Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have been receiving calls from several people (known and unknown to me) to seek my comment on the recent statement made by the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF), Gen Tan Sri Zulkifly Mat Zain concerning the revelation made by some former Armed Forces (AF) retirees that the ballot papers of AF personals have been rigged in the past to favour BN candidates. Personally, I have not seen nor have I been involved in the rigging. But I did hear that such an activity has occurred in the past, and if one were to proceed with an investigation (I believe it should be done to redeem public confidence), I suggest it should start at the very source i.e. at Jabatan Rekod dan Pencen (JRP) and the AF Intelligence Division.

I fervently believe in a free and fair election where all contending candidates must be given equal opportunity to the electoral process. Just look at what Singapore had done in the last election where it was conducted in complete fairness to all candidates. The opposition (though small) were even given air time on TV to express their political agendas to the public, that is barely acceptable here. There wasn’t any arrest or harassment on opposition candidates by the authorities during the campaign. Everything was civil and orderly. Finally, the Singapore election saw a long standing minister being ousted and because of this, the government has taken drastic measures to win back public confidence; not by demonizing the opposition, but to see what more can be done to improve on their weaknesses. Here, I do not wish to make any further comparison between us and Singapore, but certainly there is a lot our politicians can learn from the Singapore election.

Now with regards to the CDF’s comment that was viewed on TV and in the alternative media, I have this to say. I personally think the CDF should have been more careful with the phrases used during the press conference. There must not be any political undertone that would subject him to odium by civil society. Please remember that civil society’s thinking today is unlike what it was in the 60’s. It has change dramatically. There is a lot of consciousness and differing perception among civil society today of the ruling government and of political parties. People now have greater access to the media, where in the past the MSM ruled supreme. Today the alternative media is easily accessible, even to grandfathers and grandmothers. There is no denying this fact.

I am rather shocked to hear that the CDF has referred the former soldiers as traitors. This is uncalled for and with such a declaration; it merely nullifies the former soldiers past service record of loyalty, sacrifice and service to King and country. What I fear is that by referring to them as traitors merely on grounds that they were trying to reveal the truth may also hurt the feeling of other former soldiers. This is because the camaraderie among soldier is strong even after having long retired from the service and this is true among them. If indeed they were traitors, such a declaration I think can only be announced by the King in his capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

While I have my highest respect for the CDF and the service chiefs, they ought to be extremely careful and weary of making statements that can be seen to have a political undertone. Please confine statement to reflect the AF apolitical stand and not to be dragged into the ‘abuses of politics’. Cast away the poor example shown by the likes of the Deputy Chairman of the Election Commission that clearly shows he acted as a tool to his political masters. Please remember too that the AF is not subservient to politics, if it is to be respected.



maurice said...

Saya setuju dengan PAT.Kalau betul hendak jadi ayam jantan, cakap dan bantahlah semasa diperintah dulu.Mangapa takut menegakkan kebenaran? Ini dah bersara dan dalam keadaan selamat, baru nak bersuara.Kan pengejut tu.Betul kata PAT, mereka itu tidak setia kepada ATM.

Frankie said...


UMNO's poison and cancer has infected every institution in this country so much so that the top man in the AG office, Judiciary, PDRM, MACC, MCMC, Armed Forces, etc etc are all subservient to UMNO. Lets face it, all these top people heading the institutions are looking forward to their lucrative appointments to the board of directors in the main board KLSE companies after their "honourable" retirement from the institutions. And these lucrative appointments to the board of directors only happens if you are "on board" with UMNO. Correct no?

EAGLE said...

Apa beza nya Deputy chairman of EC dengan PAT and his three stooges Service Chiefs?
One fine day sooner or later the nation, the people and the general especially Zul will know who is the real traitor. GOD is almighty and unless Zul doesn't know that then the Armed Forces will be doomed.
His line of thoughts is bothersome and it is definitely a reflection of his mental strength and attitude and wonder whether he will be able to lead and stand the onslaught of the real war. He is definitely not trustworthy! Or does he understand his job functions and the so called 'amanah' or he thinks that being PAT is glamorous or just apple polishing for self interest.
What a bu'lsh@# CDF and you will never win the war without the support of the population and you bet! We know who you are PAT so stop bragging!
Alahai... CDF Malaysia fikiran slightly better than a kindergarten kids or equivalent.
Shame on you!

hussin said...

Politics have long been in the armed forces. When hussein onn was the pm, jaafar onn was deputy army chief. When mahathir was the pm, hashim ali was chief of army n cdf. It was during mahathir's time, the deputy army chief, osman was side-tracked to markas kor, at the time when mahathir was challenged by tengku razaleigh. Osman was from kelantan. Deputy air force chief, bashir abu bakar was side-tracked from heading the air force. Two service chiefs cannot come from the same state. Zulkifli mat zain. Was then chief of army. Bashir like zulkifli hails from kelantan.

My two sens

Anonymous said...

Maurice ,saya tak tahu kamu ni bekas tentera atau apa.Semasa berkhidmat tentera ini semua tertakluk kepada Akta ATM 1972 yang amat ketat disiplinnya.Boleh ke seorang soldadu mengingkari perintah (lawful command) pegawai atasannya? Dengar dan baca baik baik kenyataan bekas bekas tentera ini......mereka diarah pegawai atasannya.If u as a private soldier directed by your immediate officer to do what have been done by those exsoldiers will u do it or not ? knowing the consequences of disobeying a lawful command is very grave.It is not the issue of Ayam Jantan or Ayam Betina it is the issue of partners in crime.......I help u and u help me.

Anonymous said...

There have been a great many soldiers to whom the nation and its people owe a lot.

Some were injured and recovered. Others lost a limb or two, or their hearing or their sight. Some paid the supreme price and died for Malaysia.

No Chief of Defence Forces worth the rank can sully the honour of the armed forces with what appears to be a cheap political apple-polishing statement labelling those who revealed the grievous wrong-doing of abusing postal votes as traitors.

Indeed, the sanctity of the vote is the basis of democracy, a vital facet of Malaysia which the Armed Forces should be protecting ie defending Malaysia includes defending the vioting system. Rather than trying to dioscourage or suppress those who fight against abuse of the postal vote.

As yet, there has been no word of apology or even correction from General Zulkifly Mat Zain.

That leaves the obvious conclsuion in people's mind that he stands by his statement.

Which in turn begs the big question of whether he swore to serve the King and the Country, or some political party.

Brings to mind tales of samurai warriors who commit hara-kiri when they have dishonoured their master. If Gen Zulkifly has dishonoured his sworn duty to defend the nation, the least he can do is tender his resignation without delay.

tiongsinwee said...

What are these two guys (Maurice and PAT) talking about? or are they talking through their nose!
One accused the exservicemen as traitors and the other....tidak setia kepada ATM.....ha! ha! ha!
Come on admit that the so-called 'postal vote' within the army and have some 'hanky panky' businnes going on all these years.

maurice said...


Yang saya faham apa yang dikatakan oleh PAT itu adalah isu kesetian kepada ATM.Kesetian kepada ATM memerlukan perwira dan anggota tidak membuat sesuatu yang boleh menjejas integriti ATM semasa ataupun selepas perkhidmatan.Tentu PAT berasa sangat kecewa apabila melihat ada persara-persara yang ingin menjatuhkan imej ATM melalui political platform - yakni menikam ATM dari belakang.

mitchell said...

My two cents worth: Yes, the ex-serviceman should have voiced their revelation when they were in the service no matter at what cost...they probably would have lost their jobs, pension and whatever benefits due to them. Their reason to reveal it now for whatever reason is still not late..
What the CAF should be also questioning is: whether this practise is ongoing and if it is to put a stop to it...for if not he may one day also be called a traitor ..

Anonymous said...

Maurice, mereka (Exsoldiers) termasuk saya tidak lagi tertakluk kepada Akta AT 1972 dan juga tidak lagi dibawah bidangkuasa ATM.Gen Zul kena faham ini sebelum membuat kenyataan yang menyinggung perasaan dan mengecewakan bekas bekas tentera yang betul betul berperang dengan jiwa dan raga untuk negara.Persoalannya adakah salah sekiranya bekas bekas tentera ini menyatakan perkara yang benar dan betul? Tak kan benda yang salah itu hendak dikatakan betul dan bermatian pula cuba mempertahankan ketidak adilan ini.Apakah ATM sekarang ini jadi lembu cucuk hidung dan tak boleh berfikir secara waras dan berakal untuk menegakkan kebenaran? Ini bukan soal tikaman dari belakang tetapi menzahirkan kebenaran dan kesetiaan warga negara Malaysia termasuk ATM adalah kepada Negara bukannya kepada parti politik.

komando said...

The truth matters THE MOST...

No such cheap propaganda tactics please... lies cannot become truth, it remains as LIES forever!

Liars are best left alone, they will tell more lies, till all become mixed up and do not know which lies they have said.

Traitors - shot dead by Firing Squad...


komando said...

One cannot be blamed for saying and telling the truth.But one can surely be labbeld a great LIAR for trying to cover up the truth.

So lets see what they want to be!
As for those who think all retirees are ungreatful or derhaka or are traitors let them think so!

As some prefer to speak the truth and face the music, rather than DIE as a good liar!

We do not owe anything to no bodody, we owe it to ourselves to speak the truth.

We are only faithful to the God/Lord almighty, loyalty to humans brings one nowhere except maybe to HELL!

As for those who still thinks that absolute and blind loyalty is a MUST, I feel so sorry for them ALL!

What a pity!

tiongsinwee said...

Having read all the comments to this particular subject....some for/against what the CDF said about our ex-servicemen, i wd like to reveal/share a hilarious (or rather dirty tactic) played by the BN in one by-election.
This incident happened some 25 years ago. Coincidentally i was on duty that particular day. Seeing a big crowd assembled....i approached some guys, inquiring about the event taking place.
I was told that it's polling/election day for one constituency in Sarawak. Being inquisitive...i stayed for awhile to see the process. To my astonishment.....i realised that half of the voters were from Peninsula Malaysia. Mind you....West Malaysians voting in a Sarawak by-election?
Sensing something amiss, i just walked out....just like the three monkeys. N its only now that im sharing this episode with you guys. Clean election? i doubt it.

hussin said...

"I suggest it should start at the very source i.e. at Jabatan Rekod dan Pencen (JRP) and the AF Intelligence Division."

Dato, u must be joking! AF Int Div? They have been active in all the buy elections! AFID is just another component of umno. Ex int personnel have been telling stories of them helping to buy votes for umno... The Directors can deny now, and in the hereafter Allah will show them His video recordings of their projects for umno... the Army supported the jiwa murni project during a buy election in Johor "it was planned long time ago".

H J Angus said...

The proper manner for the Chief to address the problem was definitely not label the ex-soldeirs as "traitors".
An independent inquiry, including members of the public and MPs, would be the best way to clear up the name of the ATM.
But the Chief's body language was a give-away and his tone of voice was one of controlled anger. Instead of wanting to uncover the truth, he issued a veiled threat.
If I were the PM, he would be offered an early retirement but the PM himself is in that situation so Malaysia will still suffer for a while.

Anak Perelih said...

yes... I agree with Hussin... I heard Risik even conducted a risikan operation to find out on the level of support to UMNO/BN and report it to BN so that the election date can be set... or strategy can be changed to win seats.