Sunday, February 1, 2009


I read that a group of UMNO members reportedly from Wilayah Persekutuan had demonstrated in front of the PWTC building in the federal capital recently to protest against the alleged abuse of its members by MACC officers whilst in detention for alleged corruption. It was also reported that there were some policemen around to keep watch, but did nothing to disperse the demonstrators. I suppose the demonstrators had obtained the required police permit, or were they the preferred lot where a police permit is not relevant? Probably, had I led a protest for greater transparency in the number of murders while in police custody, I would have been knocked out of my senses by the policemen.

This is the reality today where even holding a demonstration is accorded selective treatment by the authorities. In the west, demonstrations are a daily occurrence and without much worry for the policemen. It is the element of fear and the curtailment of the people's rights to assembly and the freedom of expression that had made the civil society angry.

I was a student at the Defence Services Staff College, India in the late 80's, and we get to hear eminent civilian and military speakers coming to the college to give talks on a regular basis. I can tell you this.......that they are free to expound they views on about anything, and even being critical of government policies. But I don't see any policemen around to keep watch on the speaker.

That was in the 80's, and I can feel that there is so much of liberty and freedom of speech among the Indians (both the speaker and audience who are military officers) ending up in a discourse that benefits everyone. Herein lies the mark difference in mindset and exposure between an Indian military officer and a Malaysian military officer.......the latter being fed only with 'what's good with the government of the day'. Try and be critical (even in this period of the new millennium) and you will end up being a nobody.

Now getting back to the UMNO protesters, and I suppose all the protesters are Muslims, I would like to ask them this plain and simple question.

1.Which of this two offences i.e. one, being harshly interrogated by MACC officers, and two, being involved in corrupt practice deserves greater punishment by Allah?

2.Are you not aware of the magnitude and extent of corrupt practice among UMNO members today that even YM Tengku Ahmad Retaudeen has to admit that corruption in UMNO is rotten from top to bottom, or words to that effect?

3.Don't you know that indulging oneself in corruption is sinful to both the taker and giver?

4.Are you so naïve as not to believe that buying and consuming food that is purchase from money obtained from corruption is similar to consuming pork or filth?

5.Are you sure that you will not die one day, to face the wrath of Allah SWT and be questioned severely as to your source of wealth on earth?

6.Are you that rotten to willingly succumb to corruption, and disregard your pride, morality and dignity?

To all who have indulge themselves in corruption, I have this to say..........."you may have tons of cash with you, but I look at you as nothing more than dirt that can be kicked around at leisure. I give dogs better respect than you".

Please UMNO, have some sense of love for your race and religion. Certainly, your parents did not teach you to be corrupt the moment you were born. And to make matters worse, don't you know how other races view the Malay race today..............'mudah dibeli dengan duit soggokan'. This is what disgust me most, and you are the cause of all this. And please UMNO, I love the party so much, but not the people who are running the party today.

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Anonymous said...


Sabar Dato jangan marah sangat, a dog and an UMNO member are two different living thing.One is an animal and the other is human being. I cannot confirm but sometime human behave like dog.....

Alan Newman said...

If Najib doesn't arrest the super-corrupt Taib - CM of Sarawak soon, his integrity, moral & credibility go to the dogs. It's as simple as that and the whole world sees too clearly. He is thus supporting Sarawak 45 year regime (Yakub & Taib) that has plundered billions of $ and couldn't care less for the people who elected them! Umno/BN is just as corrupt. This is all a big disgrace for Malaysia