Friday, August 1, 2008


The Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case has simply gone overboard. To many people are making statements, and the press is having a gala time at making their views heard too. Even the blogs are not spared in making their cases heard. When will this damn thing stop.

Now Syed Hamid has said that the police has wrapped up their investigations. If that is so, just go and arrest Anwar, like the way the police did to Anwar recently, if Anwar has a case to answer. And if there is none, just throw out the case and ask everyone to shut their BIG mouth.

Even some Ministers out of ignorance, has appeared out of their cocoon, to make threats. The statement by the Deputy Minister of Health that the private hospital (referring to Pusrawi Hospital I suppose)that had exposed the medical note on Saiful, can be liable to a hefty fine, if found to be negligent in handling the medical note. May I ask this basic question.....who is this Minister to make such a threat and announce the fine? Please, the case is already in the hands of the police, and let justice takes its course, and we don't need the Minister to make threats on anybody.

I have said this many times before in my earlier postings, that our leaders need to straighten themselves, to see the reality of what is to become of our country, if the political scene is not put right. Everyone knows that the economy is not doing too well, and the people are suffering. Just ask the people in the streets, and you can get an honest answer, which is not good to be heard by Honourable Ministers.

I say all this with anger in my heart, because I see and hear the suffering of the people every day. Please Ministers....take to the streets, to feel the pulse of the people.


maurice said...

Nothing much can be done about this epic battle.So much is at stake.The contestants will fight to the last drop of their blood.

Like all contest, there will be winners and losers.I just hope everyone will accept the final outcome based on truth.

Justice said...

Keeping the issue in the public eye is designed to discredit DSAI and it shows how much UMNO is prepared to debase itself to stay in power.
Asking Joe Public to believe that the investigation is according to the Law of the Land merely exposes the Govt's willingness to lie for its self and insulting us in the process.
We are truely on the road to becoming a "banana republic" and I cannot see anyone in UMNO capable of putting things right or to make a moral stand because the UMNO warlords (like in Afghanistan)cannot accept a moral position and jeopardise their periok nasi.
I also believe that the publicity although nauseating, is really undermining the Govt's credibility and they will pay for this in the long run when the deteriorating economy crunch will force the rakyat to want change the Govt unless DSAI can pull it off earlier.
I wonder why the much touted Islam Hadhari has not had any impact on our Govt and yet UMNO wants to talk about Muslim/Malay unity. Can anyone trust them in the face of such blatant hypocrisy?
It is good that we have at least the Internet and bloggs to let our voice be heard and it is to their peril if they do not hear us.
My vote goes to Pakatan anyday.

maurice said...

Saya lihat DSAI seorang pemimpin yang senantiasa diselubungi dengan pelbagai kontroversi sejak dari ABIM dahulu.

Beliau perlu mengambil tindakan secara terang dan tulus untuk membuktikan 'his innocence' dalam kes liwat yang dihadapi sekarang: sekiranya mahu mengekalkan kepercayaan rakyat terhadap arahtuju kempimpinannya.

Blognya pula sukar difahami kerana beliau gemar menggunakan ayat/perkataan yang jarang diguna dalam perhubungan biasa.