Monday, August 25, 2008


Over the last few days, I have been watching closely events surrounding the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign. With only a few hours left for polling, I can only describe this by-election campaign as the worse and the dirtiest ever. Everyone who participated in the campaign are no better then fools and idiots. They all have nothing good to talk about, other then bad mouthing, cursing and swearing at each other.

Most of them are an educated lot, and I am surprise that their actions and the language that they use during the campaign, does not reflect them to be of good and sound character.

The mainstream media has nothing better to show. Virtually everyday, the story of Saiful's swearing takes centre page. It is being repeatedly shown on mainstream TV channels, and I am told that the same is also being screened at nightly 'ceramah' by one political party. I do not know how Saiful feels about this, but I am ashame. Even my grandson has remarked that he is not quite sure whether Saiful is a male, a female, or half male half female.

Even the imam who witnessed the swearing is not being spared. He too is being made to participate in the nightly 'ceramah', even for a few minutes. Mufti's too are being interviewed to give their 'professional opinion' on the swearing. I asked myself, 'What is all this?. What is happening to us Malays?. Is this the culture that our dear parents have taught be rude, vulgar, disrespectful, arrogant to others?. It this the character that we want to show and teach our children?'. You Malay politicians are making the Malays look like idiots and fools, and a laughing stock to other races in this blessed country.

Now Saiful's swearing act has caught on others to do likewise; supposedly as a way of proving to others that he has done no wrong. I would have thought that if one is right and does no wrong, he need not worry himself about what others would think of him. A righteous person need not necessarily have to prove anything to anyone.

There are many many issues that you politicians can talk about. You know that this country is sinking caused by some idiotic policies and actions, and you care not for the many who are suffering. Go down to the villages and kampungs, and you will see that not all can afford three meals a day.

Everyday, we read of murders and robberies. Yet you can have 6000 policeman deployed in Permatang Pauh to ensure the safety of the area. This to me is a sheer waste of human resource.

Honestly, I am fed up with what I see happening in Permatang Pauh. Fortunately, I do not belong to any political party, and I wish to remain 'apolitical' for the rest of my life. And I am also seriously having second thoughts of casting my vote in the next general elections.

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Anonymous said...

Janganlah merajuk Dato sampai tak mau mengundi, kalau muda dulu merajuk tak pe.....boleh pujuk, tapi kalu dah t.. merajuk ni buruk. Satu undi tu boleh menentukan kerajaan yang memerentah, bukan gitu. Saya tau lah dulu dalam askar sememangnya tak boleh cerita pasal politik sebab ada perenath AM (General Orders) dalam is an offence u know dan silap silap tak dapat pangkat Brig Gen u know. Sekarang ni dah pencen who cares....kita mesti sama sama balun. Yang tak betul kita mesti tegur dan jangan sokong dia,biar nye berubah landscape politik di negara kita ni. Saya dah muak tengok negara ni dicengkam oleh segelintir keluarga sahaja .Negara ini bukan Datuk nenek dia punya.Inilah masanya kita memperbetulkan keadaan....Dato kena ikut perkembanagan semasa. Saya pun macam Dato juga bekas pegawai tentera....dah pencen ni takkanlah nak main cucu aje....relax le brother.Bye