Monday, March 2, 2009


One can't help but laugh at how desperate the new BN Perak state government's closure of the State Secretariat building to disallow a special sitting of the State Assembly to be convene Tuesday 3rd March 2009. The action smack of stupidity, foolishness and sheer arrogance that only reflects the archaic state of mind of the BN assemblymen.

Don't the BN assemblymen know that the special sitting can be convene anywhere, and not necessarily at the State Secretariat building? What if they elect to have the special sitting at the Ipoh Stadium or in some restaurant? Will Zambary and his merry-men declare the sitting to be illegal? And if he does, under what laws or rules will he be applying?

The new Perak state government has to accept that the growing confusion in the state is unlikely to be resolved that simply, and definitely not as easy as the way the new state government was installed. There is now a serious constitutional crisis that even the nations' constitutional experts are at tangent.

Didn't Zambary dispatched his lawyers to the UK to seek the expert opinion of the Queens Council? Has he lost the confidence of his own counsel? Even Najib has to declare that the new state government has to await the court's decision to affirm its rightful 'ownership' to the state. What does this imply? Simply put, it is an acceptance of defeat of the BN state government, but put is very subtle terms.

Nizar is persistent and has declared that he is still the duly appointed Menteri Besar, in 'defiance', if you may, to the Sultan's pronouncement.Zambary's co-hoots was quick to evict Nizar from the Menteri Besar's official residence and did an excellent job at clearing the office. The mainstream media was all around to catch a glimpse of Zambary at his first official day in office, with a broad smile to show.

More confusion was to follow with the PAC now unable to ascertain which of the two Menteri Besar is entitled to an official salary. Even Zambary's appointment of his 'special officers' with executive councilors status are being questioned by the PAC. It appears that Zambary has over stepped his powers by unilaterally deciding upon state appointments, which he is not empowered to do. Obviously, his showing off his executive power did not work. A shame isn't it.

Tuesday 3rd March can be an exciting day to watch. Let us see how Zambary reacts and the development to follow. These are exciting moments for Perakians.

Posted at 9.30 pm Mar 2, 2009

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