Tuesday, March 24, 2009


UMNO Deputy President aspirant Muhammad Muhammad Taib is reported to have said that UMNO requires a Meiji revolution to redeem itself from its current abysmal rating and falling deeper into abyss and certain demise. Indications of a weakening UMNO are obvious, all because of a power grab, which saw several of its members (including senior party members) being punished for breach of party ethics and discipline.

Even the varying nature of punishments meted down to party offenders has come under scrutiny, both from outside and within the party itself, resulting in the question as to the relevancy of the disciplinary committee. Many now believe that the disciplinary committee has not been thoroughly fair and wise in its judgment, and this had caused further resentment from among supporters of those who were punished. Any amount of explanation from the disciplinary committee now will not be sufficient to placate the anger and dissatisfaction of some of the UMNO members who were affected by the punishment. It had only aggravated dissenting voices and resentment even more.

The Meiji revolution in UMNO that Muhammad Taib has alluded to, is wholesomely correct. But Muhammad Taib has failed to provide sufficient examples of the remedial courses of action that the party members need to adopt, to rid itself of the party’s abysmal image.

And having to come from Muhammad Taib, (and even if he becomes the Prime Minister), I have little confidence that he is able and serious enough to force a Meiji revolution in UMNO, in order for the party to return to its former glory. My only advice to Muhammad Taib is for him to look at himself in the mirror, to see whether he is the most forthright and righteous person to institute positive changes to the party. And my sincere answer is NO………he is certainly not the most righteous person to institute positive changes in UMNO.

The only person that could make positive changes in UMNO now is Najib, when he assumes the premiership of the country. And such changes can only be done if he is judicious in his final selection of his team of ministers.

The whole country now awaits that final selection of Najib’s team of ministers, and if he decides to continue flogging the same old horses and dead wood, then that marks the beginning of the end of BN/UMNO.

Posted at 17.30 pm on March 24, 2009

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mangchikla said...

And Najib ji should also look himself in the mirror before considering to institiute a "Meiji" revolution...considering the "baggages" he's carrying.