Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As a Malay and a retired soldier, I must confess that I hate to talk about the May 13, 1969 racial riots that will long remain a 'dark spot' in the annals of this nation. I was then a 26 year old soldier serving in Tawau, Sabah, and I only knew about the riots from the mainstream media that reaches Tawau sometimes a day too late. There was no TV then, and my immediate concern was towards my parents and my siblings who were residing in Kg. Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. Incidentally, May 13, 2010 is just a day away.

Making a call home from Tawau those days was extremely difficult and in fact, throughout the period of the rioting, I never got to call home, even from the Telecom office in Tawau. My only hope is that my parents and my siblings are all safe, and that nothing untoward will happen to them. I managed to returned home about a month after the riotings, and on the way to my parents home, I passed Kg. Baru and witnessed the destruction of some rows of shops caused by the rioting. There were a number of people killed during the riotings, and I was told that army units were deployed to Kg. Baru and Kg. Datuk Keramat to maintain the curfew. I personally do not know if the soldiers had shot and killed civilians to enforce the curfew, but if they did, I think what the soldiers did was wrong.

My parents must have lived in a state of fear in the days following the riots and food was in shortage. My father worked in the hospital, and the nature of his job requires that he be present for work everyday, and he therefore had to be escorted daily to his place of work, especially during the curfew hours. It was during his travel to work that he would stop to buy food for the family.

A few days ago we hear of a politician from Penang making reference to May 13 to the Penang Chief Minister, for reasons best known to him. Today, we read in the papers that some Malay NGOs will be holding a gathering in Kuala Trengganu tomorrow May 13, and the theme of the gathering is “Bangkit Melayu'. It was reported too that Tun Dr. Mahathir will be present at the gathering.

I do not know what is the purpose of the gathering and why the date chosen is May 13. The theme 'Bangkit Melayu' itself can give rise to lots speculation and interpretation. And it would not be wrong for one to speculate that the theme has racial under tones, and is a warning of sorts to the other races. If this is the reason for the gathering, than I think it is wrong for it will only create further mistrust and hatred of the Malays by all other races. This is a dangerous precedence, and I think it will not do any good for race relations and racial harmony among all races. My personal view of this gathering is one of lack of tolerance, insensitive and a show of arrogance to the other races. I despise such acts and my only hope is to see that the sponsors of this gathering return to their senses, and to accept that what they do will only create greater disharmony, intolerance and hatred among the various races of this country, and where the Malays will then be blamed.

I feel ashame too that Tun Dr. Mahathir; a person that I have my highest respect and regards is being dragged into this mess by an undesirable group of Malay NGOs. And this gathering too will distort and not do any good for PM Najib's 1 Malaysia.



SysOp said...

Dear Dato',

The thing most people in Malaysia want to forget is what the thing most UMNO people (GST - GENG SONGKOK TINGGI) want to revive.

I'm worried by this scenarios.


abdulhalimshah said...

As Muslims we declare 17 times a day that Allah S.W.T. guide us to the correct path. Not only that we declare that we submit none other to HIM and we ask for his deliverance. But many fail to do so with piety, because their actions and declarations are at variance with one another.
Islam teaches peace as the basis of our existence and that defines our relationship with fellow human beings. Those who preach otherwise do not live up to the Faith and are a disgrace to all.

Capt. Kamal Sanusi said...

Dear Dato'

I was not born during the said date but I think my brain is working better than those morons on this.

While we want to live in harmony, there are people especially the poliTAIK men trying to create 10-sion among us.

I still could not understand why they want to organize such event and very worry about the future of my daughter as mentioned by SysOp.

What happen to our PDRM who is suppose to ensure our safety having noted their double standard enforcement.

Just imagine what would happen if the event is organized by opposition, another bloody Batu Buruk or BERSIH?

Please laaa...

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I lived that nightmare. then forgot. Then relived that episode doing a presentation at SD course.Then forgot. Now these war mongers have made me relive that nightmare.

muhammad arshad raji said...

Dear All,

Got news that the gathering in Kuala Trengganu is off. Thanks God....the organizers have finally come to their senses.

FMZam said...

Think about this, Mahathir has been very cunning like a fox, to first make the impression that PERKASA was using him but instead he used PERKASA as a tool to protract his political agenda now that all other NGOs inclined to PERKASA are readily inclined to accept Mahathir's leadership in a way that made Mahathir as the leader of the new Pressure Group, the role which Pemuda UMNO under KJ is deemed as a failure.

Whatever is Mahathir's agenda, May 13 is iconic to Mahathir for his book The Malay Dilemma was borne in the aftermath of that bloody event. And mind you regardless of whatever bad precedence it may set, this May 13 gathering is going to be held, above all regard, is without regard to Sibu By-election, without regard to sensitivities of other Malaysian races, without regard to hostile slogan "Bangkit Melayu" it uses, let alone the big question mark how it get passed the authority who allowed the permit for that kind of dangerous gathering to take place where in normal case any gathering by other than UMNO factions will be steamrolled by the authority without haste.

Mahathir always plan things with foresight and his farsightedness has made him what he is until today - the most dilemmaed Malay of them all.

sani said...

Those malauns and firauns should be placed under ISA. Enuff said. Flamers should be doused with lots and lots of water in their respectice ISA cells. Make them shiver all night long so that they wont ever think of flaming others anymore when they are released.

FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

That's one bluff the organizer has pulled on us and even by calling it off, a good bluff always work like poison, the purpose is already served, the message has been delivered. Just what good is that when the threat is passed not to the enemy but to our own countrymen. When we don't dispute their rights in fighting for the Malays, why are they disputing our rights fighting for Malaysians?

komando said...

I have said many times, the Maha Firaun is not called that, for no reason, any sane human being who has a little bit of memory will remember what damage he has done...

I stand by my words: "He is the Biggest threat to our nations peace & security..."

HIDUP MAMAK should be the right phrase to be used in his gathering!

NO right minded MELAYU wants another MAY 13 !

The ones who love WAR have not tasted it, seen it, felt it let alone know about it!


This UMNO politicians are GOONS and JIBONS !

Malaysian said...
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Malaysian said...

Bangkit Melayu?

Actually, I'm curious if they truly fight for the Malay rights. If they do care for Malay then they should focus on improving our country education system, fight corruption, re-build the economy, fight poverty, reduce crime rates, etc. If they focus on solving these problems then all Malaysian will gain benefit too.

Thus, TUN DR. MAHATHIR stop focus on racism and start solving problems that's hitting poor folks!



Malaysian said...

Check out this blog:

Excerpt from the blog:
Dear Brother and Sister Malaysians,

I would like to re-color May 13, to breathe new spirit into the date, to dilute and eventually erase the negative thoughts and replace them with positive meanings and values. We are placing a full page advertisement in The Star this May 13 , with a call to re-color the day.

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

Racial unrest is more dangerous than conventional warfare....I have a lot of Malay, Siamese, Indian, Sabah and Sarawak friends..And I don't want all of them to be my enemy...

FMZam said...


If fighting for unity is by making the Malays superior than other races, it is war. And if fighting for unity is by making other races inferior than the Malays, it is war. Because no two races are the same and can remain to live in inequality without converging into a collision course sooner or later. This country is no good when only Malays are strong but the nation is divided. If making the Malays strong is by weakening other races, it is not strength that we build, but we are building our own weaknesses!

All who say Malay FIRST have no right to chase others from this country just because we don't go by your political ideology. This is our country too and we have the right to EXIST and the right to fight, live and die for this country.

All who say Malay FIRST must remember "None of us is as strong as all of us". So stop cheating yourself for this nation can never be strong with Malays alone!

bambam said...

dear fmzam,

i totally agreed with you. even i think most of our children maybe do not know what is MAY13 but if keep on talking and telling the people on what happen during MAY13, it will never vanish in our country history. let bygone be bygone an cherish away furthermore i think most of our children also not interested 'nak tahu' what happen..right

The Rambler said...

The sins of our fathers. No offense to those of the older geenration, but you guys left us so much shit to deal with.

Anonymous said...


FMZam said...

Sdr bambam,

Think of Mahathir this way, the man he was when he wrote "Malay Dilemma" and the man he is when "Malaysian Maverick" is published. Then think what we soldiers meant by teamwork when it means nothing to have the leading man crossed the finish line so far ahead while the last man is lagging behind so far down.

pendita said...

Dear Malaysian,

I`ve visited the said blog and it`s interesting.


Looking at current newsmedia in the country, esp in Harakah, Roket, Sinar, Star, etc-etc (perhaps in Parlimen), it seem they are arosing hatred and perhap looking for next May 13!!!

New generation like me feels corny and getting feedup everday as writters and politician are so unscrupulous, selfish and untruthful.

WIRA said...

Dear Dato',
This 'Bangkit Melayu' movement is nothing more than racial politics by other means. In this age of ethnic reconciliation (in Malaysia and elsewhere in the world) anyone who resorts to this platform to gain political milage is either hare-brained or raving mad.
Anyone who cannot see the death knell of racial and religious politics in this country is either blind or is wearing blinkers. Logic dictates that there is no other way forward.
I thought blind people are confined in welfare centres only, but apparently not. They are everywhere and unsurprisingly, they include a former prime minister too.
YBHG Tun, your legacy is already littered with negative social problems; please don't lend yourself to this 'huru-hara' movement lest you wish to be remembered as the 'Bapa Huru-hara' Malaysia.
Just look across the Johor Straits..You will see a true statesman. It would be good if you could emulate some of his positive traits. You have done enough damage already.

komando said...

This ole fox is already NYA-NYUK

The ole smart man across the tambak still can think and work


fit to sell rojak or roti canai ONLY

Abu said...

Dear Dato',
I don't think Tun was 'dragged' into it. My gut feeling says, he was the one behind them all along.

komando said... are so RIGHT !

3 Cheers !
Who else if not HIMSELF!
He needs attention
He needs limelight
He wants the glamor
He wants the focus
He wants to be relevant
He wants to command respect
He wants to become a President
He wants to rule again