Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A few days ago, it was Azalina Othman. And now they say it is Ali Rustam, and will the list stops here? Haven’t these people learned their lessons? Are these the kind of leaders that UMNO wants……corrupt to the core. Certainly not me, and I can tell you that most non UMNO Malays that I regularly talk to, have little regards and respect for UMNO leaders who are corrupt, and who will do such despicable acts to cling to power.

We now have to believe in what has been said repeatedly by Tun Mahathir and Tengku Razaleigh, ‘that UMNO today is sick, corrupt to the core and is beyond redemption’. Most do not see any hope of UMNO reviving to its past glory, and should the Malays be returned to its medieval era, this will be an act of betrayal by the UMNO leaders that is certain to ignite a serious backlash on UMNO leaders. This will be the worse scenario confronting UMNO if the party is not willing to take punitive actions on those who are known to be corrupt. There is no other alternatives for UMNO and no apologies to accept. Expulsion from the party is the only remedy for the party betrayers.

Knowing the unhealthy state of affairs in UMNO today, will Pak Lah or Najib be ready to take a stand that is unpopular, at a critical time when UMNO is about to elect its members for the top party leadership? And will all those who have been hauled by MACC, or by the party’s disciplinary committee, or have been duly charged by the courts, be asked to voluntarily withdraw their candidacy for the election?

As of now, the few that have reportedly been involved in corruption have stubbornly said that they will not withdraw from the election, and claimed innocence until proven guilty. There was even a call by a party leader to defer all investigations after the elections. I simply cannot understand the rational behind their stubbornness and excuses, and I can only conclude that they are all absolutely shameless and dishonorable, and even if they are later found to be innocent, redeeming their lost pride will not be easy.

Many may not agree or even dislike all that I have said in my earlier writings regarding UMNO today. And I would like to confess that UMNO was a party that I once loved, but what I see happening in UMNO today makes me sick with anger and hate. I feel betrayed by UMNO, and I only see diminishing hopes for the future of my children and grand children, if the party is unable to revive itself.

Posted at 1.20 pm on March 17, 2009

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