Friday, March 13, 2009


Former Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo must be feeling the heat, not only as the opposition leader in the Selangor state assembly, but also from within UMNO itself. Having pointed a finger at Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's alleged abuse and corruption over the 'cars and lembu issue', now the four other fingers are pointed at Khir Toyo over his alleged excesses when he was the chief executive of the state.

Khir Toyo was reported to be extremely angry when it was disclosed in the state assembly by Ulu Kelang assemblyman Saari Sungib, that Khir Toyo's wife was given a Range Rover vehicle costing RM 500,000 purchased by a subsidiary of Kumpulan darul Ehsan Bhd (KDEB), and for which he vehemently denied.

It was also reported that KDEB of which Khir Toyo was its Chairman, had sought to purchase two luxury Mercedes Benz cars costing RM 2.5 million, and of which RM 1 million has been paid to Cycle & Carriage prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections. The car was never delivered, and the money has yet to be returned. Had BN/UMNO won the elections, the car would have been a grand present for KDEB's Chairman and President. To this, Khir Toyo claimed no knowledge of the purchase, and said that the decision to purchase was made by the management.

It was also revealed that the state subsidiary had to cough out RM 1.2 million being traveling expenses for the wives of former state excos (Balkis) for a trip to Disney land. One would have thought that visits to Disney land (where ever it may be) were meant for kids, but to see a group of elderly ladies wading through crowded Disney land seems like a joke. One wonders what benefits would the state derived out of this trip. To most, the trip is purely a joy trip and a waste of money.

Interestingly, it was also reported that the state subsidiary had presented Khir Toyo with a watch costing RM 159,000 for which he denies having received it. Imagine, the number of hungry families that can be fed with the money spent on just a watch. Whoever made the decision to buy the watch must be a dumb idiot.

The amount of money that Khir Toyo spent for his trips overseas during the period beginning September 2001 to January 2007 was also raised in the state assembly. A total of more than RM 300,000 was paid to a travel agency for the purchase of air tickets, and this amount does not include other expenses to cover the trip. Khir Toyo must have traveled First Class in full comfort, while many of the state's poor are left to live on a meager income and probably on just one meal a day.

Now, with just a few days before UMNO's General Assembly convenes, Khir Toyo a strong contender for the top UMNO youth post had claimed that there are internal politiking and manoeuvres out to 'sabotaged' him. Being an experienced politician, he should have known that this is a usual game in UMNO politics, and he should not be complaining.

The blame game in Selangor is getting to be more interesting by the day, and Khir Toyo seemed the obvious target. What of the other former excos..........not a word in support of their former boss. Why the absolute wonders.

Posted at 7.30 am March 13, 2009


maurice said...

Very irresponsible on the part of Khir Toyo to use RM 1.2 million of public money for the Tokyo Disneyland visit.

He now has to explain why he approved such a state's expenditure and for what purpose?

Someone should make a police report to open an investigation on this case.

eli said...

Khir Toyo,

Ingatlah sunatullah ini, " Barang siapa yang menginaya, ianya akan diinaya". Belum lagi di akhrat, kini tanda-tanda di dunia sudah dipertunjukan.

captazhar said...

Khir Toyo is a person of excesses.

It was debated today in the Dewan Rakyat, the $5.1 million annual basic salary (not including the perks and bonuses) of Syabas boss. No GLC employee in Malaysia is worth even 10% of that sum because they work under a protective & captive market, and earn nothing in return.

Hopefully more corrupt practices and excesses will be uncovered soon and the culprits hauled to courts and charged, else the billions in debt to be borne via the najib stiumulus package will be a real mill stone around the necks of our children & grand children; once it has been wasted and sucked dry.

Anonymous said...

Without fear or favour is the enshrined phrase which shall prevail in administering justice in Malaysia.A phrase perhap long forgotten by the individual or enforcement agencies which was indirectly given the discretionary powers to act fairly.