Wednesday, August 6, 2008


NST online dated August 5, 2008 reports that 'Seized syabu worth RM 1 million missing from Johor Police HQ' This apparently is not the first of such reports, but losing critical evidence like this had happened several time before. What has the police to say of this. And more importantly, such incident further erodes public trust and confidence in the police force.

Whatever excuse the police may give out, there is nothing that can bring honour, trust and credibility to the force any longer. Even the Johor Chief Police Officer has been avoiding the press, and this only reflects his arrogance and unworthiness as a responsible police officer, at facing the truth, for which the public so demands.

With the missing evidence, how then could the police proceed with the case to prosecute the people involved in the seized syabu. I can only say this....that there is something seriously wrong with the police force today. They have build up a force that is made up corrupt officers, which knows no limit to their ill doing. It is impossible for anyone, other than the police themselves to have stolen the seized syabu. They are therefore the worse culprits, and a total disgrace to the uniform they adorn.

Only recently, we are fed with reports of massive corruption in the Police Logistic Division, where top police officers of the division has been called in by the ACA for their statements.

Another interesting case involves the awarding of contract to a relatively inexperience local IT company, to equip the police force with state-of-the-art communication equipment, only to be told that the company supplying the equipment is a foreign based company, with a former Israeli Air Force officer as one of its directors. How could this be a slip...or is it corruption that had blinded the eyes of those police officers involved in recommending the contract?

With all this scrupulous happenings within the police force, I now wonder if the Musa Hassan can ever get his well deserve sleep every night.


Nochan said...

I wrote a comment of the Police that appeared on 23 Mar 2005 in NST. I am repeating this note that has bearing to your article and also a strong bearing in the historical aspects that led me to join the army.

“Let’s teach our children to work with dedication

The words of the Royal Commission on the Police noting that a large majority had maintained their dedication and integrity reminded me of my late father, a police clerk in his younger days.

Not able to bankroll my ambition for further education after the results of the Cambridge OSC examinations, he advised me not to join the police force. His simple reason, “one foot in jail”, put me off joining one of the uniformed bodies.

The words of the Royal Commission are a tribute to an achievement deserving the highest accolade.

Our police officers have performed diligently, in the face of daily challenges, realising they have to look over their shoulders all the time.

For those who lined their pockets, other than having gone against the code of ethics, religious and other principles, their parents are to be blamed, too.

To be corrupt is easy but to be the opposite is difficult, given the many temptations along the way.

As you sail along in life, take the difficult route so that your achievements may be written in gold for posterity, with the present and future generations remembering you with pride, not with shame.

As parents, let us all move forward for a better Malaysia, reminding our children and grandchildren who are in the public and private sectors to carry on working with dedication and integrity in every aspect imaginable.”

His wisdom showed years later. A court found the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor guilty in manhandling Anwar Ibrahim. He received a short jail term."

captazhar said...

I noticed that yesterday itself there were several follow up news items by the police.

1. Police questions NST reporters on their news report of the loss of $1million drugs from police custody. Could this mean that the scoop was made due to leaked information and the news of the loss was not announced by the police?

2. Selangor police reports their success in a raid of $1 million of syabu (synthetic drug).

Hmm, I wonder if there is a connection.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Nochan,

Thanks for the comments. I only hope police officers read your comments. It is shame, for all those involved are Malays.

maurice said...

Saya lihat budaya 'corruption' di sektar awam sudah tidak terkawal lagi.Ianya sudah merebak dan diterima sebagai 'norm' dalam budaya kerja mereka.

Berikan bukti mana suatu ajensi Kerajaan 'frontline' yang tidak terlibat dengan gejala ini? Saban hari kita di hadiahkan dengan kes demi kes 'corruption' yang melibatkan pegawai dan kaki-tangan kerajaan.

Keputusan Kerajaan memberi kuasa "autonomi" kepada BPR baru-baru ini, sangat dialukan tetapi ianya nampak membebankan agensi tersebut, kerana keadaan sekarang sudah sangat tenat. Saya lihat BPR sekarang terpaksa bekerja 24/7.

Sepatutnya kuasa 'autonomi' itu diberikan kepada BPR selepas Keraajaan mendapat mandat yang besar di pilehan raya sebelum ini.Saya teringat itulah yang dijanjikan olih pemimpin kita semasa itu, untuk memerangi 'corruption' secara habis-habisan, tetapi ianya gagal dikotakan dengan segera.

Sekarang mungkin 'nasi sudah menjadi bubor.' Saya khuatir kejayaan NEP dan kemajuan/pembangunan yang dicapai olih negara mungkin akan hancur jika tidak ada tindakan tegas.

Saya ingin mencadangkan Kerajaan bertindak lebih agresif lagi bagi mewujudkan golongan 'whistle-blowers' di kalangan kaki-tangan kerajaan dan umum. Diharap ianya dapat menjadi sebagai'deterrence' kepada mereka yang ingin melakukan sebarang aktiviti yang berbau 'corruption.'

Justice said...

I refer to the comments in re: Maurice said, "saya khutair kejayaan NEP dan kemajuan ...akan hancur..."
If one were to reflect seriously on the issue of the NEP(DEB)it is possible that one may come to the conclusion that the corruption that "Maurice" describes could be the RESULT of the NEP and not the other way round.
DSAI is on record (NST-16 Jan 96) that many public enterprises and their subsidiaries had "used the freedom to spend as they liked, set up various posts and appointed their own board of directors, giving them all kinds of allowances."
I would also recommend reading:
a. Shamsul,AB(1983)-Development Projects in a District in Selangor
b. Shamsul,AB(1986) From British to Bumiputera Rule-Local Politics and Rural Development in Peninsular Malaysia.
Corruption in Malaysia is like the multi headed Hydra of Greek mythology and believing in whistle-blowers may not be only the answer we want to rely on.
The most fearful and virulent kind of corruption in any country derives from the political top rather than from below.

maurice said...

Dear Justice,

Thank you for your comments.I think we really have to look at what is practically possible at this stage.

The proposal to have more whistle blowers inside and outside government's organizations is the next most logical step to be taken, after we have seen the expansion of the oppostion force in Parliament following PRU 12 and the recently-announced decison by the Government to give more power to the ACA.

The Opposition in Parliment will now have the opportunity and responsibility to 'enforce' the concept of transparency, accountability and good governance on the part of the Government

The ACA with their new Charter and Structure, soon will be a force to be reckoned with in the life of all Malaysians insofar as corruption is concerned.

What is needed now is the flow of information/intelligence to the ACA. ACA should encourage more whistle-blowers to join their cause. Creat incentives, rewards and perks besides the protection given to them. Launch public campaigns to create awareness and gather support from members of the Civil Service and public to provide the much-needed information/intelligence to them.

The ACA should also have an office in every relevant Government Departments to provide the immediate linkage in surveillance, monitoring and intelligence gathering work to its main HQ.

I think the structual outline to fight corruption is beginning to take shape.Now we need to pay close attention to its operational details in order to make it work.

We all have the responsibility to help ACA in their national mission.
As they say 'All talk and no action is meaningless.'

maurice said...

Dear Justice,

Also let's clear the misconception that the NEP is only benefitting the Bumiputras.I found the following statement made by someone in TDM's blog, Chedet.Com :

"The non-Malay businessmen did very well as brokers/agents for big military projects, so they should not complain that they get nothing from the NEP.

For example, one Indian gentlemen have delivered several billions ringgit worth of military projects to our Ministry of Defence over the last 15 years. But sad to say, he is not seen to invest his NEP found wealth to help with the development of the country nor to help with the socio-economic development of the Indian community.

In communist-ruled country they are considered as traitors, to be put in front of the firing squad."

Anonymous said...

Dato Arshad,
I dont think serving in the Military or Police as a good choice for my future generation. I would strongly advocate to them not to come near or ever dream of becoming one.It is a waste of precious time, this is what happen to me and many of my skot mate.
After we left the service what do we get , a meagre pension just to keep our nose above the flood water, merely surviving. No luxury at all we cant even afford to enjoy the standard of living that we enjoyed before.
Who bothers about exservicemen and who is the reality of life now.This facts was clearly confirmed by our living hero Kanang anak Langkau.
Give me the choice I prefer National service to be introduced for our future generation so that every single Malaysian has to serve the Military or Police without fail before they could enjoy the richness of this nation. As it is now only a section of the society enjoying all the perks at the expense of majority.What do u think Dato?

Justice said...

The trend in modern (civilised/enlightened?)countries is to have the "Freedom of Informatiom" Act (FOIA).Civil society and interested groups use this Act to promote accountability and transprancy within govt. The media brings to the public's attention any misgivings and abuses that may have occurred. The govt has to explain its position.This is what we now call Ketunan Rakyat.
The Barisan Nasional Govt has not allowed a similar Act to be brought to Parliament and from the explanations given it seems that it is not going to come about anytime soon.
Furthermore there is the OSA and the Printing Presses and Publications Act(PPAPA) which help to keep a tight lid on whatever transpires within the Govt and all its agencies.
Whistleblowers must (for blowing their whistle)contend with likely reprisals,odium,stigmatisation, security of himself and family, security of livelihood(career),and disruption to his daily life. It takes strong motivation to put one's self in that position. That is why they are such a rare breed.(I will not go into what DSAI is going through.)
It was not too long ago that the Deputy DG of the Fire and Rescue Dept blew his whistle on his DG- in relation to abuse of power in using the Dept's resources for his son's (perhaps daughter) wedding.
To disprove the Deputy DG's allegations the other heads of depts were falling over themselves to say that they had all "volunteered" to help out in the wedding in their "own" time. Some even explained that the "abuses" were actually training requirements. Such strong gotong-royong spirit and a black eye for the Deputy DG.
More recently another Deputy DG in the ACA blew his whistle on his boss- the Head of ACA re corruption and abuse of power.It took no less than the AG to absolve the Head of ACA of any wrong-doing and no one knows
on what grounds except that the investigation showed no wrongdoing as alleged.
We are at the stage where the foundation to fight corruption must lie in a FOIA,to defang the OSA,PPAPA and some other legislation which provides refuge for wrongdoers.
You can put any no of whistleblowers,moles,spies,informers and carry out sting opreations but unless we have honest investigations (not like the Mongolian one) and a supportive judiciary it is unlikely to succeed as we have been finding out.
We have been inculcating Islamic values in our Rakyat since,at least, the DEB came into being. On Fridays the Mesjids all full to overflowing, on TV one cannot miss the "Assalamualaikum" at every change of scene and yet in this blog we bemoan that it is the Malays who are most involved in corruption.Is this not ironic?
It is good that we make things simple but do not make them simpler- because that neither produces knowledge nor promotes understanding.

captazhar said...

I read in the MSM papers today that a L/Kpl accused of the theft of the $1 million drugs was found dead, shot in the right side of the head. Also found beside the body is his service revolver and some documents.

Some questions on this revelation.

1. What is a police L/Kpl doing with his service revolver after he has been suspended & under investigation for theft of drugs?

2. A service revolver is heavy and unwieldy to lift against one's own head. The trigger pressure is also high and chances of the shot being deflected. It is not the ideal suicide weapon.

3. Inclination of suicide? For a desk bound L/Kpl??

I just hope that his death does not spell the end to this investigation.

No kambing hitams, please.

maurice said...

It is rather utopian to think that Malaysia is ready to enter the club of enlightened society at this stage of our development.I for one will feel very insecured if the PPAPA is taken away for we can easily slip into another danger zone.

The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) itself could have set an example of Ketuanan Rakyat in the last parliamentary sessions.They could have used the opportunity to ask the government to provide information that are of public interest.For example, I could not recall anything of strategic value raised by any PR MP on issues relating to responsibility of the Ministry of Defence.So who to blame?

Corruption exists in any society and religion.It is a matter of degree, tempered only by the laws of the state, its enforcement capability, judiciary and punishments.With good enforcement systems and harsh punishment, the disease could be controlled.

Justice said...

maurice said,"it is rather utopian to think that Malaysia is ready to enter the club of enlightened society at this stage of our development"
The following are some of the countries (picked at random in alphabetical order) that have passed legislation approving the FOIA:
Albania,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Belize,Bosnia&Herzegovina,Bulgaria,Croatia,Hong Kong,Japan, Pakistan,South Korea,Taiwan,Thailand,Turkey,Uganda and Zimbabwe.
Awaiting ratification:
Bangladesh,Botswana,Maldives and Sri Lanka.
Not included the EU,Scandinavian countries,USA and Latin America.
On the same note a reading of the Printing Presses and Publications Act might throw up some surprises too vis-vis the battle against corruption.

maurice said...

It is amazing to see some of these countries making a bee-line to join the club of 'enlightned society.' in spite of their present domestic political and economic situation. History has shown that national 'democratic ideals' will only last if consensualy nurtured from the common will and desire of its population.A state that goes against the law of nature (societal evolution) will only be inviting trouble at the expense of the public good.

Now it is left to PR to prove its theory of social-democratic freedom is the way forward for all Malaysians. Could DSAI provide the truth that this country is really ready for such dramatic political change amidst the complexities of our cultures? Would the abolition of the OSA, ISA and PPAPA create less stress to our social harmony and beneficial to maintaining immediate and long-term public order and security of this country?Or could this be the recipe for our future destruction? The rakyat need honest answers to these questions.

dincbee said...

Malaysian Police force is a mirror image your Malaysian chaotic politics.The Malay with betrayals,Chinese with deceits and Indian with Samy Vellu. The mind set is ,if the bosses can do it,why can't we have our share.After all there are many open secrets that you and I know they are true,but the legal process is another department right.NYPD is one of the best world class police force. They are dedicated,proud of their job and brutal when the situation calls for it but polite is the rule rather then exception.Going forward,Malaysia Police force must be made of all the major component race.Make it as mandatory.The simple reason being,Malaysia is a plural society.No one race can accuse the other about being fair or not,if each has its representative on ground.It will be a new scenario to see Chinese bribing the Chinese ,Indians to outsmart their Indian officer and the Malays to test their faith.Malaysian police has never been a respected lots,since the creation of Malaysia,or have they not realize this. At least we can compare with the teaching professions,where they were once highly respected. But one idiot education minister had spoil it all,with idiotic policies.But the Police? when did it ever have the respect of your society.From Utica NY in KL.

Anonymous said...

Dato Arshad,

What I said in my earlier posting regarding exservicemen is confirmed by Jeanne abdullah statement in Mingguan Malaysia today, in which she expresses her frustration regarding the failure of "The Rayuan Hari Pahlawan" .The Malaysian society is not coming forward to help or volunteer to donate to the cause of the ex servicemen.

So why should our boys (Malays) waste their time in defending the nation,The Armed Forces must go back to the people of Malaysia and make it compulsory for every citizen to serve in Natioanal service irrespective of race. PLKN should be transformed to become a recruit centre for the National Service so that defence of this country will not be shoulder by one particular race but all races must contribute.I think it is fair proposal.

captazhar said...


The civil service, the police force & also the military force in Malaysia has become almost 100% malay exclusively over the past half century of UMNO rule. I think that this is due to design rather than the lack of interest of the other races.

maurice said...

The poor response by the public and corporate sector on the on-going 'Rayuan Hari Pahlawan' only reflect on the poor state of affairs within the Ex-Services Association (PBPM).

I don't really believe there is need to have the donation campaign year after year.Instead of relying on public donations to upkeep the PBPM, the association should work hard to create it's own income-generating revenues.

The leadership of PBPM should not make the organization look like a charitable organization, relying on public sympathy for its continued survival.We want the organization to be self-sufficient and be able to stand on its own feet.Do not use the PBPM as a springboard to create your own personal wealth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice and captazhar,

I wonder whether you have heard about the chinese saying "only bad chinese join the police or army". I hope and wish it is not true. The reality is that if ever they join, they seem to be interested in becoming an offficer and not becoming Mat chaee in the Police and Army, am I justified to say that?

Now lets talk about the purported failure of the "Rayuan Hari Pahlawan", I have to agree with Maurice,the main reason for the failure I believe because of the rotten head which lead this Persatuan. What can we expect from a semiilliterate private soldier who lead this Association.I heard that there is a doubtful character in the association who was implicated with the AP case which was widely reported by the press not very long ago.This image has dented the Persatuan badly and of course donors will be sceptical about giving money as it might not end up as charitable donation for the benefit of exsoldiers but to fatten Persatuan unjustified leech.
I blame the members and committe who runs this association who seem to be reluctant to change the leadership, eventhough there was an attempt to do that in 2006 . I heared that this association was administered like a political party.I think this association need reformasi........