Thursday, August 4, 2011


Over the last few days Kuala Lumpur and Putra Jaya witnessed an exodus of illegal immigrants wanting to have their status declared ‘legal’ with the courtesy of Najib’s administration. This is what I term as a government sanctioned invasion of illegal immigrant, and after having had their fingers printed and recorded in the so called state of the art biometric recorder, they are then declared legal immigrants. How convenient and how efficient are the authorities at selling out this country to the illegals. This is disgusting indeed and the Malaysia Boleh slogan has been stretched a bit too much. Never have I heard of any country in this world that welcomes illegal immigrants so tactfully, with kind generosity and with so much publicity accorded. We even had the smiling Home Minister mingling among the illegals earlier on, maybe to see whether the illegals are fully fed or otherwise.

I do not know what has become of the Home Minister. The Defence Ministry had spent so much money and resources, deploying men and equipment to monitor and to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country. Likewise, the Immigration authorities, Maritime Enforcement Agency, police and even Rela partakes in the enforcement and prevention of illegal immigrant. But here, the Home Minister, rather than take drastic measures to expel these illegal immigrants, conveniently issues out an invitation to legalize all illegal immigrants.

With thousands of illegal immigrants made legal, the country no longer needs to defend itself against a possible invasion, because the ‘invaders’ in the form of legalized immigrants are safely on our shores. We do not know who and what they are; murderers, rapist, drug addicts, thieves and what have you. So they are now free to roam the country, do what the like, marry locals if they wish and have as many children as they can, that would later become citizens of this country. How easy it is to be a citizen of this country with the kind generosity and courtesy of our government.

It took years of hard work by the security forces to ensure the peace that all Malaysians enjoy today. Many have lost their lives in the process and are forgotten. For those who are alive today; some are without their limbs and some even without their vision, and do we really care for them? Yes, we do care for them i.e. once a year during Warriors Day with a gift of hamper.

With such ease in granting legal status to all illegal immigrants, I wonder what will become of this country and the future of its people. I am not at all surprise that some of them will in all probability be granted voting rights to vote in the upcoming GE. With Malaysia Boleh, I think everything is possible. Don’t you believe so?



Malaysian said...


You should read this news about number of voters increase significantly in Penang. Is UMNO doing something sinister on increasing the numbers of voter?


Malaysian said...


You should thank UMNO for destroying the country. The government is so efficient on legalizing the illegals but they are dragging their "F...." feet to registers Malaysian voters! Thank you UMNO for doing all you can to help illegal immigrants while you didn't even fix financial problems faced by your own RACE! By the way, I assuming they probably gave these illegals citizenship too. Does that mean we'll spend a bunch of money to support them since most of them are laborer? Once again, UMNO want to destroy Tanah Melayu. They have no intention to help us! Thus, Dato please consider run for office. This country need you.


EAGLE said...

For the crony making quick bucks and the power that be is ever willing to sell the nation. Semua orang tahu Pak Menteri woit...! Home minister can say anything but the truth is he is putting the future of the nation at risk. If only he can think for a while and whoever is his adviser need to be kick before everything becomes too late.
An act of irresponsible and plain stupid!. Disgusting and he is unfit to be given the job to protect the nation.
To this idiot his element of national power is sanctioned invasion of illegals. And to him national interest is for UMNO/BN to cling to power at whatever costs without really considering what will be the impact and the implication to the future generation socially and economically. Selfish! The power is going crazy and has lost their senses and to them the end justify the mean. What a dangerous goons! About time looking for replacement.
Let fight them the way we know best Dato'.
Biar putih tulang jangan putih mata. Kalau nak menyusukan kera di hutan sila kan lah Pak menteri dalam negeri dan kalau nak jadi bodoh maka bodoh la mu seorang diri and don't drag others.

Anonymous said...

"I am not at all surprise that some of them will in all probability be granted voting rights to vote in the upcoming GE. With Malaysia Boleh, I think everything is possible. Don’t you believe so?"

Yes I believe 100% . they already assurance will defend PutraJaya what ever way. Thank for Machiavelli his masterpiece book The Prince by Real Politic concept becoming refrences for UMNO-BN.
'Matlamat Menghalalkan Cara'

pronto said...

In 2007 when there were exodus of Bangla workers came to Malaysia to work paying high fees,someone make tons of money. Now another round of money making appointing about 400 agents to carry out the registration who charged them high fees. They compromise national security to make money. When are we going to stop this nonsense and all for money.

mitchell said...

Indeed fruit for thought, "Run for Office"...Dato, I believe that we are mature enough now to vote in ppl who stand up for the thruth, ppl who will voice out disatisfaction or approval for policies and laws that affect the rakyat, only problem here would be where do we find another 200 over MPs who think and react like Dato..
God Bless and have a wonderful and safe weekend.

maurice said...

The Government has no choice but to persuade the illegal immigrants to come out from their hiding with this amnesty programme.At least, at the end of the day we will have a rough idea as to the red number. The blame lies squarely with the business community for taking the easy way out by employing these illegal immigrants in order to make big profits.

mitchell said...

My dear Maurice,
The government has no choice???...Dato has so kindly mention the relevant authorities that guard our shores..Except for the Armed Forces, cant say much about the other agencies..the Government,s choice is to clean up the rest of this agencies..but there again the number of Government agencies that need cleaning up, it may take a helluva long time before we see a "Bersih" agency.

mycuntree said...

And what do you think is the real objective of this exercise, Dato? In this time and political development of the country?

And how do we rationalise the difficulties and frustrations of those who have been born and bred in this country, but has been unable to obtain their citizenship? Many until even today.

It's beyond comprehension.

mycuntree said...


We do have an irrational government ruining this country with irrational policies.

It boggles the rational mind when many a true blue born and bred Malaysian still face so many difficulties and frustrations in obtaining their rightful citizenship.

josephng said...

In a few years, you will have a lot of bangla, indons in the arm forces.

Fair play said...

Yes Dato,they want to make them legal so that they can make them citizens and get their votes.

hussin said...

josephng said:

"In a few years, you will have a lot of bangla, indons in the arm forces."

imagine, bangla diraja, indon diraja... then followed by muzium orang melayu

benhur said...

Social implications in legalising the illegals aside, there is grave security implications which hitherto has not been properly addressed.
The exercise presents golden opportunity for countries intending to subvert Malaysia to infiltrate agents as moles into the country.
History has shown the role played by Japanese moles in the attack on Pearl Harbour following which all Japanese were rounded up by the Americans.
Back home we had witnessed the role played by Indonesians in sabotage work and feeding intelligence to their mother country during the days of Indonesian Confrontation.
This exercise must see an influx of illegals into the country hoping to have their stay legalised by the Government.
In the event of the outbreak of hostilities, these legalised illegals present a Fifth Column in support of their home country.
Dread to think of it. To my mind, those responsible may have inadvertently committed acts of treason !!!
The Government, Home Ministry in particular, may be ill-advised.
There is need to high-light this security concern for the Government to review the whole exercise.

Frankie said...


You are right on the dot. The government legitimizing illegal immigrants has got to the biggest joke and biggest mistake it has ever made, all for the purpose of desperately staying in power. Isn't is a coincidence the amnesty decision is made so fast given the rumours of impending elections? Would we be surprised if these newly "legitimized" illegal immigrants will soon be fast tracked into the electoral poll. There are no prizes for guessing which party these "legitimized" illegal immigrants will then be voting for.

No country in the world ever gave such amnesty to illegals. No wonder this country is swamped and will continue to be swamped with illegals because word will spread that the Malaysian government will happily grant illegals legitimate status whenever the elections are around the corner.

As a 3rd generation Malaysian and still called a pendatang by others, I am appalled and sickened by the government's action of granting amnesty to the illegals. As illegals, they have broken immigration laws and yet our government deems fit to close both eyes. What is there left in this country for me and my children when our country of birth so easily accords illegals legal residency status followed soon by citizenship. Sick, just sick!!!

Malaysian said...

So, what can we do though we know they give the illegals the voting rights? Sit aside and do nothing.

Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I don't succumb to the phobia that overnight the legitamising exercise creates x number of voters. It is illogical, but then again, this is Malaysia where logic is casted asunder. I understand that the botak head's legal practice was given the contract to organise documentation for the deportation of illegal immigrants at price per head. This is after his tour of duty and endorsed by the replacement.A case of "I deliver to you, you deliver to me". So, do you think that I am not suspicious of this so called "amnesty"????

taufique said...

God knows what is the rationale behind this exercise. On one hand, if it brings out the numbers of illegals, and you now know where they are, that should be in one way good or wouldnt it?

@mycuntree : i concur with you. I am one of those who was born in malaysia, but i do not possess a citizenship. I long to do so, as i do not know any other country like the land of my birth.

But strange how the govt. makes it difficult for genuine people, and makes it wholesale easier for the entire lot. Fishy innit.