Wednesday, March 25, 2009


There has been rumours floating outside the corridors of the Defence Ministry claiming that some senior military officers have been awarding contracts to companies where their family members are employees of the company.

My first impression upon being told about this was to say, “how blatant these senior military officers are today”, and I wonder where have they acquired this unethical habits from. To have been told earlier that some senior military officers have also acquired the shameless act of accepting monetary favours from defence agents and contractors; the award of contracts to family members is therefore not at all surprising.

If this rumour is found to be true, and if the senior military officer(s) involved has the slightest tint of dignity and honour left in them, I would suggest that they take the honourable act of discharging themselves from the military service. The military service is not an occupation to acquire personal wealth through dubious means, but it is an occupation that is most honourable and dignified.

I will be following this rumour closely and if it found to be true, I will not hesitate to name the officer(s) involved, regardless of their status and position in this blog, and to report it matter to MACC.

Posted at 22.30 pm on March 25, 2009


eli said...

When you have reached the pannicle of you career, the next course of action is to prepare for retirement plan. As the saying goes "Make hay while there is still sunshine". It is difficult to resist when opportunities are aplenty.

Hansac said...
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Hansac said...


Again, this is nothing new. It has been around for quite some time. When did you leave the service? I will bet my hard earned ringgit that it was there when you were still serving.


Being a Malay gentleman and someone who aspire to be a military officer (but so far has failed to be the latter), I must apologize for what I am about to say (and actually have said before this), that you were part of the system.

Prove to us, your readers, that you have done your best not just for your soldiers to whom you were entrusted with, but also to your superior officers to whom you are following orders from.

And don't bring the chain-of-command thing in this discussion. There are times when mutiny are justified. And speaking up against your superiors are not mutiny or dahagi.

maurice said...

Long time ago I served under one fierce General who was immune to corruption when he was at the apex of his career.He did not entertain any requests for appointments from any businessmen either official or private. He declined any invitations to functions organized by business entities.Political leaders and civil servants respected him for his principles.

Now as a pensioner, he lives in a link house in the capital city with pride and dignity.

Hansac said...

Now the Pakaian No. 4 has been decommissioned from service.

It is the running joke that anytime the PAT or the PTD is replaced, a new set of uniforms or clothing paraphernalia is introduced, so that the serving general could have some commission (wow, that is derogatory, "tauliah=komisyen"?) from the business dealings (of a simple uniform change). How far is this true?

Only you can tell, Dato'. Surely in the officers' mess, in your walkabouts, for you to arrive at the one-star position, you have seen or heard whiffs of rumors?

My contention Dato' is that you cannot cry naive.

maurice said...

The gentleman that I mentioned in my earlier posting can be rest assured he has peace of mind and sleep well at night.

Dato, if the rumours are true I will certainly support you.Then the matter should be referred to MACC for further investigation.