Thursday, May 20, 2010


Come Monday, May 24th 2010 the newly minted Chief of Army (COA) Jen Dato Zulkifly Zain will make his maiden speech in what is known as ‘The Order of the Day’ speech at Sg. Besi Army Camp in a grand army parade. The speech sets in motion the COA desire on the shape and form of what he expects the Army to be. Normally, it is from this speech that policies/instructions emanate and to be disseminated down to the various commands for implementation. It is quite normal too that a text of the speech is prominently displayed at various places within the formation and units, to be mustered by officers and soldiers.

I do not know what is in the mind of the new COA, and how he intends to structure his speech. I hope the contents of the speech is not going to be one that is too ambitious and high sounding, but a speech whose ideas and thoughts are achievable, practical, desirable and most of all benefiting the army. I hope too that the speech is void of any intended acquisition of more sophisticated military hardware and grandeur projects. I would rather like to hear how the new COA intends to consolidate the forces (equipment and men) presently at his disposal, and to build them into a formidable force capable of meeting the challenges and demands of a modern army.

To meet the challenges and demands of a modern army, the developmental aspect of the human capital is of primary importance. Hence, I hope to hear the measures that the COA would take to fulfill the aforesaid requirement that not only emphasizes the development of the officer corps, but including the other ranks as well. Related to this, I hope he allude to the developmental aspect of the various army training institutions, to be coupled with the introduction of new teaching and training methods that is based on technologies that can generate excitement and realism in training.

I would also like to hear how he foresees the army reserve force (ARF) be develop into a force that can truly augment the regulars in time of need. There should be greater emphasis on ‘cross training’ and affiliation with the regulars so that a common bond and understanding is achieved. ARF must never be treated as a ‘second class army’, rather they be treated as equals with the regulars, if not better.

In so far as the technical units are concern, the thrust would be to develop knowledge and skills that can lead officers and soldiers alike to become experts in a specialized field. They should also be encouraged to go into research and development that can contribute to the development of the local defence industry. I have no doubt that our officers and soldiers have the prerequisite knowledge and skill to indulge in research and development; an area that has not been given focus in the past. The knowledge and skill that they have acquired is no loss to the army when they retire; on the contrary it will be a gain to the private sector and the nation upon them leaving the army.

I also hope that the speech does allude to the importance that the army is apolitical organization and should not be dragged into any political squabble by any one political party. Politicians must be told to avoid inferring the use of the army in any foreseeable civil disturbance. The decision to use the military or otherwise is a military one, and is not to be dictated by politicians. The public has to be reminded of the army’s primary role and it’s pledged loyalty to King and country. A word should also be made as to the army’s continued role in support of national development, particularly of the rural areas.

An emphasis must also be made with regards to developing a joint force operational capabilities with the other two armed services, because future wars will be joint in nature. Every effort must be made to include the participation of the other two armed services in all major army exercises, and such exercises must be well scheduled and regulated. The idea is to think 'joint', and not single service anymore.

Finally, make it clear that the army does not tolerate corrupt officers and soldiers, as the profession is a noble and honorable one. Establish a clear policy to refrain officers from having any dealings with businessman, or be seen to favour a particular businessman that has business interest with the army. If officers and soldiers are found to be corrupt, the punishment must be severe as a deterrent to others.

I wish the new COA the best of luck, and I have every confident and hope that he will lead the army to new heights.



komando said...

My very short reminder to the incoming COA!


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,i wish he would also recommend to disband RELA and get those qualified to join the regular Army since they seems to like the green uniform so much.
,,,on 2nd thought, even the Police Field Force should be converted as regular soldiers too.
,,,maybe its the divide and rule policy from UMNO that has created all these different groups BUT its a waste of facilities plus resources. 2 cents worth-lah. Am sure the new chief will come up with something good for our professional soldiers this time round finally. I will just hope and pray for the positive change indeed.

SysOp said...

Dear Komando...

That's what COA should have in his mind...


maurice said...

What about if the Order of the Day look like this:

1. No golfing on Games Day.Every Games Day, officers must be together with the rank and file,on organized games such as long-distance X Country.

2. No golfing with businessmen.If you want to play golf, do it at your own time and own expense.

3. Appeal to the Government to give more money to improve soldiers uniform, combat equipment and personal items.

4. Appeal to the Government to quickly rectify the defects found in houses built by the SPNB.Soldiers can no longer stay in Squatter Houses.

FMZam said...

As if we have not been telling to any new military chief since this blog was started two years ago, now we start telling and hoping again and again and soon we will be wondering and wondering why all the telling and hoping are good only for nothing more than making us feel good.

The general doesn't give a hoot to our call, because he has the most is two years to think and make every damn thing works for his retirement than for his countrymen. If he gets extended, that is BONUS and that bonus gives him more time to make more for himself not for the country.

We all know how many generals had lived to our expectation? None! All ended up no sooner than our hopes and wishes to them turned to ashes before even reach their bloody thick ears.

When greetings and well wishings to generals are nothing more to them but Hari Raya cards.

abdulhalimshah said...

To the new Chief of the Army, my only message is Fear ALLAH S.W.T. and do not fear fellow human beings no matter how exalted his position be in this world, because ultimately we have to account for all our omissions and commissions to our Creator.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,there goes our potential Tiger Woods ! hihi no more golfing ?. Your bet is as good as mine, they will still hang around the golf course for the special golf winnings by the millions sad to say. Payment via golfing games is standard protocol by corrupted individuals from both side of the coin.(am making a guess here only)
,,,paid oversea trips for airshows and roadshows etc..eerrmm !.
,,,just participate in more joint military exercises with our ASEAN bro./sis should be the order of the day-lah i.e keep them busy and to prepare the troops accordingly. Such only playing golf with their military counter parts after the joint exercises be encouraged ?. As what the malaysia and thailand navies held recently, code-named "Sesex Thamal" but that sexy code sounds a bit funny-lah. More of such joint exercises should be carried out with Singapore/Philippine and Indonesia too.
,,,most of these talks is indeed perceptions at times but its an important subject issue to be properly addressed for good governance.

wini said...

Dear Friends,

Please do not hope for so much cos we may all be frustrated by new COA if he does not change, esp on the third point stated by komando. Time will tell ...

Hansac said...

Hahahah. I served 8 years as a terrier, as a lowly prebet. Finally capped it with PO course in Puswatan in 2008, only to end up as the only student yang failed F.

Reason for failing me? Kegagalan menjalankan perintah. Mejar Cheong Lai Huat ("Saya dah disarmed 7 booby trapped") said what would happen if I am in the command of a platoon and I failed to deliver?

Zolkapli Rahmat, then LTC now Brig Gen (Jen, lain kali boleh tak naik flight Airasia cepat ikut time, apa ni civilian kena tunggu you baru flight nak jalan. Ini civilian jen, bukan dalam kem) unceremoniously demoted my grade from C- to F.

Anyways I digress.

In the Wataniah camp, at least the Markas Regiment that I once served, everything is for sale. I bought complete model 2000 pouches for 150 ringgit, before the PO course. What else is for sale? You tell me.

My experience with the army may not be as extensive as the regulars here, but I know well enough that Malaysian Army is corrupt, conducting themselves unbecoming of officers, the officers corps is in a mess, ragging is justified as "nanti kalau berhadapan dengan musuh macamana" so all kinds of abuse (air stoking, air liur, etc etc) is still tolerated by commanders from Perlis to Tawau.

Hansac said...

The culture of mediocrity is entrenched and well-fed in Malaysian Army. Why have a deputy cleverer than yourself? So good officers retire early because they can't advance further. Inept and corrupt officers that tow the line gets promoted beyond their capability. Who to be blamed for this? The whole officers corps, of course.

Each and everyone of you to be blamed for allowing this to happen. For for going back to military code of justice as spelt out in 1972 Armed Forces Act, concerning unlawful orders.

Minum air stokin, air liur kawan-kawan lain, etc etc (even some despicable sex acts bordering on homosexuality), orders like this you have to follow jugak ke in the name of nak sedia untuk berperang?

Macam tu, lagi bagus ikut training macam child soldiers during war-torn Liberia. Everything goes.

I know for a fact that rules of engagement are not clearly indoctrinated in Malaysian Army. Thank God peluru tak pernah cukup, and that most unwelcomed visitors to our army camps (other than Al Amin and gang during Sauk) are just pondans who visit guard house malam-malam.

EAGLE said...

Should be able to guestimate the new COA frame of thought and vision if he can declare his reading lists.
Good luck to you Zul but don't be a hypocrite!!!
Not only the Army but the Armed Forces need to remain relevant!!!
Say what ever you want to say in your Perintah Ulung or order of the day but please berpijak di bumi nyata dan jangan cakap tak serupa bikin.

WIRA said...

I wonder what were the issues touched by ZZ in his perintah ulung. The usual stuff about dedication to duty, loyalty to King and Country, working smart and such like calls I guess.
Every new COA has come up with his own pet issues read on day 1, but the sad thing is, non of them actually followed what they preached.
Is this trait of 'cakap tak serupa bikin' common only to Malaysian leaders? Apparently.
Will ZZ be any different?
I sincerely hope so.
If he is not, then banyaklah lagi komeng akan terbit dalam blog ni.


The crux of the speech should be a call for the army to;
1. Be professional
2. Be credible
3. Be respectable
4. Train and equip now as though war is tomorrow.
5. Treat soldiers and officers' welfare and families as 'modal insan'affairs.


Say no more;
The Army loyalty is purely to the King to serve the country, the people and the religion.