Saturday, March 7, 2009


ARE WE TO BELIEVE when senior UMNO politicians says that all reports on money politics that has been investigated by UMNO disciplinary committee have been fully resolved? Now, with the recent hauling of an UMNO minister's political secretary by MACC for alleged involvement in money politics supposedly at the behest of his boss (wonder who is he), where then lies the truth and honesty in the pronouncement made by these senior UMNO politicians?

Are we not reminded, time and again that corruption (UMNO prefers it to be called money politics) is like cancer, and despite cutting it off, there is no guarantee that the person suffering from it is completely cured. Are they not aware that corruption in the party is so well embedded, that even a meager sum of RM200 is enough to satisfy those within the lower echelons of the party? This is the state of the UMNO Malays today where dignity is being thrown out of the window; religious reasoning is muted and greed for the worldly pleasures and power are all that they care for.

One cannot imagine the kind of leadership that will rule the party and the nation, if its leaders are elected on the basis of corruption. And to remain in power, these corrupt leaders will continue to be corrupt in order to be sufficiently wealthy to dole out money as inducement for popularity and support. This has been the modus operandi of our UMNO leaders, and it has now become impossible to undo the vices and ills that is slowly (but surely) degenerating UMNO to its final resting place.

Look at Khir Toyo, the aspirant for UMNO's Youth leader who seemed to be looking more youthful by the day. He raised the allegations of corruption against Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, and what did Khir Toyo get in return? A series of past corrupt practices by the Khir Toyo regime is being unveiled and thrown back at his face. He claims total innocence, but the people of Selangor today are not so foolish to let him off the hook this time. And more 'skeletons' will be unveiled from his hidden closet over time, and hopefully more of his cohorts (the former exco's in particular) will be drag out to face justice as well.

This blissful country will be damn if we continue to vote in corrupt leaders (regardless of party), and be damn if we do not vote them out.

Posted at 120 pm on Mar 8, 2009

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maurice said...

Apparently the wealth of our UMNO politicians is now well known if not all over the world at least widely known in our region.

About 2 years ago when I was in Bali for a holiday a local there told me Khir Toyo was looking over some pieces of land to buy.

Not sure whether this is his personal project or an investment from Selangor State Government.