Tuesday, August 5, 2008


UMNO politics is full of surprises and a comedy of sorts.

Today, August 5, 2008, an UMNO veteran, Dato Mazlan Harun had filed a report to the ACA, alleging that some top leaders within UMNO of corruption and abuse of power. The report did not specifically mentioned the top leaders by name, but it was obviously linked to an August 11, 2008 letter written by UMNO PJ Division Chief, Dato Zahar, to UMNO's Secretary General, whom Dato Zahar accused the PM and DPM of corruption and abuse of power. How far will this report be investigated, or will it ever be investigated by the ACA, remains to be seen.

If the ACA is courages enough to investigate, this will be the first occasion in UMNO's history, and the history of this country, where both the PM and the DPM are being investigated for corruption and abuse of power. Should this happen, the country will fare no better than some countries in Africa, or even Israel where the PM is under investigation for corruption, and is unlikely to remain in power for long.

And also today, it was reported that UMNO Wanita Chief, Rafidah Aziz has decided that she will contest for the post of UMNO Wanita Chief in the up coming UMNO General Assembly, and to hand over her post to Sharizad Jalil in mid 2009. Rafidah Aziz was said to have 'urged Wanita members
not to field challenges for the movement's top two posts'. If that was what she said, Rafidah Aziz has committed the same offence as the PM and DPM i.e. in breach of UMNO's code of conduct, which tantamount to corruption and abuse of power. Let us see if another report is sent to the ACA over the action of Rafidah Aziz.

I am just curious as to why Rafidah Aziz need to contest anymore, a post that she has held for almost 20 years, and having been active in politics for 42 years. Does she need to prove to others,that she is still being needed by Wanita, and by not contesting, there will be disorder and chaos to Wanita's leadership? What makes it so different if Sharizad Jalil is allowed to contest for the top Wanita post now, rather than to be handed the post in mid 2009? I see no sense of reason in this arrangement at all.

For as long as UMNO continues to have members who relishes greed for power, the party will be one with lots of surprises and a comedy of sorts.


maurice said...

I see it is a sign of democratization within the party where members are not afraid to critize their leaders if they breach party rule.

In this way and in time, only leaders with strong convictions, integrity and good moral character would survive their own party tests (because they are true leaders) before they are given the responsibility to lead the nation.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know UMNO still exist , because in my vocabulary this Party Melayu has been eliminated in the last PRU 12.Itu lah balasan kepada orang orang yang sombong,bongkak dan tidak amanah "elimination process is going on". Soon may be name like,Dollah,Najib,Mohamad Taib,Rahim Tambi Chik,Marsitah, and the rest only appear in "hari ini dalam sejarah". I wish it happen so that it is a good lesson for our future generation no to sombong when you are in power.