Monday, March 30, 2009


I had in August last year mentioned in an article regarding Tourism Malaysia's Director General Dato Mirza Muhammad Taiyab who is being charged for accepting a payment for settlement for his dental treatment amounting to RM 13,000 or thereabout. It is reported that he is presently being suspended from official duties, and his case will again be heard in May this year.

I had written about Dato Mirza's case then, based on what had been reported in the mainstream media, and my strong intuition that Dato Mirza could not have been easily enticed into accepting the settlement for his dental treatment.

Of late, I have been meeting several people from the tourism industry, and from the conversation that I had with them, there appears to be a lot of sympathy for Dato Mirza whom they say is a victim of a treacherous conspiracy to fixed him for corruption. They say that some of the person(s) involved in the conspiracy are known, and could well be officers from within the ministry and department itself.

Dato Mirza who had served under several ministers in his various official capacities, is known for being forthright, dedicated, honest, friendly and does not easily succumb to corrupt practices. Most who have known him, were surprised at the charges made against him, and finds it hard to believe that he did commit the offence.

Words are abound that the conspiracy to bring down Dato Mirza is because he did not relent to the persistent request, to award business contracts to selected individuals with links to officials of the ministry.. Many says that a certain politician is known to have had a hand in the conspiracy, and there is every likelihood that the politician is himself or herself corrupt.

Having being told of this case, and the sufferings that Dato Mirza and his family has to endure since August last year, I plea that he be given a fair and just hearing. And to those who have been a party to this treacherous conspiracy, may I say that you may escape judgment on earth for your misdeeds, but you will not escape the wrath of Allah SWT in the hereafter.

And to Dato Mirza and his family, have faith in Allah SWT, and may you be guided to seek the truth, and be redeemed your honour and pride as a trustworthy and honest public servant.

Posted at 10.20 pm on March 30, 2009

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komando said...

say whatever, let the probe be done in an honorable manner and let justice prevail, so with the BALKIS case lets see the new regime will take corrective actions and good judgment and meet out good sentence for criminals!