Friday, March 27, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS to Muhyiddin Yassin for winning the UMNO Deputy President’s post, which by convention will most likely make him the No. 2 in government, when Naijb is appointed the Prime Minister later. I do believe that most outside UMNO are satisfied with the outcome, and even if Ali Rustam were allowed to contest, the best bet would still be Muhyiddin.

As for Muhammad Muhammad Taib, he will have to be contented with losing the bid for the Deputy President, and at the age of 63, he may decide to call it quits in the next general assembly scheduled three years from now. His ministerial post may also be in a quandary, and if it is true that Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahril Samad will be vacating his post after losing his bid for the Supreme Council seat, Muhammad Muhammad Taib should similarly quit his ministerial post.

Other ministers and menteri besar’s (MB) that lost their bids includes Foreign Minister Rais Yatim, Home Mnister Syed Hamid, Higher Education Minister Khaled Nordin, Tourism Minister Azalina Othman, Negeri Sembilan MB Mohamad Hassan, Pahang MB Adnan Yackob, Perlis MB Md. Isa Sabu and Johor MB Abd Ghani Othman. Will they decide to quit on their own accord, or will they decide to leave their fate in government to Najib? My bet is that non will willingly quit, and quitting now at a time when UMNO is at its lowest ebb, may not be a wise proposition either.

One is quite surprise that Tourism Minister Azalina Othman is allowed to contest despite her being under investigation by MACC. It would have been honourable for her to withdraw rather then to contest. And the silence about her in the mainstream media days before the assembly, is clear indication that her popularity is at the lowest. Neither has the media made any attempt to interview her, or write about her during and after the assembly.

Now that UMNO has decided on its new leadership, it is now left to Najib to set the pace and to determine the future direction of the party. Much has been said by him during the opening speech to delegates of the assembly. What is left now is for his newly appointed team to translate all that he has said into action. This will the biggest challenge to the new leadership, and with the 13th General Elections in 3 years from now, time is certainly at a premium for UMNO.

Posted at 4.00 pm on March 27, 2009


komando said...

This has been going on for some time and they know who they are and we also know who they are....

It is about time we put them away for good.....

"No bad soldiers, just bad officers"!

maurice said...

Salute to Shahril Samad for stepping down from his cabinet post.

Others in similar position should emulate him in oder to give a chance to DSN to form his dream cabinet team.

captazhar said...

With the majority of the umno divisional leaders screaming for more 'gifts', graft, handouts, power and control over the government and GLCs, I fear the worst and that umno is really corrupt beyond redemption. This is despite what the leaders including the ousted pm has said.