Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Dissenting voices rejecting Najib as the next Prime Minister get louder. This time it is from the former Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim. He had appealed to the King that Najib should not be made the PM, fearing the worse to befall the country if Najib is appointed.

The earliest to have voiced the same was Kelantan Menteri Besar Ustaz Nik Aziz who repeatedly said that the country ought to be served by a better PM. If the reason is for want of impeccable character, then Najib does not qualify. Presumably, Zaid Ibrahim may have a similar view of Najib with that of Ustaz Nik Aziz, or probably more, since having been once an UMNO insider and a cabinet minister.

Tun Mahathir who once stood for Najib, has now turned around to say that Najib is weak and a non performer as the Deputy Prime Minister. By this, it can be reasonably assumed that Najib in the eyes of Tun Mahathir is unsuitable as the next PM. And if the voices of the opposition party members is to be accounted for and including the poll results, Najib should oust himself from politics and go for a long deserve holidays in the Carribean with his family.

It is unfortunate that Najib is mired in a number of 'unhealthy personal issues' that no other aspiring PM had ever experienced. There are too many unanswered questions affecting Najib and including Rosmah, personal or otherwise, that has been haunting both of them. Even some foreign news media has taken a shot at Naijb's character, that had further soiled Najib's image.

Even at parliamentary sittings, Najib is not spared, and he had made him speechless to counter a barrage of allegations from the opposition. He looked worn out, and this is so obviously portrayed of him on TV and the print media.

With the general assembly nearing and the leadership change within Najib's grasp, will the tormenting of Najib and Rosmah's character continue? Will UMNO make a unified stand to defend Najib, or will there be the opposing voices from within, that will cast further doubts as to Najib's unopposed appointment as the sixth PM of the country.

Najib has now to worry more of what UMNO has to say of him, than for him to worry about what has been said of him by those outside UMNO.

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mangchikla said...

Dato, For your reading pleasure:

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thanks. i hv known it.

Ramachandran said...

Why didn't Najib sue the French Newspaper? If Najib had used his official capacity in letters to foreign countries to issue visas to Altantunya, and these are in their possession, can Malaysia not be blackmailed?

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eli said...

Despite of all the attacks, Najib seems not to crack BUT with Allah willing,ne will. It is a matter of time.