Thursday, March 5, 2009


Talks are abound that corruption is fast breeding among the defenders of our nation i.e the noble profession of the armed services. In the past, one rarely hears of reports of corrupt practice and abuse among the officers corps, and the armed service has always been looked upon with honour and dignity. But of late, this view has somewhat changed, and one will be surprise to view postings in the internet alleging corrupt practice and abuse, and of all persons, senior army officer.

If this allegation is true (and hopefully it isn’t true), the shameful act of just one person can tarnish the entire service, and with it goes the honour and dignity that is associated with the armed service since its inception.

Having served the army before and have held so dearly to the sacred pledges of loyalty to king and country, one cannot fathom how the hearts and minds of the alleged senior army officers can be so twisted and disarrayed to succumb to the ills of corrupt practices.

Civil society have all along claimed that corruption and abuse is somewhat ‘synonymous’ with politicians (not Malaysians only). There is also a saying that for one to become rich, go into politics. This may or may not be true, but that’s the perception that one has of politicians.

Now, this perception is beginning to take its roots among officers of the armed services, notably the army, and this is a scary thought.

Are they to be in a league with the Royal Malaysia Police that has come under criticism for corruption and abuse by its former Inspector General of Police, or the Immigrations Department where its top officials were roped in recently? Even the judiciary is alleged to be corrupt, and so is PUSPAKOM.

We, the retired members of the army takes a serious view at the allegation of corrupt practice and abuse among senior army officers today that has been posted in cyberspace. We plea to them to discard this dishonorable practice, and to return to their sacred pledges of loyalty to king and country.

Posted at 2.30 pm on Mar 5, 2009


Anonymous said...

Bapa borek anak rintik,che gu kencing berdiri anak murid on the run...........kah kah kah.Kita potong aje tangan perasuah ni baru le aman negara ni........apa macam keras bunyi nya kan.Tapi saya rasa ubat ni mujarab, sampai dikafan pun nanti tangan dia akan kudong.Disgrace to the grave.....

maurice said...

I am afraid quite a common topic in the local defence business/industry these days.

Behind their backs, business people like to brag who are in their pockets.

Whether this is true or not, we should leave it to Dato Ahmad Said Hamdan, the Commissioner for MACC to investigate further.

eli said...

Dear Maurice,

Even with solid evidence, MACC will not close in to investigate Mindef cases. Too difficult with denials and cover ups. Ahmad Said is focused only on patty issues such as cow and Lexus matters.

maurice said...

Dear Eli,

I beg to differ with you on this point.

With solid evidence, MACC will sembelih the culprits.

I heard a few high-ranking officers from the RMAF were cashiered without pension/gratuities recently because the MACC caught them abusing the DPA (direct purchase agreement)on aircraft spares involving millions of RM.

Therefore, if any us have any information on corrupt activities involving the uniform bodies or civilians in Mindef, please forward them to Dato Ahmad Said, the Commissioner of MACC for his attention.

Let's help MACC extend its tentacles to the dark corners of Mindef.