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,the truth hurts for some individual that has only negative thoughts to ruin their lives plus others. Success for other is never taken in good light as an inspiration for the younger generation, which indeed is the key factor for many of our malaysian failures !. Perhaps it the malaysian weakness that needs to be corrected.
,,,the RMAF has not progressed forward from the talks i have had with existing service officers and airmen that i at times come across. Even with mordern technology and hardware, their mindset is still limited with poor leadership from existing Commanders. In fact, they are more interested in playing golf rather than mixing with their troops.
,,,lacking in motivation/enthusiasm plus lost of direction from the way i see it. All boils down to stupidity and lost of command to the bloody corrupted politicians. Hopefully, there is some new special breed from the younger officers but the existing senior officers are pretty hopeless. Just talk to anyone of them, you won't be surprise with my straight comments etc to-date. With such few professional characters around to lead indeed.

"like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken in right circumstances"

i rest my case !.

Mustang said...

Dear Capt,

Its most of them who are actually being personal and more so very personal too. Sour Grapes I guess. It hits me when WIRA used the word "Monkey". They are from the Legion of the Lost. They are indeed Lost!! Maybe WIRA is one of the Many who still wants free handouts without doing anything & sub sub it to others. Maybe he ONLY expects Durian Runtuh Aje!!

Stay Cool Capt!! Do away with all these nuts around.

Too many of them who actually cant see & respect that lots & lots of the Ex Officers & Servicemen are doing well, more so through our own very own hard work & productivity.

Salam Hormat Capt.

FMZam said...

Dear all,

If you spend some times to go blog trotting, don't be surprised the same blokes here are different persons elsewhere. I am more wary of the "inconsistents" than a genuine nemesis. I really hate inconsistent people who speaks for in this blog and against in another blog. I hate those with split or dual personality. I know what I am saying because I go blog trotting and I've seen them.

komando said...

My Dear Pirate Friend of the KAPAS...let it be known we are here to stay unless the Good Lord Almighty decides otherwise!

If we are to go...we have said it all, tried it all and done it all....for the sake of this land we all called home...

If they do not want to listen, make changes and take any heed, we are fine with it, they will all pay for it eventually.

As a brother to them, it is our duty to do something Right when something is TERRIBLY WRONG !


No use to have absolutely a very long life but makes the most blunder and created the most destruction to this lovely place we all called OUR COUNTRY & HOME !



lov & peace forever

"complete radio silence from today....until further notice !

taming said...


I have read your posting and some very aggressive comments from readers but I decided to lie low because I needed time to research into this subject.

I talked to many, including very senior RMAF generals, retired RMAF Chiefs, airmen and politicians.

Almost ALL agree that RMAF Kuala Lumpur in Sungai Besi is "The RMAF
Heritage" which MUST be preserved because of its historical values just like Stadium Merdeka, Seri Perdana, Bangunan Sultan Sulaiman, etc, etc. Where is Rais Yatim who is vocal in preserving certain heritages but remaining silent over the robbing of this precious national asset which is very sentimental and dear to the RMAF?

Now I know the gang of MAD people
with human faces but hearts of animals who have found a smart way to convince the government to surrender RMAF Kuala Lumpur. Their greed and lack of sensivities drive them to suggest attractive proposals to PM which make RMAF Chief and the RMAF the victims of their crooked manouvres.

This group of MAD people have taken full advantage of military culture of saying "Yes" to command decision from the "Top". It takes a commander like General Tan Sri Sani to say "NO" to some foolish political decisions, but we know how General Tan Sri Sani is being treated by our political leaders!

I suppose Minister Zahid Hamidi, General Azizan, General Rodzali and all the RMAF generals have decided to take a safe way and say "Yes Sir, Yes Sir".

It reminds me of an episode in the ninetees when Mahathir directed the RMAF to fly Hercules C-130 aeroplanes over Kuala Lumpur to spray hunrdeds of gallons of water to "cool" the city! Every sound thinking person would laugh at it because it was a foolish decision but the Minister of Defence, the PAT, the RMAF Chief said "YES", they tried and of course it ended up as a complete failure!

Anybody ever heard of a very famous saying among the military guys, " Never say NO to commands, DO it first and say NO LATER"!

The Question is "Who wants to go against PM"?????

Every single serving RMAF General I talked to replied, " It's a FOREGONE CONCLUSION and we have to find a new place to build a new Kual Lumpur Air Base"!

I feel very sorry for the RMAF to have lost such a precious heritage, its birth place which is also serving as the " RMAF
Garrisson for Kuala Lumpur" similar to USAF Bolling AFB in Washington D.C. and RTAF AFB Bangkok in Thailand.

What shall we do next? Get AVM Tan Sri Sulaiman Sujak to lead RED-Shirt retired RMAF personnels and NGO to demonstrate? Very unlikely, because everybody prefers to be "nice guy" and "jaga periok nasi masing-masing". But as a show of protest against the group of MAD people and the government for making foolish move of robbing the RMAF Kuala Lumpur Base, we must do something!

If everybody remains to be "nice" will you, Capt's Longhouse lead?