Sunday, August 14, 2011


There has been so much of hue and cry over the beating by rioters of one of our Malaysian student Asyraf Haziq Rossli during the riots in London recently. The news was all over our mainstream media for days and including the BBC, CNN etc. UMNO even questioned why was the opposition mute over the incident? While the action taken by UMNO to help Asyraf off his predicament and his family is commendable, little attention however is given to incidents in the country eg. the many death while in police custody and the overzealous act by our policemen shooting dead a schoolboy in Shah Alam. I would also like to commend the action by the office of the Malaysian High Commission in London to take full charge of the situation affecting Asyraf, and calling for a press conference was the right thing to do and for Asyraf to express his views about the incident.

Now, aren’t the above serious incidents i.e death in police custody and the shooting of the schoolboy warrant speedy investigation and justice for the bereaved family members? I now want to ask, what is UMNO’s and our political leaders stand over these incidents? Has there been any assistance given to the bereaved family members? I am still not convinced that the action taken by the authorities over the many cases of death in police custody and even the handling of the shooting of the schoolboy in Shah Alam is fair. As I have stated in some previous articles that we now have a number of government salaried killers in our midst, and they are roaming free. But I know for sure that those who are guilty of incurring such death, or are an accomplished will not be free of their conscience. There is certainly no escape for them, and if they are Muslims (applies to other faith as well) their fate is sealed when they meet their creator to answer to all their misdeeds. The problem with us is that we do not see the ‘hereafter’, and by not seeing, we do not know nor feel what it is like to be in hell.

This goes also for all those who are corrupt, and there are thousands around us that lives a luxurious lifestyle due to their corrupt practice. Have we not heard the story of the gatekeeper that became rich and build himself a palatial home in Klang, but did not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of his labor? And are we not now seeing a former head of a state government being charged for alleged corruption relating to acquisition of some properties in Selangor? What a way to end an illustrious life i.e. from being an honorable and respected individual to one of scorn and despise. I do not know what it is like to be in court facing a corruption charge, but I think the air conditioned court room being kept at 24 degree Celsius is cool enough to keep the accused in a balance physical and mental state of mind.

It was just a few hours ago that I received a call from someone that I do not know asking me this question, “What is happening to our country today. Where is the racial and religious tolerance that our political masters talked about”? The caller notes that we are more divided today than that at the time of her father. I totally agree with the caller, and I explained that me being of the age of her father had gone through a different period of life i.e. one of respect, tolerance and where issues of race and religion among the society then were kept sacred and wasn’t a hindrance in our social upbringing and lifestyle.

Now we hear of Ezam Nor who was made a senator with the courtesy of the Najib’s government taking of wanting to burn Malaysiakini news portal over the raid by JAIS on a church in PJ incident. I challenge Ezam to go and burn the news portal, if he dares. I say, do not try to be another Malay champion like that froggy Ibrahim Ali, who chickened out during the Bersih rally after all his threats. And did Ezam not chicken out with his lies about having in his possession boxes of files on corrupt individuals that he wished to expose; only to shut up now that he is appointed an honorable senator? I now want to ask Ezam, did he not lie about the loads of files? And I wonder what criteria and basis was used by Najib to have Ezam appointed a senator? And I personally see nothing that Ezam did in the past that is so outstanding that qualifies him to be a senator other than him being a coward.



Pak Oncu said...

Salam n selamat pagii Dato,, ni kalau mat kampau n ahli politik UmNo baca ,, menanggis ni,,,,,,,

johnnie lim said...

It is just unbelievable how low our politician have fallen. We have senator speaking like an idiot and trying to be the champion of Islam. And more surprise are the people supporting them? I mean don't they know how to thing for themselves anymore? I saw a video clip of a group demonstrating (and where are the police with their tear gas, cannons and what no?) They were shouting the names of God(sorry I am not allow to use that A word) and the King. So does that makes it right to do what the do later(what ever misdeed they are up to)?
Are there no better issues they can champion on? what about the corruptions that is so rampant. how come we don't see them speaking on on this?

komando said...

IT is just another Mad Dog with Rabbies Barking & Howling.

During those good ole days, back then, the authorities will round them all up send them to the nearest ZOO!

There are many hungry LIONS there waiting!

EAGLE said...

Ikan busuk bermula dari kepala.
That is the quality of Najib appointed senator and mind you that there are many of that senator quality walking around the corridor of power.

Malaysian said...

This month we will be celebrating Malaysia national day. Reading the newspaper, I am not sure if there is anything we could be proud about celebrating our national day. Below are the lists of things we should be proud:
1. MAS and Air Asia deal.
2. Technical glitches in the electoral roll
3. Prime Minister’s Office to direct all Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) to withdraw their civil suits against former MAS Chairman, Tajuddin Ramli.
4. Ezam Noor threaten the online news portal
5. Death of a political aide and customer officer during MACC custody
6. Action took by police and government against Bersih rally.
7. Citizenship is given to Chinese, Bangladeshi, Indonesian, etc.
8. Inaction against Khir Toyo corruption case.
9. Rise of food prices while corruption is not curb.
10. Building of Lynas plant 11. Racist Ali Ibrahim
12. Mega MRT project

Thank you Malaysia government!


Riversidegrass said...

UMNO never learnt... sigh ..!

“The liar and the thief rejoice in their first year only.”
Greek proverb quotes

Sbkhazal said...

As Salam Dato,
Sharing an interesting article about politics Vs Askar Wataniah. Could you do some analysis and help us to understand on this matter? Is it true?

nanhj55 said...

saya pun tak faham apa yangbdato nak lagi, kedua2 parti pemerintah dan pembangkang sama je , sering mengeluarkan statement bodoh..ada yang cerdik tak mampu nak kedepan

mat said...

Dato, sorry for I have to say these; PM is ex DM and as DM, life is real good, he just about to open his mouth thing is done. Then he became PM, thought the environment is as before, he always took for granted and everything is haywire. So the peoples around him are ..............(can be anything worse than bandit) that includes the MPs and senators.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Sbkhazal,

I've done a bit of reading on the subject of your concern. For your information, I headed the Wataniah outfit at the Department of Army, and was also the Deputy Commander PSTD regiment in Kedah once before.I know the 'politics' of the Wataniah then. But let me do a more serious study because things have changed over the years. I may be a bit outdated with the current policies relating to the Wataniah. And in all fairness, please let me study first before writing anything.

Anak Perelih said...

I believe Ezam did have those boxes of files... that's why he was made a senator overleaping others in UMNO... after 2 years rejoining it ...