Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) has now been placed at full gear, with the arrest of a number of Puspakom officers, and hopefully with many more arrest yet to come. ACA activities has been in the limelight for good reasons over the last few months, and this is beginning to heat other departments as well.

I have reasons to believe that all government departments that has dealings with the public are susceptible to corrupt practise by its officers. And I am told that the construction industry is about the most corrupt in this country. Even door keepers demands a share of the cake; otherwise the applications gets nowhere.

Recently, several top notch government officers were arrested, allegedly for corruption; the Director General of the Immigration Department and his deputy, and the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, to name a few.

From what I gather, the DG Ministry of Tourism, Dato Mirza Mohd Taiyyab arrest is shrouded in some 'mysteries circumstances' known to the staffs of the ministry. They say that Dato Mirza is an honest and a decent government officer who is not known to fall prey to corrupt practises. They believe that some dirty hands are at work to discredit Dato Mirza, and they point out that a minister has a hand in this ugly scheme.

If the above is true, the ACA has to come down hard to investigate the truth. Let not Dato Mirza be a victim of some unscrupulous scheming person(s), whoever they maybe. If it is found that a minister is involved, please get his or her scalp, and dump it into Sg. Buloh. But never, never for once allow an innocent person to be victimised, for the wrath of Allah will surely fall upon those unscrupulous schemers.

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maurice said...

I think the BPR knows how to do their job.If you are not guilty, there is nothing to worry.

We should support the BPR by providing the DG wth all necessary information to enbale BPR to catch the corrupt individuals that we might come across in the public and private sector.I heard there are many still around! BPR need all the help it could get from the public to catch them.