Saturday, August 30, 2008


Anwar Ibrahim has made a seriously flawed move, the very first day as an opposition parliamentarian by storming out in protest against the DNA Bill introduced by Minister of Internal Affairs, Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar. I view his protest as a sign of weakness, contrary to what he had pledged i.e.that he will fight all out against the BN government, and certainly the best place to fight is in parliament.

I simply could understand that if the hastily reading of the Bill is a deliberate attempt by the BN government to incriminate Anwar in the Saiful sodomy case, Anwar then had to remain steadfast in battling his case out in parliament. By walking out in protest has not affect BN the least, but the losers were obviously the opposition themselves.

Anwar must understand that the people who had voted him into parliament, wants him to prove his prowess as an elected representative by speaking out against his proclaimed abuses of power by the BN government. He has been afforded the opportunity to do that, but not by walking out, the way he did.

I must admit that I am one of those who wanted Anwar to win the by election, simply because I am hopeful that he can be a strong opposition voice in parliament, to checkmate the government. And I am quite sure, I am not alone in this matter.

Anwar has about four years to prove everything that he had pledged, and he ought to be reminded too that the people who voted for him are no fools. And should Anwar fumble, there will no longer be a third time for him in parliament.

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