Saturday, March 28, 2009


A reader of my blog wrote a comment that commends and salute Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs Minister Shahir Samad for being forthright and sincere in resigning his ministerial post after not being elected to UMNO's Supreme Council. I believe every highly principled and like minded Malaysians will without any hesitation support Shahrir's decision, and he will leave his post with pride, honour and be well regarded by Malaysians at all times.

Shahrir has shown his true self; a dedicated, trustworthy and a dignified politicians who speaks his mind, and shows no personal interest, but is respectful and honour the voices of his party members more. His resignation has set an example for others who had lost their bid to follow. But the big question remains whether the rest would be willing to follow the steps that Shahrir has taken. Or will it be Naijb who will show them the exit door. If this is what they choose, rest assured, their exit will one of shame and humiliating.

Shahrir's reasoning for quiting is simple and forthright. He says that if he as a minister no longer has the support and confidence of the party, why then has he to cling to the appointment. A no vote simply means that one has lost credibility and is no longer entrusted for the job. What other alternatives does one has, except to resign, and that is what Shahrir rightfully has decided to do. Certainly, Shahrir is one of an exceptional person that will be the pride of the Malay race, emulating the historical example shown by the founder of UMNO Dato Onn Jaafar.

For all those ministers and menteri besar's that had lost their bidding, Shahrir has shown them the way. But are they willing to take up the challenge to quit, or are they to remain mute and indifferent to voices of the party members, by entrenching themselves deeper to their post?

To quit is be honourable, but to stay is to be scorned and humiliated. The final choice is theirs to make.

Posted at 9.30 am on March 28, 2009

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