Wednesday, April 1, 2009


More revealation on Khir Toyo in the on-going Selcat hearing. This guy who was Selangor's Menteri Besar certainly thinks that Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PNSB) is his personal bank, and he can just withdraw any amount he needs for his personal use. And how stupid could PNSB be, to allow Khir Toyo to take whatever he wants. Isn't this robbery in broad daylight?

Mind you, in 2004, Khir Toyo was on an all expense paid holiday to France and Morocco with his family and including a maid, and the bill came up to a stunning RM 1 million. It wasn't enough that his wife and including other members of Balkis had a jolly good all expense paid holiday trip to Disney land and Australia, paid for by Khir Toyo's PNSB bank. You know how many poor and hungry families can be fed with the amount of money he and his family spend on holidays? Khir may not have noticed beggers running around in Klang, and I don't blame him for that because he could hardly see anything outside his heavily tinted car windows.

Enough is enough Mr. Khir Toyo, and how are you going to answer all these misdeeds of yours to the people of Selangor, and including my kampung folks from Ulu Langat? And shame on you for having brought out a trivial case on Khalid Ibrahim. At least Khalid Ibrahim did not steal the cows and eat it all himself. He gave it all to others, and this is a gracious and honourable act; not thievery.

For all the misdeeds that you and your wife had done, you deserve to loose the UMNO Youth party elections recently. And you don't even deserve to be elected the ADUN of your constituency. Certainly, the voters of Ulu Langat no longer needs you, and should you decided to visit us, we will be pleased to present you with a broom.

Posted at 7.10 pm on April 1, 2009

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komando said...

This man has no shame and knows no shame! He deserved to be found guilty with his wife and spent time in jail!