Friday, August 22, 2008


At long last, the PM of all person, decides to take a ride on the commuter and the LRT, to see for himself the problems faced by commuters. I am wondering whether he has taken over the portfolio as the Minister of Transport.

I am not implying that the PM should not do what he did, but he could have just ordered the Minister of Transport to report to him, his concerns regarding the problems faced by KTM and LRT commuters daily. I do not know how the the Minister of Transport and his entire ministry reacted, but I would be ashamed to have my boss do things that I am suppose to be responsible.

Being a regular passenger on the KTM commuter, I have lots to tell about the plight of passengers, especially during the peak hours. It was only yesterday, August 21 that I heard a child screaming during the rush to get into the KTM commuter at Mid Valley station. Apparently, the child was hit by the closing door of the commuter. It must be a horrifying experience for the child and the mother. Shouts by angry passengers trying to get out and into the commuter, especially during the rush period is a daily occurrence.

I am quite sure the KTM management is well aware of the problems faced by its commuters. What is actually required is a total revamp of the entire KTM management, whom I believe have little interest in improving the KTM commuter services.


Justice said...

I would not want to get any hopes too high re any improvement to the public transport system.
Could the PM's train ride be the first step to awarding SCOMI a contract for more bus and train bodies? and we all know who owns SCOMI.
The only other time that our PM has paid a surprise visit was to the Immigration Dept just before the 2004 elections. The MSM exploited the visit to give the impression that we are on the verge of a new dawn.
Nothing of any significance happened.
Nothing is going to happen again.
These are mere one-off gimmicks to catch our attention before elections.

maurice said...

The PM should do this more often, to conduct surprise visits, to walk the ground to see the actual situation himself.

Other recommended places he should visit:

1. The Eye Clinic at GH Kuala Lumpur.The government should do something there as the average waiting time to see a doctor is about 4 hours.

2. Take a taxi ride in our dirty and ugly-looking Budget Taxis to get a feel of the discomfort there.High time we have better-design and good-looking taxis for the Klang Valley.

3. PuduRaya Bus Terminal, do something about the chaotic situation there.

4. Illegal car parking along Jalan Bukit Bintang-Sultan Ismail which are causing traffic jams along the roads.Police should do something about it.

5. Visit the KLCC Park, we need more of such facility, especially the childrens' playground to be built throughtout the city for our children.

The government should do something as it does not need big budget to rectify them.