Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I was surprise when a friend called me up to view a blog that is hitting hard at the Army top brasses for alleged corruption. Never have I expected that a blog such as this could appear in cyberspace, confirming the many calls that I have received alleging the web of corrupt practices that has infected the officers corps of the Malaysian Armed Forces. Blog can be viewed at

This is indeed a sad day for the noble profession that I was part off, and if it is true that corruption has seeped dangerously into the very veins of the Armed Forces,then it is time that the authorities stepped in to weed the 'disease' out before it becomes cancerous.

The officers and soldiers have a noble duty to perform i.e. to defend the country to its very last breath......but never to indulge in corruption.

Posted at 2 pm on Mar 4, 2009


eli said...

It is no longer about serving the country with honour and pride. It is about MONEY even they have to sell their souls to the devil.

mohd zaki bin hamzah said...

That's only thetip of the iceberg! the ugly side is yet to emerge (d?)..lives are lost due to poor equipment and apparatus...These people are the real enemy (Lanun?)who robbeb the Army of her equipment and weapons of what is supposed to be owned by the Army. They robbed and absconded with their ill-gotten wealth. Very unethetical behavior befitting only to the dogs!!!