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Sabah UMNO Youth leader and the state Infrastructure Development Deputy Minister Japlin Akin (no cousin of Charlie Chaplin), was detained for questioning for three days by MACC Thursday last, together with businessman Limus Jury for alleged corruption. Both have now been released on bail. And it was also reported that Japlin is a strong supporter of newly appointed national UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin. Does one smell a link here?

Japlin Akin was one of those found guilty for money politics by UMNO's Disciplinary Committee in the lead to UMNO General Assembly last month, and was slammed with a 3 year suspension from UMNO. However, the leaders of UMNO Sabah, and the Chief Minister Musa Aman in particular, finds no valid reason for Japlin to be relieved of his political appointment, despite a 3 year suspension.

I just wonder what standard is UMNO Sabah applying for those who have been found guilty of corruption by the party, and isn't this an insult to the position and integrity of members of the Disciplinary Committee?

I suppose Musa Aman who himself has a string of corruption charges filed against him in the past, appears more willing to ignore and discard the party's Disciplinary Committee's decision, rather than to act against a proven party offender. Musa Aman has indeed made an unusual and dangerous precedence by not acting on Japlin, and this does not auger well for the party. By ignoring the decision of the Disciplinary, Musa Aman clearly shows that he is in total defiance of his own party ethics and rules. And it will not be wrong for one to say that for Musa Aman, it is his own political interest that come first, and not that of UMNO's interest.

Now that MACC has come down on Japlin, will this be the beginning of a much wider investigation into the 'mysterious affairs' of UMNO Youth? I have been told that Khairy's sudden surge in votes during the election for the top UMNO Youth post in the last party election, was attributed to the support of Sabah's delegations. Questions are now being raised as to whether Japlin had a hand in the sudden shift of allegiance to Khairy. And speculations are rife that lots of cash had been doled out to appease the Sabah delegations. And could this be the reason why Khairy had been sidelined by Najib? One wonders.

The 'Japlin and Musa Aman affair' has only brought shame and disrespect to the solemn pledge made by Najib for a clean government, and to curb the scourge of corruption in UMNO. And by ignoring Najib and the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, Musa Aman has destroyed the image of a 'new UMNO and a clean government' that Najib wants to build. And if Musa Aman wants to show that he is the absolute power behind UMNO politics in Sabah by willfully acting as he wishes, he then does not deserve to be an UMNO member.

The question being asked now is whether Najib will be bold enough to act on Musa Aman for being a recalcitrant? This will be the litmus test for Najib, while UMNO and the ordinary people watches.

Posted at 11.20 pm April 11, 2009


komando said...

he played his game well...hard ball the right way and he won...not many can be like him...took his chances and he made it

maybe another agenda behind that we don't know...not all politicians can do what he did

Sabah is shaky...remember that always..Najib got to play safe otherwise.......!

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is, CM is still standing his ground and strong. Whatever allegations and accusations that was thrown in his way, he is still the CM.

And no, I am not a shoe polisher and that is my 2cents.

Paquin said...

Let bygone be bygone...
Now Musa Aman is our CM and always be our CM... hehehehee

Unknown said...

hey...No matter how long this article is, how many pages it is, booming Datuk Musa but he is still our CM...right? Look at the Development that he bring in Sabah...and Poverty eradication programme that he still working on......

Many of the Sabahans are still put their trust in Datuk Musa for Sabahans goods, peace and most of it the development for Sabah........


Paquin said...


Musa Aman patut diiktiraf sebagai Bapa Pembangunan Sabah, kata Adun Sulabayan

19th November, 2009

KOTA KINABALU: Seorang penyokong kerajaan hari ini mencadangkan agar Ketua Menteri Sabah Datuk Seri Musa Aman diiktiraf sebagai Bapa Pembangunan Sabah berikutan pembangunan pesat negeri ini sejak Musa menjadi ketua kerajaan negeri.

“Sebagai nakhoda yang mengemudi negeri tercinta ini, beliau (Musa) telah membuktikan ketangkasan dan keperkasaannya menjadikan Sabah sebagai negeri yang maju, makmur dan stabil,” kata Datuk Harman Mohamad (BN-Sulabayan).

“Penghargaan ini atas segala usaha yang ditampilkannya dan sebagai pengiktirafan terhadap perjuangannya yang tidak pernah berhenti. Ia juga atas semangatnya yang kental menjiwai isi hati rakyat serta hatinya yang peka mendengar denyutan nadi kehidupan rakyat,” katanya.

Ketika membahaskan Bajet 2010 Sabah pada persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah di sini, Harman berkata kepimpinan Musa dalam membangunkan rakyat Sabah umpama ‘pahlawan berjuang di medan perang’.

Beliau berkata bukan mudah untuk mengurus sebuah negeri yang mempunyai rakyat majmuk seperti Sabah namun Musa berjaya membuktikan Sabah mampu maju, makmur dan stabil. © New Sabah Times

Candice said...

Good article Paquin :)
For me he deserve it :P

Elisha Emanuela Jones said...

Musa Aman is our CM:)
As Sabahans I will support him.
I do believe that many people in Sabah still put their trust on him..
That's why he is still our CM and always be our CM... hehehhe

Candice said...

I'm proud with Musa...He is strong:)

Give him credit... For me he did a lot of thing to Sabah in terms of development...

Paquin said...

True Elisha..
Let's being together and support our CM :)