Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I had earlier posted two articles i.e. 'ALLOW MB TERENGGANU TO MAKE DECISION' and 'ROTTEN PRACTICES SPILLING OUT' on July 23 and July 24 respectively, concerning the purchase of Mercedes Benz by the Terengganu government for use by the State Exco members, as a replacement for the Perdana V6 Executive, in clear defiance of procedures of the Federal government.

Once again, I wish to say that what the MB Terengganu did was right, and had he not made the unpopular decision, the whole scheme of corrupt practices would not have emerged. Please remember that the amount runs in millions, and these unscrupulous people have fed themselves to richness, without fear of retribution from the state laws, let alone from the laws of Allah almighty. Now, that they are caught, they will have to suffer the shame, and to pay heavily for the consequences of their evil doing.

The defiance of the MB Terengganu is just not merely the purchase of the Mercedes Benz. He had called out clearly for the ACA to further investigate other state expenses, especially that of the construction of the Crystal Mosque, the costs of organising the Monsoon Cup and other 'non beneficial' projects carried out by the previous state government. Should the ACA accepts that call, I am sure many more heads will fall, and it will surely lead right up to the corridors of Putrajaya. Will the ACA dare accept this challenge? Your guess is as good as mine.

Now that the such rotten practices has come to the fore, I would further invite the ACA to investigate other ministries/departments over the Perdana scam. I bet you, many more of such rotten practices will emerge.


maurice said...

I think the Government should review the necessity of having SPANCO to manage and maintain official government cars at the expense of taxpayers' money.

Suggest give the business direct to PROTON/EON.I am sure it would provide better service than SPANCO at a much cheaper cost to the government.After all PROTON is an GLC which need all the necessary support it could get from the government to keep the flag flying.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maurice,

I have never pose this question before while in the service, but now I began to question who actually behind Spanco. Cant the General think wisely and start rebuilding JLJ to its former glory so that the soldiers would be able to service all PROTON cars.It is wise to think about it so that when they leave the Armed Forces they would be able to open their own workshop and become a good Mechanic.
As it is now I am still unable to find an exservice Mechanic to service my BMW and Merc.

maurice said...


I think SPANCO is no ordinary company.Who is behind it? Suggest invite some of our old colleagues working there for teh tarek.I am sure they will tell you, for old time sake.

Nasi sudah jadi bubor.Don't think the Army could go back to the old system.The people behind SPANCO will not let that happen.

I still think the PROTON/EON arrangement will save the taxpayers a lot of money.At the same time giving business to the party that deserve to get it.Don't you think so?