Sunday, May 16, 2010


“I don’t need to apologies to anybody. Even if the guy puts a gun to my head, I would not do so” say Ibrahim Ali, the Malay hero. Would you want me to believe in what he had said? Well, I hope somebody does put gun to his head and I bet you he will plea for mercy. No right minded and sane person wouldn’t panic at being pointed a gun. Only an insane person does react to fear, and if we are to believe in what Ibrahim Ali has said, then I say he is clearly insane.

What has angered this Malay hero? Was it over the failed attempt by some Malay NGOs to gather in Trengganu to commemorate May 13? Why throw tantrums at others? Wasn’t it not PM Najib who disallowed the gathering to be held, and if it was so, then throw your anger at PM Najib. Would Ibrahim Ali dare to do this? I don’t think so because he has all to loose, and his political career will be in jeopardy. After all, he only has another 2 more years in parliament and after that time, he will be left in a limbo. UMNO wouldn’t lift a finger to lend support for him in the next GE, and he knows that. Hence, he has to make a name for himself now as a Malay hero (without troops) in the hope of securing Malay rural support in the next GE.

Ibrahim Ali, don’t you be so confident that just because you were able to successfully gather the Malays for the PERKASA gathering a few ago months ago, you think you can be voted again in the next GE? It wasn’t you that drew the Malay crowd. It was the presence of Tun Dr. Mahathir. Take away Tun Dr. Mahathir, and you will be left alone howling at an empty PWTC hall.

What you are doing now does not auger well for this country. You must recognize that ours is a multi-racial country, and we have lived together respectfully as a nation for many years. To say that the Malays have dominated the country’s political, economic and social life is totally incorrect. The other two races have made significant contributions too and we ought to be thankful for that. We will not be what we are today without them. We have no choice but to live together for the good of our children and our generation to come, as this is the only country and home that they know. The Malays will gain respect if we respect others, and this was what I saw during my formative years. Maybe, you have not lived side by side with other races; hence your parochial outlook.

PM Najib, I think is trying to put right the racial divisions that are prevalent in our society today, with the 1 Malaysia slogans. I personally think he is doing the right thing, but Ibrahim Ali’s actions are a diversion to PM Najib’s aspirations. So Ibrahim Ali, please give 1 Malaysia a chance.



Akuromeo said...


i totally agree with u
100% Sifu

hooreeyyy Hidup Sifu
Hidup Tongkat Ali


FMZam said...


Jangan nak jual Tongkat Ali kat sini. Lebih baik kau jual tu ha Tongkat Ibrahim Ali yang jadikan muka Melayu kau sebiji macam muka Melayu Albino retarded tu.

FMZam said...

Sudahlah EngkoRomeo,

Hutang biasiswa kerajaan pun kau tak mau bayar sekarang muka macam kau ni nak cakap hidup 1Malaysia ke? Kaulah Melayu bangsat yang XNuripilot kata kacang lupakan kulit, tapi aku kata kau ni kokok berderai bontot kau penuh taik. Betul lah kau ni kecik2 tak nak mampos dah besar menyusahkan orang.

nxforget said...

Yes dato, no sane man will not shiver if gun pointed to their head ... even the elite of the armed forces.

This ibrahim ali talking about malay rights to the equity but he never demonstrated the way for the malays to succeed with blood and swaets. His public records only shows that he's just a bloodsucking creature feeding from non-malays. Cakap tak serupa bikin ... pooorah.

komando said...

Shoot the damn bugger,,...he only wants chaos and turmoil


FMZam said...

Well Dato',

The people of Sibu has given a chance for all MALAYSIANS they have proven they can beat the Mighty 1Malaysia, the Arrogant PERKASA and the Money God of UMNO all in one battle of good people against evil government.

maurice said...

For sure there will be many analyses of SUPP's victory in the days ahead.

But I would like to share an experience that I went through while serving in RASCOM.

One particular Colonel (a Chinese from Peninsular) who later rose to be a Brig Gen had a hard time trying to assimilate with the Sibu society.

He used to grumble of the closely-knitted Foochow community there and their indifference towards outsiders, even towards their other Chinese clans.

The conclusion is that the Foochow community will vote with one voice unlike the Malays they can easily be divided.

FMZam said...

Attention maurice,

Which SUPP's victory you were refering to?

maurice said...

Sdr FMZam and Readers,

My apologies, what I meant was DAP's victory (in yesterday's election), not SUPP's.

komando said...

Dato' Pak Chad it should READ:"only an insane person WOULD NOT REACT, WHEN A GUN IS POINTED AT HIS HEAD!"