Thursday, May 20, 2010


I have just received a note in my post box this morning that I want to share with all my readers, the contents of which is appended below. I do not know whether the note is written in jest, or is it the truth. I will leave it for all to judge.



Following the recent sale of the RMAF base in Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur, the government has now offered for bidding several other Armed Forces camps as under:
1. RMAF base Subang, Selangor
2. RMN base Lumut, Perak
3. Army base Camp Mahkota, Kluang, Johor
4. Mindef complex, Jalan Padang Tembak, Kuala Lumpur
5. Army camp, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
6. Army camp Terendak, Melaka
7. Army Camp Kuantan, Pahang
8. RMAF base Kuantan, Pahang
9. Army base Kuching, Sarawak
The above camps are not conclusive, and more Armed Forces camps will be offered for bidding in the next 6 months. There is no price tag offered, and the winning bidder is one that offers the highest price quote. Bidders are advised to submit along a full detail of what they proposed to do with the camps. End.

Since no mention is made with regards to the evicted units and occupants of the above camps, I therefore assume that the units will be disbanded to save cost that is likely to be incurred by the government.

Can someone please confirm whether the above note is true or otherwise?



abdulhalimshah said...

If the writer thinks that he could pull a fast one on you, he must be indeed be out of his mind. No sane person would believe this prank because such a possibility is too far fetched. Maybe the writer is floating the balloon to see the reaction of the new Chief of the Army.

Mustang said...


No way this can be true. Most of the Camps mentioned Perak / Kluang / KK / Melaka / Pahang / Sarawak are not on Real Prime Land for any good bidders.

Am not going to dispute on anything thats situated in Johore / Selangor / Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur or Penang


ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

I know it is a prank. How could we believe in it. Just testing for heights, so they say.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,late last year while at the smokers room at KLIA, i met a guy with his team members of surveyors/engineers under instruction from Putrajaya to survey the military camps in Sarawak for relocation in preparation for the coming GE 13 election !. Heard them talking about it and after awhile i joined them in their deliberation since the subject matter was pretty interesting !!. Am not surprised with your list mentioned above cos. this particular team got their so called instruction plus perhaps voting strategy from Putrajaya. Anything in lights of desperation can happen nowadays in times of dirty political survival for UMNO/BN. That team leader happens to be a trengganu guy and was very happy chatting away with me since am an ex-service officer plus living at pulau kapas. Initially i could not believe what he was up to but after awhile i realised how serious was their so called tasking mission.
,,,this was no prank, they were seriously looking into such cunning objective or possibility. Its was not a joke either. Geeez !.

nick said...

A prelude to 1Malaysia year end sales perhaps? 1MALAYSIA (ANYTHING) BOLEH (POSSIBLE)?

EAGLE said...

Those people who are holding the power in the Armed Forces will not object and will just get ready to move out, just like the big size Rodzali ever willing to move out from Sg Besi.
So jual la semua mungkin bolih dapat sikit untung!!! Kapal terbang tak mahu jual ke?

WIRA said...

Dato Arshad Sir,
Ini semua cerita Pak Pandir.
Imagine some crackpot suggesting to the govt to disband the Armed Forces because it costs to much to maintain. Ha, Ha. One wonders how they will react to the prospect of losing the organisation that offers the biggest opportunities for kickbacks in the country...Orang beli APC 4-5 juta satu, kita bayar 32 juta sebiji. Must be NALA punya 8 wheeler daa.
However, be that as it may, we do need clangers like note received by you every once in a while.

bambam said...

dear dato',

the letter to me is "PEMBOHONG" if he has the guts to give that information , write also la his name that letter and what paper evidence does he has in hand, i think he is trying to play us out the find more argument in your blog Dato'.

benadam said...

You should've throw it into a trash bin. Period.