Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Over the last 5 days, we have been watching harrowing images on TV, of the most recent war between Russia and Georgia over Ossetia. For most of us, we may not be fully aware as to the main causes of the war, but most will understand that Georgia was once part of the great Soviet Union, and in 1992, Georgia became an independent state following the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Elsewhere, in Iraq and Afghanistan, peace and security has yet to be fully realised, and the cost to human lives, be they soldiers or civilians has not ceased. Despite big powers involvement, namely the US and its NATO allies which started the war thinking that it can be over in a few months, have now been taught a serious lesson by the rag-tag Iraqi and Afghan soldiers, that military superiority alone cannot guarantee immediate success in war. For how much longer can the US and its NATO allies sustain its war in Iraq and Afghanistan, can only be answered by Bush, the war monger, and its NATO cohorts.

With thousands of soldiers dead, many thousands more maimed, and voluntary conscription no longer a choice among the bodily able youth in the US today, I now believe that Bush or any other successive US President, may no longer find it easy anymore to obtain US Congressional approval to wage another war, against what is so often referred to as 'belligerent states', or its enemies in the US war against terror.

With Russia now at 'war' with Georgia, it will be interesting to see how the US and its NATO allies react to Georgia's call for military help and intervention. Will the US be ready to come to the aid of Georgia, thus opening another front, and this time against a much more superior 'enemy', that is unlike Iraq and Afghanistan? Recent announcements by Bush concerning the war, is far too mild, lackluster, and without the hard hitting rhetorics that was so often heard, prior to the US invasion of Iraq. Is Bush doing this merely to appease Russia, and to make amends for his over zealous and boastful pronouncements e.g. mission accomplished, shock and awe, and the surge, that might have angered the Russians, in his war against Iraq?

And likewise, how will NATO allies react? Will it be a full scale military intervention, or are they merely offering themselves as peace mediator? I could imagine what will become of the region, and of the whole world, if the entire might of the Russian military is to take on both the US, which is already a spent force, and NATO forces. It will be catastrophic, and untold lost of human lives and sufferings. And the thought of Russia and the US, both being nuclear powers, makes war between the two a dangerous proposition.

And at the home front, let the war between Russia and Georgia, and other wars around the world be a stalk reminder to both our political and military leaders, that war can confront the nation at anytime. Our so called friends today, can be our enemies tomorrow. And we do have problems with our neighbours that can spark a conflict.

And in our eagerness to achieve economic prosperity, our leaders must never neglect the development of our military forces to meet vital military needs and challenges of the future. I believe, this has been the weakest aspect of our military development, due primarily to the lack of interest, military understanding and knowledge of the military, by our leaders.


Anonymous said...

Dato Arshad,
I taught the primary role of the Military during peace time is to prepare for war, that is well enshrined in the Military Charter.So no iota of doubt should exist in our mind or dispute our Military capabilities to fight an instant war if it happen. Please have faith in our peers who are still wearing the green,blue and white uniform.Are u still disputing our fire power? we have MiGs with weaponary problem,Scandalous Sub, and Misfire Tanks to defend our country, I think it is great fire power which definitely scare our potential enemies or unfriendly neighbours who tried to be adventurous. I hope all this hearsay statement about our weapons has no truth or else all our General should be Court Martialled under Section 87 Armed Forces Act 1972.Wht say U Dato?

captazhar said...

I have all the confidence that our brothers and sisters in uniform will know how to fight. And they will die fighting.

But I can't help but feel sorry that some of them may die realizing that their leaders and superiors, past and present, may have compromised their ability to wage war and left the country open to attack by the enemies.

War is waged on many fronts, many battles takes place even before the first shots are fired, the battle to gain intelligence, the battle to destroy the enemies will to fight, that battle to subvert the people of the country and weaken their support for the armed forces, the battle to control the flow of information and to dictate the terms on the international arena.

Here, the specter of being sold out to the enemies by their own leaders, corrupt officials sabotaging the war effort and even capitulation will hang over their heads. Such doubts will seriously affect their ability to wage war.

The signs of such weaknesses are everywhere in the country today, acts of corruption, misuse of public funds, untrustworthy officers in high office, shoddy workmanship in public roads, buildings and other facilities.

I sincerely believe that at the first sign of hostilities, such persons involved in corruption, sabotage and subversive work should all be lined up against a wall and shot; in order for the nation to be able to effectively mount a defense for its dignity.

maurice said...

The primary role of the military is to preserve the peace between states.To do this, our military force must exhibit good deterrence capabilities.This will dissuade other hostile states from even thinking of attacking us because if they do they will suffer total military defeat.

What it takes to have good deterrence capibility, to be feared by our potential enemies?

a. Efficient and workable national mobilization plans;

b. The rakyat must be involved in the defence of the country.They must totally believe and support the national cause;

c. Raising an effective military force and figthing a war must not be left to the Generals alone. The political leadership must give clear direction to the Generals on what it wants from the military force;

d. The military must plan to fight future wars and not to fight the last war;

e. The MAF must be shaped, equipped and trained with war-winning strategies and revolutionary tactics that shock and surprise the enemy;

e. Our local defence industries must be able to support the military force with ammunition, weapons, missiles, bombs, spare parts for frigates, submarines, fighter jets, tanks, diesel/aviation fuel etc over a prolong period of time without international support.

Are ready for war? Your guess is as good as mine.

I think part of the problem, there is a lack of awareness on the part of our national leadership and rakyat on what need to be done to prepare the country for war.I could not recall of any public discussions, seminars or debate on national defence issues were ever held in the past for the benefit of the public.To remedy the situation, the government as a start, should encourage academic institutions and think-tanks to be more involved in national defence-type issues for the benefit of the public.I think it is possible to have healthy discussions on national defence issues without infringing the provisions of the OSA.In any democratic systems, the rakyat will have the last say in how the Armed Forces should be organized and equipped to deal with future challenges.Only then, the country will be ready for war.

Luke said...

Dear Sir

In My opinion, Malaysia has the power to stop small scale invasion, however for large scale assault, i would suggest jungle warfare.

This i would mean that all amour, naval and infantry Unit should engage the enemy threat, and buy time for resistance force. while all commando unit, special unit, and voluntary unit like wataniah would hide in the Malaysia thick jungle to conduct jungle war.

Like in the Vietnam war,even the US cannot stand the impact of the war. And with special forces hiding in the jungle, damage could be double compare to the Vietnam war.