Monday, May 24, 2010


The answer to the question posed in the title of this posting is best answered by the religious gurus within the government. I would personally like to hear from the Minister in the PM Department in charge of Islamic affairs, his personal opinion with regards to this issue. As of now, there is absolute silence from all of the government’s religious gurus, including the Malay champion PERKASA. Why the silence…….I don’t know. To say that they do not have eyes to see and ears to hear may not be true.

I don’t blame PM Najib for approving the Football Betting activity because he may be ignorant of the religious ruling on this matter, but certainly I do not forgive his religious advisers. Or are the religious advisers too afraid to say to PM Najib that Football Betting is haram? Where are the Muftis then? And why are they silent too? Mind boggling indeed!

The government claims that Islam is the official religion of this country, but what they do contradicts the official Islamic status of this country. Is the government thinking of collecting taxes from this gambling activity, and don’t they know that money derived from all forms of gambling activities is haram? It was only about two months ago at a mosque in Bukit Antarabangsa during a Friday prayer that the sermon by the Imam that day was all about ‘duit haram’, where the congregation were told that anything that you do with ‘duit haram’ is haram. Even a primary school boy will understand what the Imam had said, but strangely, our government’s religious gurus seem oblivious that Football Gambling is haram, and money derived from such an activity is haram.

I do not want to claim to be a religious guru, but I certainly know that Football Gambling is haram. So let us not try and defend what PM Najib has done, and to reason that he had approved it for the non-Muslim only.



F said...

Dato, what difference is it going to make? Football betting just adds another equation to the element. The government already makes millions of ringgit in taxes from the 2 casinos at Genting every month. Whislt Malays are not allowed to enter the casino, it's is common knowledge that wealthy Malays are welcomed in the VIP section at the casino. The governmemt is also already raking in taxes from 4D betting, the sale of alcohol and the turf club.
The question we should ask is whether different laws governing Muslims and non-Muslims will have any implications in the future.

Malaysian said...


Is the government introducing football betting for collecting more tax? Are they using the tax for improving Malaysia welfare program? We need to ask the question why the government approving football betting.

Is the country badly needs other source of tax revenue? That's why we need football betting to increase tax revenue.

It's always about the money. Who would gain with football betting?


Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I always have a problem with this, whenever 'holier than thou people' encroach into the values of others. It is the supremacist tendencies that try to impose their will on the non believers. That is why there are cases of body snatching, minor conversion of minors, cow head incidents and the likes, I have been there.

nick said...


The correct! correct! correct! question to ask our government is "Is Islam the only religion that prohibits gambling?". I dare say that ALL religion see gambling as something despicable and untouchable by its followers. So the argument of "gambling is only for Non Muslim" is totally rubbish and I dare say, very insulting to the followers of Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhist and even Judaism.

SO WHAT DOES THAT MAKES OUR GOVERNMENT? Despicable? Untouchable? Unbeliever? I dare not say Atheist b'cos they (Atheist) may not believe in the existence of GOD BUT I think they BELIEVE IN good moral and principle of a human being. SO WHAT CATEGORY DOES OUR GOVERNMENT FALLS INTO? THE EVIL ONE, PERHAPS? I would say so because only an evil personified would have no qualms of profiting from other people's losses and misery. AND THAT IS TRULY A REVELATION ONTO ITSELF!


Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

There you go, encroaching into the realm of others. There Non Muslims who gamble and other who don't. One should not deny their right, who the hell are you to speak for them? Is it because of your faith, you want to impose your beliefs on others. Non Muslims who are religious have their beliefs, they know what is right or wrong. They have their conscience, they are adults and can decide. You do not have to draw up rules. Rules are for fools and for wise men to use as a guide. To each his own. That is the problem with you people, you like to impose your beliefs which most of us do not believe, unto others.

WIRA said...

I am neither a gambler nor am I very religous.
On this issue, I share the view of Mej D Swami (ret) in that we should not dwell too deeply into it as religion is something too personal and too isoteric. We should focus instead on common issues corruption, the scurge of our society.
To begin with who are we to impose our belief and religious values on others. Muslims musn't forget that they share this country with non-muslim Malaysians who have rights.
We should also remind ourselves not to be too judgemental of others (to read 'gamblers') because there are far worse sins besetting our society.
In this regard, corruption, adultery, drugs and a host of other black deeds including the hedious sin of incest immediately comes to mind. Where are our priorities?
For the record, statistic shows that the highest incidence of incest cases reported to the PDRM occured in the Malay muslim community. Why don't the Ulamaks and the like address this terrible social ill instead of putting their energy on trivia such as the halal and haramness of supermarket chickens?
Finally, do we actually have the right to intercede at all?
On a personal level, I am a firm believer of the philosophy of not doing unto others what others do not do unto you.
So let us live and let live!

abdulhalimshah said...

As Believers we are crystal clear what is forbidden and what is not. Gambling is strictly forbidden in whatever form and there are no two ways about it. As for the non-believers they can do what they like with gambling and nobody is imposing anything on them.
Our muftis are government servants and as such they are bound by the same rules applicable to public servants. Only the ulamas who does not depend on the government to sustain their livelihood would dare to criticise what the Government's attitude is towards gambling. I recalled the story of how Tok Kenali from Kelantan refused the job because he would be constrained in telling the truth. But now even the ulamas are adopting a different attitude where their self-interest are concerned. When this happens, people used to say that "Doomsday" is just round the corner.

bambam said...


hello calm mej swami


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sorry mej swami..just to cool you down.

eli said...

On the issue raised.."I would personally like to hear from the Minister in PM Department in charge of Islamic affairs, his personal opinion'....mana boleh. He simply can't say anything against the big boss who brought him in....even if the issue is clearly 'haram'.

F said...

I for one am not ''imposing my beliefs which most do not believe, unto others''....

As wira pointed out, there are far more pressing issues facing us, yet we choose to waste time and debate on such trivial issues as the Tugunegara not being suitable for Warrior Day celebrations, which it think is totally ludicrous and an insult to all Malaysians, especially those who have served.

Nick, whether legal or not, people are still going to gamble and it's their choice. Are we going to continue this trend of having the government decide what we can or cannot do?

FMZam said...

Why is Najib making so many controversial issues in so short a time and yet he is so carefree to keep coming up with one after another? He never seems to be burdened by all his doings, he simply do it even more, he lets the people do the brawls? He is not a dictator but he is doing just like one? Why? Because he can do it while we all can do nothing than just bickering at each other. He didn't even has to get any cabinet approval to cut a deal with Singapore on state matter, but on MEB or GST or Subsidy matter he gave the leeway for rakyat to give our views. He simply uses power as and when he likes and he sure knows that he is the most powerful man in Malaysia. He doesn't care anymore because he started off his tenure with controvercies now he doesn't care anymore if he is the most powerful controversial man in Malaysia. This is how a meanest man of power does things straight, to make or to break in a system called democracy, he doesn't hang on luck, he makes luck!

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Policing, this is moral policing. We do not need them, the religious police. Non Muslims do not need religious policing. It is agains our grain. We know what is right or wrong. We are wise. We will decide. Not bigots who want to impose their religious beliefs upon us. Sort out your own hypocritical lives first, there are many, from submarines, Lina Joy, Moorthy, Altantuya, BMF, San Miguel beer, kutty's son,Dung Mokhtar and Zizi, Port Dickson and Zarina. Here is a quiz: General Knowledge Quiz

a.. The Chief Editor of a mainstream Malay newspaper who had an affair with a young girl while his wife lay paralysed in bed?

b.. The Chief Minister who eloped to Thailand to secretly marry his second wife?

c.. The Federal Minister who was caught with a female artiste in a Port Dickson hotel room?

d.. The Federal Minister whose brother was arrested for drug trafficking?

e.. The Federal Minister who had an affair with someone else’s wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage?

f.. The Chief Minister who had an affair with someone else’s wife that eventually resulted in a broken marriage?

g.. The Chief Minister who had an affair with an under-aged girl which resulted in an illegitimate child?

h.. The Chief Minister who had an affair with a girl who eventually gave birth to an illegitimate child?

i.. The Chief Minister who kept an under-aged mistress at a condominium in Kuala Lumpur ?

j.. The religious leader who had an illicit affair and who is now holding a prominent position in a very important government religious body like the National Fatwa Council?

k.. The Chief Minister who had an affair with his sister-in-law who gave birth to an illegitimate child?

Then talk to me about the evils of gambling!! Yes, this is only the beginning!! I drink alcohol, am I a bad person? I love beers. I have not stolen nor have I cheated anyone with lies about my religion.

Arunzab said...

Blunt as he maybe I think Major Swami has made his point.Lets just keep only the Muslims within the parameters of halal and haram. Let those of other faiths self regulate as to what is and what is not good for them. Like in the army we don't condone consumption of beer by Muslims yet and rightly so we allow non Muslims who want to indulge by allowing them to purchase for their needs at the Naafi. Blanket rules for all and sundry will do no one any good.

The General Knowledge Quiz by Swami is in the common Knowledge of every one unless one is naive.

Capt. Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

What difference does it make for them as long as they have money coming to their pocket?

They feel like God who hold a door key to heaven and hell having noted that wherever they go, people will kiss their hand.

The Haram activities are profitable and that is what they want, money!!!

I can easily answer questions from Major D.Swami but too hate to answer it.

KERAjaan should not listen to the protest by rakyat in withdrawing the license BUT the should withdraw it as it is "perintah Allah" that betting is haram.

I would read their strategy to remain silence as most rakyat especially meLAYU are "hangat-hangat taik ayam". When World Cup start, people are too busy to conduct any more protest and the halal betting continues.

Statement by PDRM that the would go all out is just another fool made by foolish to fool rakyat.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear all, may or should I even try ?

...Guess one sure way out of this stupid racial/ racist mess plus so called halal non-halal subject issue is for all political leaders to emerge with non-confrontational stances and rhetoric as the present desperato PM is trying hard to do via his 1Malaysia initiative but unfortunately failing due to many of his own personal short comings !. (the wife don't help either too)
,,,How in Hell then to lift our Malaysian politics to the next level ?.. eeerrmm, whereby the discourse is freed from the blame game and to be filled with the substance of ideologies and honest to goodness ideals ?. Lets all figure it out together. example like,,,,

????..Progress, Progress, Progress to counter the mistrust, disunity and distructive crazy racialistic mindset/mentality!!!!!..easier said than done yaa indeed but we have to DO it for the future of our children and nation.

...bloody stupid crazy cat-fighting and grassroots hair-pulling must STOP as must the "YOU ARE MORE CORRUPT THAN ME" blame game which is accelerating between BN and PR at the moment. Corruption is corruption-lah yaa !
...Let’s face it – Malaysians are a corrupted and corruptible lot ! PERIOD...lets not even dispute it, o.k. its a given. Am so bloody ashame of it too.

,,,All true and honest spirited malaysian want good governance and a clean government plus respect of the law!.
Lets clean up the bribery and corruption within our ownself first!. Don't take the easy way out.
Lets modernise the thinking culture of our people.
Lets educate our grassroots supporters instead of hoodwinking them into believing only one particular race is to be blamed for all the country’s ills and evils!.
Lets have an truly "OPEN" discussion on TV and publish it in the newspapers too for general/specific feedback from the rakyat?.
...WHAT IS SO bloody SENSITIVE about discussing the WRONG things in life and living in order to get it RIGHT!.

Likewise, the UMNOputras must wake up from their cultural stupor and stop believing they are Allah’s chosen people! We/they/us are only as outstanding or as downtrodden as the values we uphold. Reflect it in our individual conduct and good behaviour.
,,,Mind you, its bloody stupid shouting you are the "TUAN BESAR" when you are still behaving like the arrogant servant!.
Indeed very true for all of our govn. servants, please wake-up to the reality of life and living.

...May I repeat this from someone...."Malaysians must be forthright and honest about their own strengths and weaknesses . They must strive to consolidate the positives and eradicate the negatives. Only then can we uphold our integrity and credibility and become a great nation!"

( i think we bloggers are on the right direction, in our own ways kind of !)..that fellow, Rias something might not agree. He can stuff it where it counts.

i rest my case-lah !. No easy way out matey. We either swim or drown together, get it ?. Enough of all the bloody nonsense. We are pretty sick of it.

Sammy said...

From my experience, at 4D shops (magnum, 3-D, Toto), muslims make up the largest number of those placing bets, even police patrol cars block of roads by triple if not double-parking, yes, also military lorries double park so army personnel can place their bets?

Officer's mess hall (do they still call them that) serve liquor to muslim officers. Health clubs on Fridays are frequented by muslims during prayer times as are the Coliseum Bar.

Do we still need to shout from the highest peak that muslims cannot consume alcohol, gamble or indulge in illicit sex? Dear Sir, as an officer and a gentleman, I would not bring up this sensitive issue unless all 100% muslims in Malaysia are really puritan in belief and actions. If not, just bersurai and talk about other matters...oh another thing is corruption not haram in Islam and why are Malay muslims the biggest offenders?