Sunday, April 19, 2009


When will politicking among our revered politicians end. We voted them not to start the blame game, digging into the faults of others, accusing one of 'derhaka' and getting the royalty into the muddle. The major issue that is affecting the people today is the 'bread and butter' issue, unemployment, murders, corruption that is rampant among civil servants, rising costs of living and many other social and economic woes.

And speaking about corruption, haven't you heard that a senior deputy public prosecutor was detained for alleged corruption recently. And this guy works for MACC. And a few days later, some policemen, immigration and forest department officers were arrested too.

What is happening to these people who are suppose to be good public servants, but are blinded by greed, thinking that they can become millionaires overnight. I suppose, some like the immigration officers must have learnt to be corrupt from their bosses. Remember, a few months earlier, the Immigration Department Director General (DG) and his deputy were both arrested for alleged corruption. And mind you, the DG had large sum of money kept in his house. Just wonder where are they news is bad news. Hope they don't disappear like PI Bala.

If one were to read the newspapers and listen to the news on TV and radio, not a day goes by without a reported case of murder, theft or rape. Even bus drivers are getting crazy these days, and the bus company does not even know that their drivers are persistent traffic offenders. Who do you blame in this instant.......the driver or the bus company? I think both, and for that reason, the operations of the bus company has to cease, until a thorough check is made to ensure that the remaining drivers are clean of any traffic or drug offences. Life is precious, and we could only sympathise with the families of those who have died in the recent bus accident, and will the bus company compensate the grieving families?

Another interesting personality that has been silent from the news is former Tourism Minister Azalina Othman. I am told that the staffs of the ministry celebrated her departure, and for good reason, I suppose. Now, will the MACC proceed to investigate her for alleged money politics, or have they decided on a 'no case to answer'?

And in Malacca, the opposition wants to table a vote of no confidence on the Chief Minister Ali Rustam. The reason being that he was found guilty of money politics, denied from contesting the party election, but is allowed to retain his post as the Chief Minister. Of course, the speaker of the state assembly threw out the vote, and Ali Rustam is save. But will he be save in the next general elections? My guess is that he will be ask to go into hibernation.

But it was even funnier in the case of Khairy Jamaluddin. Found guilty for money politics but allowed to contest in the party election and he won, mind you.! Had he not been found guilty, Khairy would have been a minister, and will get closer to realising his ambition of being the youngest PM, before he attains the age of 40.

In the case of Ali Rustam and Khairy, if this isn't selective punishment, what else can we call it?

Najib has set the 'tone' for all his ministers and deputy ministers to get into their job responsibly. Certainly, politicking is not what Najib wants of his ministers at a time when the nation is confronted with a serious economic problem. And Muhiyudin was even more direct when he said that the BN government has only two years to prove its worth to the people. Otherwise, BN will be history.

So please get cracking ministers and deputy ministers, as there are lots of work to be done, and stop un-neccessary politicking, for goodness sake.



charles said...

Good morning Just discovered your blog. Very good and interesting. by the way is the book Tentera darat 1933-2008 on sale in the bookshops?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Charles,

I do not think it is for sale. I do have a personal copy given to me by a friend which you can borrow. However, if you are interested to have a personal copy, please write to the Chief of Staff, Army HQ, Mindef.

hmjwok said...
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Unknown said...

keep on blogging arshad.u will eventually know who i am.not that i agree with what u have written,but you have made very apt and pertinent points esp on the AF.I will comment in due course.

komando said...

Dear General,They will never stop! They can't, for if they stop they will disappear into oblivion...! The stakes are very high indeed now..survival is the name of the day.

The next GE (NO 13)will be a turning point for this country, hopefully we will see a true MALAYSIAN society, regardless of race, creed, religion, status,background and equality the order of the day.