Monday, August 25, 2008

TENTERA DARAT - 1933 - 2008

I was recently presented with a table top book titled 'Tentera Darat 1933 - 2008' complied and published by the Malaysian Army. I have to thank the Chief of Staff of Army HQ, Brig Jen Datuk Baharum for be kind enough to present me the book. The book must have costs Army a fortune to publish, but it certainly is not a waste.

My opinion of the book is one of praise. I salute those that had toiled to make the book a success. It is indeed a historical record of the Army; from its early beginnings to what the Army is today. There are lots of pictures to view, and for some old and retired soldiers like me, I could feel the sense of pride at having to serve and be part of the Malaysian Army.

In trying to document the many achievements of the Army, nothing is being left out. Heroic events of our soldiers during World War 2, Malaysia-Indonesian confrontation, Malayan Emergency and the Army's participation in UN peacekeeping duties all over the world, are all being well documented. I could also view some pictures of myself, and this certainly made my children and grandchildren proud at having their father and grandfather documented in the book. My elder grandson was so excited that he says that he wants to show the pictures of me to his schoolmates.

I would like to suggest that Army distributes copies of the book to all universities, as a way to encourage students to join the Armed Forces upon them graduating.

I would also like to suggest that Army undertakes to consolidate and document a book on the participation of the Army on UN Peacekeeping duties. We have seen many successes on peacekeeping duties, but it has not been published for public reading. What need to be done is to dedicate a chapter to each mission, and to be written by the officer who commanded the mission. This is also a way of encouraging officers to write their experiences, which is lacking among the officers corps today.

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Cogratulation to the Army for publishing this book. A documented testimony to the good,the bad and the ugly part of the Military life.May the present and the future generation read this book to understand and appreciate the sacrifice made by the soldiers in upholding the soverignity of this beloved country............MERDEKA.