Friday, August 1, 2008


Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed is reportedly to be furious at the presence of Tony Blair in Malaysia. He is here in Kuala Lumpur to deliver a lecture on the topic of' The Rule of Law and Good Governance' at University Malaya on Thursday 31 July. Tun Dr. Mahathir had accused Blair of war crimes in Iraq, and together with Bush, both had caused the death of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. Blair had been severely criticised, both in the Uk as well as abroad, for being a 'little poodle' to Bush.

Blair's topic for the lecture seemed strange. For a person who had lied to justify his country's waging a war in Iraq, he is totally unfit and incompetent to speak on the subject. Just like Bush, he too is incompetent to talk on the question of human rights. The abuses of his troops upon captured Iraqi prisoners in Abu Gharib and Guantanamo, and the inhumane policies that he had instituted to deal with those captured prisoners, makes Bush the worst ever war criminal alive today, and a justified case to be tried before the War Tribunal in the Hague. Both Bush and Blair may escape trial on earth, but as good Christians, they very well know that there is no escaping trial in death.

As at June this year, the UK had lost a total of 176 soldiers in Iraq, and the US with a staggering figure of 4,127 soldiers dead. In terms of US soldiers wounded in Iraq, the number is 30,000 odd, with many of them going insane.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan had passed the 5 year mark, and the UK and US soldiers has no way out of their predicament. Many more will die and be maimed for life, and their leaders seemed oblivious to the sufferings of the soldiers, who were ordered to die in a war based on lies.

This 'war mongger' Bush has now set his eyes on Iran, but let us all see if he can enlarge his country's theater of war, before he quits the US Presidency this November.


maurice said...

TDM should not be angry that Blair has been invited to give the lecture. Perhaps all those present (including politicians and government servants) could learn something from him about good governance and ways how to eradicate corruption in our society.

maurice said...

I think Blair has made some very telling remarks about the rise and fall of a nation in his lecture.Hope to get some responses from our leaders soon.