Sunday, May 23, 2010


It was reported that the Coroner’s Court has rejected a motion to cite Minister in PM’s Department Nazri Aziz for contempt for allegedly calling Dr. Pronthip a liar after the latter had failed to attend the resumption of the inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

In rejecting the motion, Coroner Azmil Mustapa Abas cites that, “Nazri was merely expressing a personal view”. He further cites that, “To say that Dr. Pronthip lied is not acceptable, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion”.

I must thank Coroner Azmil for his professional judgment in rejecting the motion to cite Nazri Aziz for contempt. I can now call anybody a liar as I please, and then say that I am expressing a personal view, and am entitled to my own opinion. I can also now call the Coroner and Nazri Aziz a lair as well…………could I?

Personally, I think this judgment does not make any sense at all. How could Nazri Aziz utter such a statement, just because Dr. Pronthip does not want to present her findings personally to the court. Dr. Pronthip has her reason not to attend the court in person, and one has to respect her decision. By citing such a motion, the coroner has now created precedence for anyone to call a witness a liar if he/she fails to appear in court to defend his/her findings, or to be cross examined.

As for me, calling someone a liar is not a pleasant thing to do unless I am extremely sure that he/her has lied. Taking Dr. Pronthip’s case, no one except those with a professional knowledge similar to that of Dr. Pronthip can make any observation/comments on Dr. Pronthip’s findings. Now, who is Nazri to make a comment and to call Dr. Pronthip a liar? Is he a member of the prosecution team? If he wants to be in the prosecution team, then he should resign his minister’s post? And being a minister, does he think he has the right to make comments on any cases that goes before the courts?

I just wonder, sometimes learned people can be so uncouth and a bothersome. And Nazri Aziz is one minister who has the capacity to say things that are uncouth and lacks finesse. I can simply sum up by saying that it is the upbringing of Nazri Aziz that has made him what he is today.



FMZam said...

Nazri was brought up by Mahathir so well groomed that his nose grew bigger than his mentor's, then he was frozen by Pak Lah only to be reincarnated by Najib like Imhotep was reincarnated in "The Mummy's Return". He served three PMs like a good dog and like a dog his loyalty is only to his master. That explained why he used to bite Mahathir when his former master is no longer the PM. Mahathir must have taught this dog well that Nazri is a real Pit Bull he is now.

Tenby65 said...

All I can say is: the coroner tarrak bola because Nazri is a minister. I am sure if it's the oppositions or some layman were to say it, they would be cited for contempt without any hesitation and doubt.

Capt's Longhouse said...

dear dato,

,,,am not at all surprised getting such stupid comments from our ministers nowadays. It gets into their bloody head as if they are above the law.
,,,In fact, i notice similar brainless comments from others too and indeed its poor parenting, producing "anak kurang ajar" ...memalu saja-lah, tak beradat dan bersompan langsung.
...Guess their parents would be turning in their graves, if only they knew how badly their offsprings are misbehaving and mismanaging issues.
...success originates in infancy, even as far back as the womb, so i guess we can blame some of it on bad genes !.

bambam said...

dear dato,

with his attitude dan arrogant what he is today let see la next GE13 whether he can still survice or not. We shouldn't have this type of minister in the cabinet and make rules to the country and ask for "rakyat" to follow. i think i also can tell people 'liar' that is my personal view and i also can tell anybody 'penipu atau pun liar' that is personal view, but must remember we are moslem so what ever we do or words comes out from our mouth, before we want to say or voice out " bacalah dulu BISMILLAH HIRAH MANIRAHIM" than talk. And if i may give my advice to them not to jump to any pressure from the press. Think first than act.

i am sorry Dato, couldn't attend your function because i'm on business trip only be back end of May.

Anonymous said...

nice job! waiting for your new artical...................................................

abdulhalimshah said...

It takes a thief to catch a thief and by the same token it takes a liar to call another a liar. Nazri Aziz is the son of a former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and if you remember he was also the referee in the boxing match between Joe Bugner and another at the Merdeka Stadium which also landed the former MB Selangor to prison.
I consider Nazri as an infantile and is a disgrace to the legal fraternity. He behaves like Samy Velu and be better off in a sewer.

Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,you sure got it right !. may i add ?..he lacks good social skills, human relationship and street smartness too !
,,,one must learn to see backwards, inside out and upside down ?. hehehe..this stupid guy thinks he is a hero kind of eerrmm some people! geeez.

Capt. Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

I remembered hearing this Nazri was saying something like


This happened in his house sometime during PRU-12.

I really hope that our message on this liar would reach the people of Pdg Rengas.

WIRA said...

Moronic statements can only come from morons. Uttered in what ever situation, calling Dr. Phontip a liar is not only crass but totally unbecoming of a minister. However, looking in hindsight, we cannot expect much of Nazri Aziz as he is prone to such such gaffs.
To ordinary folks like us, what comes to mind as regard the incident is not just the unpleasantness it creates, but the fact that such behaviour is even tolerated.
Good luck to PM Najib. The recalcritant Nazri Aziz will no doubt be a welcome addition to his already burdensome baggages.
Minister in PM's Dept-moron, IGP-moron, MIC president-super thick skinned moron, MCA president- Super TIGER...
Macam mana tak kalah kat Sibu!!!

ArshadRaji said...

Dear All,

I do hope all the comments are being read by PM Najib. I know Najib will not get to read all the comments because it has to go through a filtering process, and what come out is pure and clean.