Tuesday, May 4, 2010


With effect tomorrow May 5, 2010, I will be out of Kuala Lumpur, and will only return home on Sunday, May 9,2010. Since I am likely to have a tight visit schedule, it is most unlikely that I will not be able to post any article during the period. I will certainly be back on the air with an article upon my return, and it is only then that my readers will know where I was during the 5 days break.



FMZam said...

Dear Dato',

At least I can sigh with relief knowing you'll be away and leaving us with this...."it is most unlikely that I will not be able to post any article during the period." Well, what more could I ask for. Very happy journey Dato'.

samsaimon said...

Salam, Dato.
Taking a break ?
Well and good. Have a nice rest and we are looking forward to hear from you again.

Akuromeo said...

O.k Sifu

have a nice journey...
remember me always..
i will look after ur lovely blog
dont bother about it
so all retard please
f____k off..(FMZam and KumanDo)
ViVa Sifu

SysOp said...

Dear Dato',

May Allah bless your journey...


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Have a pleasant and safe journey.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,you are indeed an interesting character, where the hell did you come from ?. Where are all your naked pictures and videos ? hi..am sure the PDRM found it interesting too. Do drive safely and stop if the cops say so !. They are a pretty trigger happy lot, if i may say so. Be very extra careful nowadays yaa. You will never know what's around the corner.

FMZam said...


Don't try to sell yourself and stop making your shitface a pussy licking good here! You don't sell well in your AKUROMEOCUNT you have to close it down, and here too you don't. Better stick you shitface with Kelab Penyokong Polis in the Facebook lah they sure like a face like you for their target practise. Next time you come here better wear your napkin for you shit, fart and pee all over the place here!!!

WIRA said...

Pak Chad',
While I am excited with the ever increasing popularity of this blogspot, I am terribly saddened by the apparent increase in animosity between some bloggers. We must all remember that the concept of freedom of speech does not come with a licence to use unsavoury and vulgar language. I appeal to everyone to at least have some regard for Dato Arshad and do remember that this blog is also open to children.
So please stop using this forum for your personal quarrel.
Have a nice weekend Dato'.

FMZam said...

Wira, If you so like it that Pak Chad be attacked from a goon like AKUROMEOCUNT so be it with you but I will always stand against a goon like that to let him enjoy the liberty of action like shit, be it if kids, children or teenagers are here, so that they all learn to fight back anyone who is so kurang ajar to an elder like Pak Chad. This is nothing personal, it's all business when you are in any blog, so stop trying to be angelic to give advise when you didn't show your stand against vulgarity started by this motherfucking ROMEO did you, and you want to take opportunity to capitalise on it. When was the last time you last quarrel on personal vendetta with other readers? Did I ever ask you to stop quarelling like a kid? Quarrel all you like...Period! So start quarrel with me and see where is all your bloody principles, OK?

Akuromeo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Akuromeo said...

just a few word

go to hell r u f_____king old bean busuk=Capt's Longhouse wkkwkwwww

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Dato',

Enjoy your trip.

Malaysian said...


Can we just ignore folks that don't like?


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,guess we are just having some communication fun here with a funny guy. hihihi..he has just found himself, awakened to being-oneself.

Indeed, communication, the most essential of existential tasks, is the most precious and the most fragile of all possible achievements.

WIRA said...

Dear All,
This is a free world; you can print whatever you feel like. Simply 'Tepuk dada tanya selera'
But remember, one says things at one's own peril!!
Just an advise. No offence intended.

FMZam said...

Agreed, this is a free world indeed, so born free everyone! Everybody is anybody is nobody.

pendita said...

Sdr Akuromeo,

Kalau ye pun nak maki hamun orang bukan kat sini..Cakap kita ni melambangkan keperibadian kita.

Malaysian said...

Got it Capt. :)

So, how are you guys doing? Is life treating all of you fair? I tired of working long hours now. Wish I can retire and enjoy life at Pulau Kapas like Capt.


FMZam said...

Dear Malaysian,

My advise, don't quit your job while you are still wanted by your employer and if you think of quitting, think of quitting with another job waiting. Many of us ex soldiers who are out of job as the result of retrenchment or our employers winding up know how hard it is to get a job in the civvy street. Many of us are not as lucky as some ex soldiers, once unemployed we're gone, for many of our jobs are never coming back.

You may see some lucky ex soldiers made it really good in their military afterlife, and probably you have seen the luckiest of them all living far well as civilian than as when they were in the military. Even right now you may see a serving military general driving Porsche Cayenne to the golf club, make you think how rich that general is now to think how richer he would be when he leaves the service and into a very lavish retirement and die buried with all his mysterious wealth.

But you don't quit to think of living a good life just because you're tired of working long hours. You must keep working for even if you have enough money to retire, you'll get bored living with no job in short hours in no time. Life without a job is as good as death.

So keep working brother, keep on living with a meaningful life.

FMZam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,life and living is being creative !. If one stopped being creative, its a living death. Just do it matey !...make your dreams come true ?. If not why not ?. But stop making babies hehehe just enjoy playing with the grand kids and send them home to their mommies/daddies when its time for sleep. hehehe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nice to know you ~........................................

Akuromeo said...


i miss u so much.. hope to hear from u soon..
May ALLAH bless u

Hidup Sifu Hidup AkuRomeo

komando said...

This moron ROMEO hasn't had enough of mothers milk, I SUGGEST he gets a bigger AND FATTER moma now and go suck on it..

I have asked him out for a date many a times, yet he has not got the balls to take up my offer

May be an eunuch !

Akuromeo said...

hey KumanDo

listen retard u r not my taste
and i'm not the arsebandit hunter
listen i'm the real macho man
so just keep your arse 4 ur
arsebandit partner's FMZam
wkkwkwwww poor shemale old bean

FMZam said...

Hey EngkoRomeo,

You can change from a young chiku you said, to now a real macho man and then whateverlah for all I care. But if your face is no better than a down syndrome shitface you put up, you better go back into your mommy's womb and let your daddy draw you up a little better with a bigger brain than a peanut you now have.