Sunday, May 16, 2010


Big things are happening in the French courts. French investigators are digging up a trail of corruption and kickbacks alleged to have been paid by French defence manufacturers Thales (formerly known as Thomson-CSF) and DCN (the manufacturer of the Scorpene submarines) to officials and agents in Taiwan, Pakistan, India and Malaysia for the purchase of French made submarines. Just imagine that these two companies are government–owned and that being so, French government officials are therefore deemed to be corrupt as well. It was reported that in the past, the extent of corruption goes right into the palace of the French President.

Recently, Mr. Joseph Breham, a French investigator was in Malaysia to carry out enquiries supposedly relating to the purchase of the two Scorpene class submarines by the Malaysian government, which was built by Armaris (a subsidiary of DCN). The French investigator has made some revealing statements that identified Perimekar, the Malaysian agent for the Scorpene deal, was merely commission earner without any prior experience in naval procurement. Perimekar’s incorporation as a registered Malaysian company for the multi billion ringgit deal was done only a few months before the signing of the contract. Mr. Joseph Breham further reveals that DCN is famous for paying kickbacks and commissions, as was noted in the Taiwan and Pakistan cases. The Malaysian government has said that it does not want to have anything to do with the French investigator, and this only strengthens public belief and perception that there were indeed some dubious dealings i.e. a hefty kickback.

A kickback reportedly of 140 million Euro was paid to the Malaysian agent, but what is of concern to the investigator is whether any portion of the kickback was funneled back to French officials. The poor Mongolian beauty never got her share of the commission for being a ‘partner’ in the deal. She got blown to smitten instead. And similarly, I do not really know if Razak Baginda actually got his portion of the commission, since the money trail was not detected anyway in banks in this country. Had the money been here, BNM would surely have detected it. However, the revelation by the French investigator does confirm that there was a commission paid, and where do you think is the money deposited?

It is unfortunate that dealings with French defence manufacturers has resulted in a trail of death that is believed to have been caused by failed promises of cash payouts, blackmailing, greed etc. Pakistan and Malaysia are cases in point. Mysterious cases of death like these makes excellent James Bond movie and I hope some movie producers at some point in time will consider making one. And to dispose off a dead body with the use of the C4, I am sure is an act that has never been filmed before.

Malaysia has had a bad experience over the submarine deal that leaves an indelible black mark in our country’s defence dealings with France. Now, we hear of the probable purchase of the Eurocopter for the RMAF, which has a French label attached. The Army too has recently gone for the French manufactured 120mm Rifled Mortars manufactured by Thales. And I suppose the ammunition for the mortars is also French manufactured. Unfortunately, the mortars are not to be mounted on French made mortar carriers, but most probably on the Adnan Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV); a Turkish brand. I am just wondering if the Adnan IFV is sufficiently built to take on a 120mm Mortar mounted role. If Adnan IFV is not suitable, then there will always be the French to the rescue.

The Eryx anti-tank missile that is in the army’s inventory is also French manufactured. And it was only a few days ago that a friend send me an email showing a video of a French soldier deploying the Eryx, whose missile dropped only a few meters in front of the soldier when fired.

So the French connection with Malaysia is strong, and it will get stronger if French defence manufacturers remain willing to offer hefty commissions and kickbacks to Malaysian agents. That’s how Malaysian agents operate anyway. Someone did pass a remark to me recently when he said to the effects that, “if you want to be an instant millionaire, go for French”. Not French fries please, but the Euros.



FMZam said...

Dear Dato'

They can never stop buying French, to them it's as good as admitting mistakes they'd rather die than losing their tall ego. They'll find corners and shortcuts to manoeuvre around and use all political means to swing public opinion. They are too deeply committed with French Connection there's no way they could get out of the abyss as long as Najib is very much deep in this shithole.

And Najib will make changes for his new cabinet, soon he will put a new Defence Minister, and a new general is taking position too, but the buying will remain only the masters are changed, the situation stays.

Even if they stop buying French, they will buy something else and since when our military purchase was any wise purchase, any right purchase?

Who could have thought that Razak Baginda would be tremendously transformed from a mild mannered down to earth tutor of AF Staff College in 1988, into a scandalous crocodile now living a millionaire in self exile in London? All by just one bloody good deal he made with the military? With him as an example of a scottedfree bastard, and with Najib as the protector of the French Connection, why do we think they would let go of this very comfortable accommodation?

Say anything but they won't listen to us as long as they are the power, and we gave them the power.

bambam said...

dear dato,

hahahahaha...a very good statement for this articles. i support the statement 100%, Dato'. " money money money " what else. because if we deal with other country in US or Europe some of it diffcult to get the kickbacks. some of the reason if that the top brass does not have the will power and guts to say 'NO' especially when the boss have made the decision, they know already there will be the opportunity to get some into their pocket. I think not only the boss will get but through the down line will also get something in kinds or money.

I want to suggest one thing la..before a person taking over any appointment they have to made an oath infront of 'AL-QURAN' or hold the 'AL-QURAN' and make the oath before they sworn in to take the office of certain appointment that they will not involved in corrupt practice and for other religion as per what they believe. And also the top brass must present themself during 'ceramah ugama' etc and not only the lower rank. When there is 'ceramah ugama, semua kena hadir' but the top brass play golf, even on friday also they playing golf,because some of the deal confirmed on the grass. Is that the standard !!!!!

komando said...


Best Buy....we see in shopping malls and supermarkets....daily sale, close down sales, moving away sales...annual sales....and the whole works!

In Actual Fact - the poor customers are all nicely buttered and conned !

That is the surest way to put OLD Dead Stocks OUT and Clear The Rubbish....

Anybody who does not believe me ask your best friend the people who works in this industry!

And Mindef will buy the best offered "KICKBACKS" no matter how rotten or how bloody hopeless the piece of machine of equipment is, they are the least bothered if the gun works, the missiles can be fired !

Mind you not able to explode! The NAVY has seen this happening rounds could not explode,imagine we are at WAR?

"The enemy will laugh until he pee in his pants!"

The best buy to Mindef - surely is Not Cheap and No BLOODY GOOD!

They only care for returns - how much to be made for this deal, so folks we can buy the Euro-copter from FRENCH and we let it rot and pilots just jump out of the damn heli when it fails !

BTW - make sure we don't buy French parachutes too, or you are doomed to die fastest!

To all pilots of the Army & RMAF happy landing !


Legion™ said...

Mindef needs to be reminded of the French's duplicity during the Falkland War where the French secretly informed the British about their military technologies which were extensively used by Argentina.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Bambam,

Thanks for the idea. I believe too that all Chief should be sworn in by the Koran. Ini akan menyedarkan mereka terhadap tanggungjawab mereka, dan juga terhadap the temptation not to indulge in corruption. If the PM was sworn in by the Koran, why not the Chiefs.

Akuromeo said...


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FMZam said...


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maurice said...

Counting the Cost of French Connection:

1. The 4 units x A400M Airbus Military Transport aircraft, costing the taxpayers billion of RM when there was no user (RMAF) requirement for such aircraft.

2. SAPURA which has been awarded with lucrative contract by the Army is unable to allow local vendors to participate in its maintenance programmes because all Thales related equipment must be repaired by Thales itself.

3. The most serious damage the French have caused towards our society is the rise of corruption affecting politicians, civil servants, military officers and business men.

This what we call colonization through corruption.

maurice said...


The British used opium to conquer China, the French uses money to "colonize" Malaysia.

FMZam said...

Sdr maurice,

Ask them just who are we going to have a war with? We have First Lady now that we need to covert one of the four Airbuses as our very own Air Force One and in near future we will be a Nuclear force in the SEA region. Singapore is small but we are not big either and a Nuclear Malaysia will make us bigger than Indonesia Raya and we can be The Israel of South East Asia, that's why we too are 1 Malaysia.

No the French are not colonizing Malaysia. It's just that King Najib is dreaming for a military mighty Malaysia so he can take us to the dream of a Malaysia Raya and take back all the Malay lands and oilfields that were lost to our neighbours.

Hail Najib The Great!

F said...

Dato, the video of the Eryx malfunction is because the rocket booster failed to ignite. Whilst manufacturers will claim that there will be no problems as long as missiles are used within their shelf-life and are stored properly, malfunctions do happen. Even with the Javelin, with is a generation ahead of the Eryx in technology and much more pricey [the UK paid 25,000 pounds for each] there have been malfunctions.

According to several Canadian army personnel I asked, on a military forum, the Canadians are very happy with their Eryx's, which is a smaller, shorter range version of the MILAN. From what I was told by a former army officer whom you also know, the army had a lot of problems with it Russian Metis-M missiles.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,even the Frenchy don't trust their President and yet we allowed our politicians the freedom to waste our nation's money there !.
,,,i have had and still meet many Frenchy nowadays on my island, mostly full of troubles/issues especially at checkout time for payment !. Pening kepala dgn manusia bangsa ini..teruk sekali !! its part of their mentality kot to screw things out always. Always spoiling my day with their kehainah dan belitan...tak habis habis !. Kalau ikut hati, I would ban them coming to Malaysia. Buat menyusah saja. Perangai mereka kotor dan pentingkan diri sendiri saja. I find it bloody hard to trust any of them from the many bad incidents i have had so far.

Akuromeo said...


so u setuju with me yep the snails@french bloody retard people..
thier mentality use first pay later
how mak cik gemuk guest house still running..hope u enjoy mencadat sotong

Viva kapas Island