Sunday, April 12, 2009


My once favourite minister Mr. Samy Vellu is at it again, and as usual for the wrong reason. There are talks that he wants to pull out his MIC MP's that have been appointed into Najib's cabinet. I am told that he will be raising this matter at the MIC Central Working Committee due this coming Thursday. And if this talk is true, I challenge Samy to do it.

Some says that he was disappointed not to be made a cabinet minister, while former Penang Chief Minister and Gerakan boss Dr. Koh is made a minister. Samy must have sensed that Najib does not need him any longer (so do I), and he thinks that being a BN component party leader, he has the right to nominate himself to a ministerial post.

In the first instant, Samy ought to seriously think whether his recent election to the party president for the eleventh time is truly the members choice or otherwise. From what I gather, there is growing resistance and an apparent disgust at his leadership. Losing the general election in his very own backyard is obvious proof that the people no longer wants him. But in a party election, manipulation and trickery can change outcome.

Samy had talked about reforming MIC after the disastrous March 8, 2008 General Elections. But the reforms that he is thinking about, I am told is one that suits his idiosyncrasy. And has the image of MIC change for the better?

I like looking at Samy's facial expression when he talks, and the words he utters in Malay. I just wonder whether he is a politician or a school teacher. I always have the impression that politicians are synonymous with patience and politeness. But does Samy have patience and politeness when he talks?

I have hundreds of loyal Indian friends who refused to to be associated with MIC, because of the sight of Samy. The taxi drivers that I meet daily on my travel to work, will just shake their heads at the mention of Samy's name. The say that Samy have grown so powerful that the very moment he opens his mouth, the people around him will meekly bow their heads in complete obedience. And didn't Tun Dr. Mahathir once remarked that Samy does not tolerate opposition in the party?

If Samy does pull out his MIC MP's from their ministerial post, will the party remain a component of the BN, or will he take the party out? Or will he dare take the culculated risk of joining Pakatan Rakyat (PR)? And will the Indians in PR admits Samy in their midst?

Whatever decision that Samy takes in trying to appease his wounded personality, these are extreme decisions that Samy has to seriously weigh first. And if Samy really has the interest of his community at heart, I think neither pulling out his MIC MP's out of the cabinet, nor taking the party out of BN, nor joining the PR will do Samy and the Indian community any good.

And if he does take any one of those decision, Samy is doomed, and with it, his entire 'kingdom' that he had build for more than three decades will come crumbling down. Will Mr. Samy dare take this challenge? I doubt he will.

Posted at 5 pm on April 12, 2009


Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

Well what can you say to an idiot who has thick rhino hide and no sense of what the community wants. He has enriched himself at the expense of the community and he now goes about donating to temples to beg god to forgive him and save his soul. I hope he just drops dead, and the community will take care of itself. This act will draw the wrath of all Indians. He can leave for all I care, but he does not have the right to deny Indian representation in the cabinet.

komando said...

SAMI VELOO has no skin at all! He can be SAMI in all the temples, for all I care, he can give away all his richness and monies for all I care..BUT, he will not be able to redeem all his past mistakes, his past cock-ups, his dirty tricks... he is the BIGGEST MAFIA..even the MAFIASO must learn a thing or two from him....

he can leave MIC, die like a dog...who is he to demand on behalf of MIC.....