Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It was reported that the US Army had recalled 44,000 Advance Combat Helmets (ACH) that was supplied to them by ArmorSource for some defects that does not meet US Army's technical specifications.

It was reported that US Army Program Executive Officer, Brig Gen Pete Fuller in rejecting the ACH remarked that, “Soldiers safety is our number one priority”.

Here we note the mark difference between the Malaysian Army and the US Army when dealing with equipments that are known to be defective, where the former would just close an eye if a defect is observed. I blame this solely on the lack of integrity on our officers who may have been on the 'pay roll' of the agents or suppliers of such defective equipments.

The US Army has shown us what integrity is all about, and that soldiers safety is paramount. Will the Malaysian Army be bold enough to do likewise, in rejecting some known defective combat helmets that was supplied to the army recently?



FMZam said...

Not only that the US Army's integrity even reported the M4 rifle they used in Afghanistan is not suited to fight the war there because the shortened barrel (14.5 inch) of the M4 impaired its muzzle velocity and the stopping power.

Apa ke bangangnya jeneral2 askar Malaysia ni, dah bagus pakai M16 pergi tukar Steyr, last2 tukar balik kepada M4 yang rupanya adalah "M16 yang dipendekkan laras". Kan lebih baik kita senggara dan guna M16 yang berlambak tu, yang askar2 lain di Asia dari Jepun, Korea, Thailand, Filipina, Indonesia, Singapura, Brunei, Australia dan New zealand masih dok guna lagi? Dah naik menyampah nak bercakap tentang kebodohan tentera Malaysia yang tak habis2 ni!!!

nick said...


I read that Malaysia is buying RM8 billions worth of AWV (armoured wheeled vehicle numbering roughly 250 units). Are we getting models that can transform itself into robots (a transformer AMV considering each unit is price at a whooping RM30 million and surprisingly it's still under development).

Another case of Perimekar I should say! (it looks like that non muslim military personnel are much more trustworthy and patriotic than our "muslim" military decision maker!) and we call ourselves a muslim nation. What a joke!

bambam said...

agreed, tersangat la agreed...lives of the soldiers come first then we talk about defending item. Just imagive if we go war and 100000 soldiers wearing the helmt and 50% write-off because the bullet can penetrate the helmet..what will happen.

I used to be one of the AFRA team in the middle of 90's , the best is the M16 no other weapon.

Bukan apa..bro..tukar styer dapat duit, tukar ke M4 dapat duit..easy money la..

so now we question is , what is the role of our Defence Industry, wether they are doing their job or not on the Research and Development or doing their job on Reseach and Destroy or in another word (RINGGIT AND DUIT).

Dia orang peduli apa dah dekat nak pencen, approved then retired they get the share.

Mana ada manusia care about another manusia kalau in term of money. Adik beradik pun bergaduh.

Capt. Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

In US Army, safety of their members are the top priority.

In Malaysian Army/Military, getting commissioned are the top priority.

As I said before, MINDEF is a big gold mine with huge cash cow.

I don't blame Malaysian army personnel but selfish is the word to describe those generals who are assuming their officer & LLP not other than hamba abdi. They are not bangang but smart to ensure they will laugh all the way to the bank.

WIRA said...

long live Aziz Zainal and Ismail 'fall-in', 2 jeneral TD berkelayakan MBA dpd Phillipine yang sungguh bisness-minded.
Saya percaya, bila Kiamat nanti dan tiba saja kita di padang mashar, kita akan nampak 2 pintu menuju ke neraka, satu dipanggil pintu Aziz dan satu lagi pintu Ismail. Sesiapa sahaja yg masuk ke tempat panas ini akan di alu-alukan dengan pelukan mesra dpd mereka berdua ini....

bambam said...

dear wira,

yes you are totally 100% right, both of them are the worst culprit in the army..both of them especially the last retired General, please check what is aziz zainal son or daugther doing in the office with PSE?

bambam said...

dear dato,

lelong..lelong ex-kapal sri inderapura for sale..start bidding now to get money to buy new ship !!!!!!

FMZam said...

Sdr Wira, Bambam,

Glad to hear you two said it to the two most devilish ex Malaysian Army generals, acknowleding what some of us had been talking about these two kaput generals many many moons ago.

Now that these two "military gangsters" are out of the ring and are living their merry life without anybusybody to bother them anymore. But why is that without them in this bloody army, the same plague is lingering so persistently still? The new PTD and TPTD will soon turn to become just like their predecessors and like all the those corrupt generals of the Malaysian Army, they all have been deep rooted in their corrupt ways of living long before they become generals, that's the reason why the plague is ever existing doesn't matter who leads this damn army.

bambam said...

dear dato,

we notice that a few company who involved in MINDEF procurement taking ex-jeneral 1 star or 2 star or 3 star or even 4 star to be their chairman of the company, then we ask the question, for what purpose. Yes is for marketing and direct negotiation right.

Why must this company depend on the ex-general what so special about them, this where this people will make use of their ex-power to grab certain tender and so on.

so to me and my personal opinion is that the so called company does not have the strength and depend on somebody and they dont believe in " rezeki datang dari Allah S.W.T " but from this ex-jeneral. If they are using somebody for the sake of getting tender etc in my personal opinion they have no balls. But that is the trend now getting somebody in and hang to them , and survive. That is why sometime the end user will received the faulty item because these people only know how to supply but when you ask them on technical aspect, they knows nothing. This people only know how to tell the people in MINDEF make sure they get the tender.

I have heard a lot of complain from company outside of the MINDEF perimeter, they grumbling and fed-up to deal within the MINDEF because preference will be given to company who have ex-top general in the company. Is that so !!!! and for what purpose.

So to me i believe that the company who depend on this ex-general does not believe that "rezeki datang dari Allah S.W.T" instead of that they believe the 'rezeki' come from this ex-general.

How i wish that my company chairman is ex-general and i think i will be one of the richest man in Malaysia working on MINDEF procurement and as what WIRA say 2 door in the hell with the name of aziz zainal and ismail and maybe i also will join one of the door.

so my conclusion is be yourself and be the chairman of your own company and fight for your own good company and we see who KONG first.

WIRA said...

I agree with you fully saudara FMZam. To survive long in the position of Malaysian Army General Staff, one must be FLEXIBLE. 'Habuan pasti menyusul'. If you follow the straight and narrow like Lt.Gen Dato' Gafir then your tenure will be short-lived. (Gafir apparently rejected the 'Jernas' system proposed by BAe.(pencen awal lah dia.) The project went ahead after that. Of course we know who are behind BAe in Malaysia!!
If you think the generals are the only culprits or decision makers, then you are also in for a surprise. The general's role is not even to say yes in order to get a top down proposal like the Jernas to get through, all they need to do is say 'saya tiada halangan'. Selamat!!!! Furthermore there are actually several layers of culprits, which include KSU & Bahagian Perolehan, Kem Kewangan and also the system itself. Cakap saja transparent, mana ada? (Eg. The Submarine rescue system (direct nego)is likely to go ahead despite it being far more expensive than the competitor, why? It seems up-front money sudah bayar. Similarly the ACMI system for the RMAF( direct nego) that received wide coverage in Raja Petra's blogspot will also go ahead as planned.) Besar kemungkinan up-front money pun dah bayar juga!!! Kalau tidak takkan 500 biji APC sampai 8 Billion?
Macam mana mahu berhenti, terlalu lumayan.
Nak tunggu deme tu insaf dan takut kepada Tuhan... Rentikan lah !! Mereka tu lebih teruk dpd Kapiek.

benadam said...

strike the iron while its hot. Can we blame them generals!!!

FMZam said...

Generals are no iron, the are steel benders, they have responsibilities to bend themselves before they can bend others. If generals have to be bent then they better not be generals, they better be spoilt kids. Period!