Thursday, August 28, 2008


Despite having lost the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat in the by-elections on Tuesday 26 to Pakatan Rakyat (PR), BN politicians are in complete denial, and are still reluctant to accept that the lost has anything to do with the weakening of support of the people towards the BN. They claim that the win has not changed the position of BN in parliament which remains strong. One BN politician even remarked that the 15,000 odd majority obtained by Anwar over his BN opponent is small. Others have said that Anwar’s win has been anticipated, and they are not shocked by the outcome. I suppose, they are waiting for a bigger shock to come.

The only voice of reason came from Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin, who cautioned that Anwar’s win ought not to be treated lightly.

From the statements made, it is obvious most BN politicians have not learned their lessons, and denial upon denial, seems their only way out of their predicament.

What has actually become of BN politicians? Have they not realized that their grip on power is gradually being eroded? Don’t they know what it means to loose during an elections? Are they thinking that their voters will not desert them, because they have been a long serving MP, and had served the voters well? Are they to believe that having held the reins of government for 51 years, makes them impervious to losing the elections?

Surprisingly, besides UMNO, comments from other BN component parties is somewhat subdued. I thought, MIC leaders would have come up strongly in support of Abdullah and Najib, as they would normally do. But NO…this time around, they opt to remain eerily silent. Or is this an indication that their support for BN has wavered?

Now that Anwar is an MP, let us all wait and see if he is effective as a new member of parliament. He certainly has to perform well as head of the opposition in parliament, if he wish to remain an elected representative in the next general election. And let us not forget too, the many promises that he has made during his campaigning.

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