Monday, August 8, 2011


It was reported in an opposition news media that some serving members of the Armed Forces has two identity cards (ID) i.e. first is the service issued ID, and the other the NRD issued ID. The news also reported that this is a deliberate ploy by the government in an attempt to allow holders of such ID’s to vote twice during the election in a bid to favor the government’s chances of winning the up-coming GE.

I am not quite sure whether to believe or not to believe the news report. But I can say for certain that in my 34 years of military service, I have not heard nor seen any soldier or officer that has in their possession two IDs. I remembered that upon being enlisted into the service, our civilian ID has to be surrendered, and little do I know where the ID is being kept. Upon retirement, I was told to report to the NRD to have a new civilian ID processed and issued. The old civilian ID was never returned to me and the only thing I know of my old ID is the ID number which is recorded in the new ID.

I do not know if the process of surrendering one’s civilian ID upon the enlistment of officers and soldiers has now changed. I believe the process is the same, unless there is a deliberate attempt by someone to use the surrendered ID for a ‘specific purpose’ without the knowledge of the owner of the ID. But to allow the civilian ID to be retained by the owner to be used specifically for voting purposes sound absurd and nonsensical.

I have known officers and soldiers personal character and habits. They being so close to one another will share and speak quite freely of any ‘secrets’ that one harbors. Even their love affairs are not kept a secret, but to be shared and joked about. I still hold lots of secret on some of my fellow officers, especially their times as a young officer and gallivanting days. We do continue to share some of those ‘old stories’ when we meet, only to realized how wonderful the days were when we were young officers. I also believe the same goes for the soldiers. Officers and soldiers being what they are do not keep secrets among friends, and should they be in possession of two IDs as reported, many would have known about it.

If at all the report of the two ID’s is true, I dare challenge the originator of the report to reveal their source. Otherwise, I would just say that the report is fictitious, and is nothing but a big lie.



Unknown said...

Its' true Dato'. Not that the military and civilian IDs but, say your service no is 234567, they will just add a 'zero' in front to be 0234567, this will enable the person to vote twice. Maybe one in Setiawangsa and the other in Pekan or anywhere else.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

With the funny scenario in Malaysia where the whistle-blower is the one being chased and treated as a criminal, I guess there is no way the originator of said report would reveal his source of info.

And I guess too it would be an agreement between the originator of said report and his source to keep the identity secret.

In the interim, it is difficult to decide whether to believe or not to believe the allegation.

However, with so many stories on SPR vs JPN couple with few so-called proof on PRs being registered as voters, the perception would be the said allegation on military personnel having two IDs might be true..

samsaimon said...

Dato, its true, very true !!!

I posted once as a comment to your article wondering ( thinking out loud ) that my niece, a policewoman, has two ICs. The police and civilian.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Samsaimon,

That's aweful news. I may want to investigate the 2 IC for the policeman.

zack zeni said...

it's true...i am a salesperson and recently registered an army personnel for a telco service. He showed me his IC, identical to the one hold by civilian. According to him it's a new practice by government. I am very familiar with both military and police ID, so i can tell the different.

Anonymous said...

Saya ingin sahkan bahawa ramai anggota Polis yang berjumpa saya memiliki dua kad Pengenalan, iaitu satu kad kuasa Polis dan satu lagi Kad Pengenalan Awam.Bila ditanya mereka kata Kad Pengenalan Awam dibuat untuk subsidi minyak.Apakah tujuan sebenar perkara ini berlaku? Allah lebih mengetahui tujuan sebenarnya.......mungkin untuk undi dua kali.Undi Pos pakai Kad kuasa dan undi biasa pakai kad pengenalan awam?.......

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

I find this discovery amazing and flabbergasted. The fraud that is being conducted by the SPR is therefore true ! Click on the above image to enlarge. I have been cloned into a 81 year old Chinaman, with a name Yap Fook Sang. How did I do this? I keyed in my old sevice number here which is 3002553. I keyed in some more numbers within or somewhere around my batch of officers, which were 3002555, 3002557 and 3001617. All the guys are above the age of 70! These guys should be around 45-50 years old. In my case I got my service number late, as I was a ranker. This is what I call fraud. So why not we question the integrity of the SPR? This is what I got.
Kad Pengenalan
271123715175 / 3002553
Tahun Lahir
163 / 52 / 04 / 001 - BATU 19 KULAI
Daerah Mengundi
163 / 52 / 04 - KULAI
163 / 52 - SENAI
163 - KULAI
Pusat Mengundi
Masa Mengundi
08.00 PAGI - 05.00 PETANG
No Siri
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Malaysian said...

If the government can give citizenship to Indonesian and Filipino in Sabah I have no doubt they can do anything unimaginable just to remain in power. Dato you need to know that these people with power have no principle.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear All,

My advice to all that are in the know of any fraud in the electoral roll, please take the courage and march to the Election Commission and throw them your report. Please do not allow them to hoodwink you. Never.

webmarhaen said...

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hussin said...

"please take the courage and march to the Election Commission and throw them your report"

dato, don't be so naive, please!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Webmarheam,


mitchell said...

My brother, a Coporal in PDRM, also confirm that all new recruits still maintain their old ic's while the "old" personal have been ordered to make their ic's which he has done and now he holds two ic's..the PDRM id and NRIC.

Malaysian said...


Have not read the news? SPR say there isn't fraud in our election. It's time for the veteran to save this country. Maybe some of you should inform Bersih about it.


Anak Perelih said...

My brother is in the army since 1994... and his civillian IC number is still in the electoral list... last check was just now.... I'm not sure if somebody had voted for him in 1995,1999, 2004 and 2008 elections... and as an army.. he voted as a postal voter....since than...

Another thing... when i asked him "it it true that postal votes is casted by the officers.. not he army personnels themselves..? he just smiled...