Friday, August 1, 2008


PAS President, Ustaz Abdul Hadi Awang's recent statement 'that PAS will not go into a political merger with UMNO, and is committed to the Pakatan Rakyat ideals', seals UMNO's hope of forming a coalition government in Perak, or in any other states controlled by Pakatan Rakyat.

The former MB Perak, Tajol Rosli who had been luring PAS leaders within the Pakatan Rakyat, Perak state government of a possible coalition, has now to accept that his rightful place in the Perak State Legislative Assembly, is as an opposition leader. Being in the opposition, he still has a role to play as the people's representative; an effective one if he so wished. But I am also informed that Tajol Rosli has still not officially handed over the leadership of the state government to the new MB, following his party's lost during the elections. Was he hoping of making a comeback (certainly not as the MB), if Pakatan Rakyat had accepted his proposal of a coalition government?

In the state of Selangor, we have now been told that there was a secret meeting held between PAS and UMNO state leaders immediately after BN's lost in the elections. What was actually the purpose of the meeting is not well known, and being born a 'Selangorean', I certainly take offend to such secret meetings. I perceive this to be a weakness in the PAS leadership, as such an action can be seen as betraying the trust and confidence of Pakatan Rakyat's partnership.

I can say this for sure that following this revelation, many who were supportive of PAS during the last election, especially in the constituency that I voted, are now beginning to raised doubts as to the sincerity of PAS within the Pakatan's coalition. I say this in all sincerity, because all those who had voted for PAS had high hopes of seeing changes in the state government, as UMNO/BN had ignored the people with its 'bossy and arrogant attitude' for too long. Let this be the last that we hear of any 'secret meetings' with UMNO, and PAS will now have to take steps to redeem itself from any misconception held by its voters.

A coalition within Pakatan Rakyat will only survive if there is absolute trust among all its leaders. And taking about leaders, it will be good if all Pakatan Rakyat leaders take a serious note of what YAM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah has spoken recently concerning leaders. It does not need an Oxford graduate to understand what all has been said by Raja Dr. Nazrin. It only requires common sense.

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