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The Selangor state government is still not finished with Khir Toyo, and the extravagance of Badan Amal dan Kebajikan Isteri-Isteri Selangor (Balkis). If one were to follow the on-going proceedings of the public hearing on the affairs of Balkis since it was formed, one tend to be confused as to whether Balkis is indeed a charitable and welfare organisation to serve the wives of the people of Selangor, or whether it is purely to serve its restricted members pecuniary interest. Balkis was said to be headed by the wife of Khir Toyo, and is now de-registered following the fall of the BN government to PR during the March 8, 2008 general elections

From reports on the on-going public hearing, one is amazed at the amount of money paid to Balkis by Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd (PNSB), a subsidiary of the Selangor state government, totalling RM 5 million over a period of five years beginning 2002 until 2007. If indeed the money was spend for charitable and welfare purposes, the details of spending revealed otherwise.

How could Balkis justify an all expense paid holiday and recreational trip to Disney land, and a trip to Australia to visit the son of so-and-so, as being for charitable and welfare purposes? What about the lavish gifts purchased overseas and the sumptuous dinner parties thrown to entertain VVIP's? Are these categorised as charitable and welfare activities?

As a Selangorean, I am thoroughly displeased with the extravagance of Balkis in conducting its affairs. Blame should also be shouldered by Khir Toyo, who seemed to have ignored that PNSB does not belong to him or Balkis, and the profits could have been better utilised, rather than giving it to Balkis to be spend for wasteful purposes that benefited a few. Had Khir Toyo remained the Menteri Besar, Balkis would still be enjoying themselves with more oversea trips, lavish parties and gifts, unknown to many in Selangor.

It was reported that Balkis had illegally transferred RM 10 million (or thereabout) from its account, fearing that the money will fall into the hands of the PR government. This is indeed an irresponsible act that only reflects the bad intent that Balkis harbours of the new PR government. I would further add that such an act smacks of stupidity and selfishness.

Whatever be the outcome of the public hearing, one thing is for certain i.e. Balkis should be made totally responsible for their misdeeds, and that they be asked to pay back all that they had spend under the guise of charity and welfare. Should they fail to pay up, the only recourse is raise the matter to MACC and to be investigated upon.

I believe Balkis though defunct, will not find it too difficult to settle the dues, rather than having to appear before MACC.

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